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Blue, the family dog woke up with a start. His basket was placed in one corner of Dylan's room. He looked around the dim room (which looked black and white to him anyway) and directed his head to the wall behind him. The dog barked softly as if asking what was causing the thumping noise. His bed, which was flush against the wall started to shake and he jumped off, padded to the big boy bed.

He tried to jump higher to get on the bed and wake up the little boy under the covers. At the third try, he got it and began licking Dylan's toes. The boy started to whine and get away but when Blue pulled the covers over his toes, he sat up and said, "Blue! Baddog!" But his pet wasn't having any of it (partly because to him, it's just garbled syllables) and bit the sleeve of Dylan's pajama top to pull him out of bed. "Whassit?"

The dog jumped down and began barking to the direction of the thumping sounds. Dylan jumped down as well and shushed his dog so he can hear it, too.


Mac buried his face in Stella's hair to suppress his own sounds. He hissed in slight pain when Stella clawed at his back. The delicious warmth against and around him kept him going. Stella was losing her control and without warning, she came loudly.

Yet, he continued to thrust. The headboard kept its rhythmic banging against the wall; intervals in between collisions became shorter as the seconds passed. Stella bit his shoulder, her hips moving in synch with his. "Stella…" he cried out loud as he felt her tighten around him causing his culmination. "Baby," he sighed when he came down from his high. "Love you."

"Love you," she panted back, getting comfortable with his weight over her body. She made no move to button up her top. In fact, she planned to shuck it later so she can be skin to skin with Mac. The soft sheets were draped on their lower bodies.

Then suddenly, whilst they were trying to catch their breath, the door cracked open slowly. Mac and Stella froze on their position. A few moments of silence passed until, "Daddy? Mommy?" Dylan said, pushing the door wider and walking in.

Mac yelped and fell onto the floor, leaving Stella on the bed, trying to cover herself. Dylan squinted his eyes in the dim light and continued to come in with Mr. Cheeks against his chest. His hair was sticking up in different directions and he gave a yawn. "Mom…" he repeated.

"Dylan! Baby…" Stella said, breathless, clutching the sheet to cover her semi-exposed bosom. She turned on the lamplight full blast and saw Dylan wearing a confused frown on his little chubby face.

"Daddy," he sniffed, "are you hurting Mommy?" An innocent question. He stood still at the door, chewing his lower lip. Mac scrambled to pull his pants back on and peered over the bed to his young son. "I heard noisies. And Mommy… like crying."

"Uh… no, baby," said Stella, trying not to laugh at Mac's obvious blush. "Daddy's not hurting me at all." She did chuckle at the irony of it all. No, he's not hurting her, at all.

The little boy scratched his head. "Then, what are the noisies?" he asked. Stella and Mac scrambled for answers but Dylan said, hugging Mr. Cheeks, "I scared. I tot you having a night scare." He sniffed again. "I don't like that."

Slowly, Mac stood up from the floor and sat beside Stella, helping her cover herself up. "I hope Dylan doesn't notice the lack of clothes we have on," he said to himself, pulling the sheets over Stella's legs.

"Mommy… huggle?" Dylan said, starting to walk towards their bed. Stella panicked because she was still naked waist down. She started tugging at Mac's arm for help.

And then he jumped into action, jumping off the bed and stopped Dylan with tickles. "Not so fast, buddy," he said, scooping the boy in his arms. "What are you doing up, huh?" It was an effective diversion. That gave Stella enough time to find and pull on her shorts.

When she was done, Mac placed Dylan on his side of the bed. Stella placed a kiss on his chubby cheek. Yet some moments later, he started rocking side to side, thinking of something… touching his own backside – in a cute baby kind of way. Mac settled himself on the pillows and eyed his son skeptically. "What's the matter, Dylan?" he asked him.

"I didn't go oopsie," the boy explained. "But the bed is wet." We wiggled his toes every time he thought he did something wrong. He also started biting his lower lip – something he got from Stella. Mac sat him on the wet spot of the bed.

Stella went red, trying to hold laughter and sheer embarrassment. Mac was doing the same thing. "Okay buddy," he said, picking him up and putting him on his lap. "Uhm…" he looked at Stella as if asking for help. But she was busy keeping her amusement under control. "Wet, you say?" he said, trying to find a way out on his own. "Well… uhm… water! Yeah, the Sandman was over here. Looking for you," he said the last part in his 'boss' tone.

Dylan gasped and his hazel eyes went wide in surprise, "The Sandyman?" Mac nodded, his face with no sign of jokes. He then covered his eyes murmuring, "No sandy… no sandy…" shaking his head and launching himself on Stella's lap.

She winced at the added weight on her lower body. That didn't go unmissed by Mac who smiled inwardly to himself. Dylan gripped the front of Stella's shirt while continuing his 'no sandy' chant. "Baby," she said, wincing again as his knee dug on her stomach, "there's no Sandman. Daddy's just trying to scare you." She shot Mac a look and smirked.

The boy stilled and turned his head sideways to look at his father. "Bad, daddy," he mumbled and stuck his tongue out at him.

Instead of being alarmed and offended, the parents laughed at that gesture. But Stella still told him off. "Dylan Christopher, that is not nice," she said after she controlled herself.

He stiffened at the sound of his full name being said. He looked up at her and shyly smiled. "I'm sorry," he said and automatically, his toes started to wiggle.

Mac leaned down and caught his son's big toe between his teeth. And then he tickled both feet. Dylan squealed in delight and tried to pull his foot away but to no avail. "Say it, buddy boy," Mac mumbled with a mouthful of toe.

Dylan was chuckling, giggling, laughing out loud in his mother's arms. "Uncle!" he finally cried out. He calmed down a bit, still chuckling as his father settled beside him. They stayed that way for quite some time until Stella felt soft puffs of air against the exposed skin of her cleavage. Dylan fell back to sleep.

"I'll put him back to his bed," Stella offered. Before she could stand up, Mac placed his cheek against her breast and gave their son a kiss on the nose.

"Goodnight, Dylan. I love you," he whispered. Stella's heart swelled at that. As he straightened up again, he sneaked a kiss on her nipple. She jumped at the contact.

She pushed him lightly and laughed. "Hold that though, Mac," she whispered as she stood up.

"Hey, Stell," Mac stopped her from exiting the room. "Maybe he could sleep here… with us in the big bed." She smiled and stayed there in the room, rocking Dylan and patting him comfortingly on the back. Mac then decided to change the sheets. He didn't want to sleep on the wet – now damp – spot of the bed.

Dylan was nibbling one hand of Mr. Cheeks as his mother hummed a lullaby near his ear. She remembered that she used to hold little baby Dylan like that after feeding time and when he has his night scares. She would feel so happy with him, but at the back of her mind, she wanted Mac to be there with them.

"Stella," she heard softly. Looking up, she smiled and hugged his boy tighter. Now, Mac is with them. And she couldn't ask for more. She placed Dylan carefully between them and they snuggled under the covers.

Mac kissed her and their son. "I love you," Stella whispered to the both of them.

He held her gaze for a moment and said, "I love you, too." He was moving closer to kiss her but stopped when Dylan buried his face against Mac's chest. Mac pulled Stella closer, sandwiching their son between them and they all left for dreamland together.


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