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Recipe for Disaster

Inui stood in the middle of his kitchen dressed in a bright pink 'Kiss the Cook' apron. "Hmm." He muttered as he sprinkled some green colored pieces into his blender. The red blob in the machine began to bubble before exploding, showering his entire kitchen in a sticky paste. "Next time no avocado rinds." He said as he jotted down the information on his failure. "By my count, this makes 13 failed attempts." Flipping through his notes, he frowned. "Maybe it will work if I add more eggs and also some molasses." He said as he cleaned up the kitchen and prepared to start another batch.

Three batches later, Inui had finally succeeded in making it into a drinkable liquid. "Who knew that egg shells and kidney beans would cause liquid to solidify?" Inui muttered as he pushed his glasses up. "I need to collect more data." Mumbling, he sat down and wrote down the ingredients for his next recipe.

Cleaning up his tools once again, Inui placed his open notebook on the counter and began to make his latest concoction. "2 cups water." He muttered as he dumped it into the blender. "Carrots, spinach, broccoli and pickles, check." He said as he continued to add the ingredients. "2 eggs without shells, lemon juice, milk and a handful of salt." Mixing the blender, he was pleased to note that it was still a fine liquid. "And now, to add the final ingredient." He said as he sprinkled a powder into the blender.

Mixing the juice one final time, Inui got a bottle ready and poured the mixture into it. "Tomorrow I shall test this new drink, which I will call 'Inui's juice'. He said as he placed the bottle in the fridge and headed to bed. He'd need plenty of sleep if he was going to get accurate data at practice.


The next day at morning practice, Inui watched as the tennis club members warmed up. Walking up to the captain of the team, Tezuka, Inui tapped him on the arm to get his attention.

"What can I help you with?" Captain Tezuka asked.

"I have invented a drink that I believe will help condition the player's bodies." Inui said as he fixed his glasses. Holding up the bottle, he continued. "I would like your permission to distribute it among the players."

Tezuka simply nodded his head and went back to watching the practice matches.

Since he had the captains permission, Inui walked over to his bag and pulled out a bunch of cups. Filling them up with his concoction, he lined the cups up and waited for the players to finish.

Twenty minutes later Inui lined up all the regulars, minus the captain of course, from the Seigaku tennis club and handed out his drink.

"What's this Inui?" Oishi asked as he was handed a cup.

"It's my latest invention." Inui said with a smile. "I designed it to help your bodies adjust to my new training regiment."

Oishi nodded. "Well that was thoughtful of you." He said smiling.

"Hey Inui? Why's it this weird purple color?" Momo asked, eyeing the drink suspiciously.

"And why is it bubbling?" Ryoma asked.

"What does it matter?" Fuji said with his ever present smile. "Inui said it would help us, so let's just be polite and drink it."

The rest of the team just nodded when Fuji's aura seemed to radiate evil. Holding up his cup, Fuji waited for the others to follow suit. Tipping his head back, he downed the contents of the cup in one gulp. "That was pretty good." He said as he finished. Not hearing responses from the other players, he looked around, only to find them all shouting and holding their throats like they were in pain. Before he could ask what was going on, they all ran off towards the fountain. "What's their problem?" Fuji asked himself. "I thought it tasted good. The wasabi powder was a nice touch."

Inui stood outside the playing fields watching the regulars practically drowning themselves as they tried to get rid of the taste. "Hmm, it seems this batch was unsuccessful." He muttered as he wrote down his findings. "Next time, exchange the wasabi powder for garlic." He said as he finished taking his notes. "Looks like I need more data before I can perfect it, I'll try again tomorrow."