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Never forgive, Never forget

Chapter Five

"Akatsuki?" Deidara didn't even try to look up to see the man's face. He only replied emotionlessly, "How much are you gonna pay me, hmm?"

"Lots." The man smirked, "we have the strongest ninjas, we will become the most powerful organisation, and you will have as much money as you want once you complete your missions."

"Hmm? sounds interesting." Deidara's voice was still as bland as ever. Truely, he did not care at all... he didn't care about anything and could not be bothered to care. If this "Akatsuki" organisation do not pay him well, he could always just kill all of its members. No big deal.

"So I take it that you will join us? ...come with me."

Deidara couldn't quite remember how he got there, as he wasn't paying much attention. The tall man lead him into a cave, where a giant statue stood.

The statue was strange, It was two hands held out, as if holding something... A few people with the same red-cloud cloak were on the finger-tips of the giant stone hands, some sitting, some standing...

It was very dark in the cave. Deidara took his hood off, but it was still hard to see the other men in the shadows. However he stared at the man standing beside him, his "Client". Bright Orange hair, so many piercings on his face... Is this guy really a ninja?

"Just call me Leader," the man turned to the other members, "this is our new member, Deidara."

The members turned and listened to the Orange-haired man... some even bowed slightly to show respect.

A pair of red eyes opened in the dark.

Even though he could not see that person's face, Deidara recognised the sharingan eyes immediately. Those eyes, he will never forget those eyes that once stared at him so coldly, those eyes that killed the most important person in his life...

"Uchiha... Itachi." Deidara muttered under his breath, his voice was low, but filled with hatred. He glared at the Uchiha, hands already starting to make "art" that will surely be enough to destroy a whole village.

"Oi, Itachi-san, I heard Leader-sama is bringing a kid in today!" Kisame laughed, "Heard he's even younger than you!"

"..." Itachi didn't care about this "new member" at all. Just a new kid, it's the same precedure every time.

"Heh, wonder who's gonna be this new kid's partner?"

A few other members turned their attention to Kisame's question and thought about it. Kakuzu and Hidan obviously will not be separated, because Hidan relies on Kakuzu's ability to actually stay as a whole person, instead of dropping limbs every now and then. As for Zetsu, he'll probably eat the new kid if they are assigned together...

"I heard Leader-sama wanted to put Itachi and this new kid in a group," after a moment of silence, Sasori finally spoke.

"HAH? Itachi-san?! What about me?!" Kisame protested.

Before Sasori could answer, Leader and the "new member" arrived.

Most people ignored their arrival. Sasori kept playing with his puppets, Konan was making origamis... it was only when the Leader spoke, that everyone turned their attention to them as a sign of respect to the Orange-haired man.

"this is our new member, Deidara."


Itachi opened his eyes. And as soon as he did, he saw the familiar blonde hair and the ice-blue eye... So familiar...

He remembered the first time when he saw those eyes... slightly shy, frightened...

But now, those same eyes were glaring at him coldly, as if trying to pierce a thousand needles into his very heart.

"Uchiha... Itachi."

Those words weren't loud, but the raven-haired man heard it very clearly. Each syllable with great precision.

There was a moment of pause.

The air was chill, the cave was as dark as ever...

A bird flew at Itachi, faster than the speed of wind -- "KATSU!" a millisecond before it touches Itachi, it blew up, followed by a flock of white clay birds, all shooting at the Uchiha like bullets. There were 10, no, more than 20 of them, attacking Itachi in all directions.

Itachi raised his hand, Deidara could not see any other hand movements, but the Sharingan user has already finished a set of handseals.

Itachi did not speak, but as soon as the flock of birds exploded, his body melted into the air among with the smokes.

Deidara frowned, looking around himself...

The other Akatsuki members only watched the fight with an amusing look on their face.

The blonde held a kunai in his hand, hidden in the big sleeves of his over-seized robe, his eyes inspected the area around him carefully.

It was silent.

Then there was a mocking chuckle from one of the other Akatsuki members...


He threw a few more birds behind the bigger rocks in the cave, "WHY ARE YOU HIDING?! YOU COWARD!!"

"He's a loud one, isn't he?" Hidan amused, "much more interesting than that stone-faced Uchiha."

"Also a lot more impetuous..." Kakuzu shook his head, "geez, losing his cool so quickly... the battle hasn't even begun."

Sasori frowned upon the comment, staring at the blonde boy, but silently shook his head. This kid is not that simple... Although he seems as if he is hot-headed, his eyes are alert... This is interesting...

Suddenly, a roaring fire dragon appeared behind Deidara, burning so bright that it became a shade of blue, the air around the dragon seemed to have been distorted.

"Katon: Gōryūka no Jutsu!"

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"a roaring fire dragon appeared behind Deidara, burning so bright that all the oxygen molecules around it were combusted completely into Carbon Dioxide, No Carbon or Carbon monoxide were produceded..."

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