Here is a small epilogue. This is going to tell you what happened to Bella and Edward after there wedding. The reason why I am doing this is because the next story is going to be a semi the sequel to Love Forever. This will explain some of what is going to go on in Love Forbidden. There is going to be no talking, it's sort of going to be like a diary type of thing.

Love, Jasper A.K.A. Jessica Dildo

After our honeymoon, Edward and I were the happiest people in the world. After he changed me, I looked a lot different. I was a little taller, not much, I got hazel eyes, whenever I hunted, and my hair stayed brown. I was still klutzy, but not as much as I was when I was human. We found out about two weeks after the changed that my powers was that I could find anyone as long as I really concentrated on them. I was afraid that if the Voltori found out, then they would want me to join them. I wouldn't let that happen.

One day Edward and I were walking in a near by woods, we moved to small rainy city after Edward changed me, about 20 years after I changed, when we heard something. It sounded like someone screaming. We ran as fast we could, when we got there, some one was being killed by a grizzly. Edward went and fought off the bear. It was a young boy, about seventeen. (Okay, so I realized that it's techniquelly that much younger than me, but if you think about it, that's over 20 years younger than me.) I told Edward that he had to save him. I was able to control myself, but not that much. Edward saved him by changing him. He didn't want to, but he had no choice. He hated watching kids that young die. He became our son. He couldn't remember much of his former life. So, now our family is: Me, Edward, Esme, Carlisle, Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, Jasper, and mine and Edward's son, Josh. About two years after we changed Josh, we moved back to forks. Only Josh was going to go to school. We would pose as a family and everyone else had already graduated except Josh. We wanted to stay away from everyone as much as possible, just in case someone remembered us.

That is about all that has happened so far. Soon is going to be Josh's first day at Forks High School.