Title: Like Butter and Syrup
Character(s)/Pairing: Chazz/Jimmy
Genre: Slash, humor
Rating: R
Word Count: 100 x 5
Written for bog100 challenge #3: Fat
Summary: Jimmy's perfectly scripted life had ended the day he and Chazz became skating partners.

A/N: NC-17 version available at my writing journal.


There was nothing beautiful about Chazz. Despite coach's strict diet and exercise plan, Chazz was still a wolly mammoth, who sneaked beer and snacks after hours.

"Stop drinking that, you moron!" Jimmy snatched the beer can out of Chazz's hand on one of those nights. "Coach said nothing but water."

"C'mon, Jimmy," Chazz drawled. "One doesn't hurt and it helps me relax!"

"It's not part of your diet."

"For god's sake! I've been running eight miles everyday. Why not have one with me?" Chazz winked. "It'll help with your PMS."

"Not funny!" Jimmy huffed, emptying the beer on the sink.


The competition was only two weeks away. Though Chazz had slimmed down, he had not managed to lose the layers of blubber from his belly. Extra weight or not, on the ice, Chazz was a vision of stamina and athleticism.

With every move and every triple axel, Chazz exuded energy, sending waves of electricity that could light up a town. Jimmy saw what he'd chosen to ignore before, why crowds of screaming fans had melted into incoherent puddles during his routines. Chazz Michael Michaels was fire on ice.

"That was amazing!" Jimmy admitted.

Chazz smirked. "You're not too shabby yourself!"


Pulling off the Iron Lotus in reversed positions would be quite a feat. Jimmy was scared. Chazz was much heavier than he should be to pull this off, and Jimmy wasn't trained to improvise. But Chazz had already taught Jimmy to freestyle - in more ways than one.

Jimmy's perfectly scripted life had ended the day he and Chazz became skating partners.

He'd called Katie. He'd gone on a date. He'd drank a beer! And now he was about to change the end of their routine by doing something that was completely insane.

Jimmy really was in Chazz's world now.


They had won the gold!

Training for the next competition would begin once Chazz's ankle healed and things would run much smoother now that their quarreling had ended.

For the most part.

"Look at this picture, MacElroy! Is that a love handle?"

Jimmy grabbed the newspaper and stared at their picture on the sports page, mildly horrified by the way spandex clung to his body. "It's the way I'm standing!"

"Someone's been eating too many skittles." Chazz pinched at Jimmy's side, making him squirm.

"Shut up!" Jimmy rolled the newspaper, smacking Chazz with it. "We're going on a diet together."


During the time it took Chazz to recover Jimmy learned many things about him. Some he'd already suspected: Chazz might behave like a troglodyte, but he was smarter than he'd let on. Other things took Jimmy by surprise, like the fact that Chazz wasn't all about sex, that he also had a sentimental side, wrote bad poetry during his free time, and that Chazz's sex addiction was indiscriminate.

"I thought you liked girls!"

"You're my pretty girl." Chazz kissed Jimmy's neck, pushing his pudgy belly against Jimmy's thinner frame.

Ok, maybe Chazz was all about sex. But Jimmy didn't complain.

- Fin -