Summary: 'You've got to be kidding me…' Christina muttered as the lights went out with a short click. She and the other well-known interns Izzie, Alex, Meredith and George were just enjoying their few days off with a little party. If only they knew what a disaster it would become…. MerDer. Burtina, O'Calley, Addex and McStizzy

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'But wait, let me…'


Mark smirked at her. 'You're a bossy one, aren't you?'

Izzie frowned saying 'Erm… no.'

'Yeah, okay… Any other words in your vocabulary?'

A sigh was all the answer she gave. Why did Mark show up here? What idiot told him about the party? And more importantly, who told him where this party was?!

'Ah come on, let me in.' He gave her his best McSteamy smile. 'Or do you want me to freeze standing here in the rain ?'

Izzie was confused for a moment. She could hardly smash the door in his face? And it was freezing outside… And raining. But on the other hand, this was Mark Sloan. Unfortunately for her Mark noticed she was doubting en took his chance.

'Come on Iz, it is really cold out here…' he said with a deep voice that made Izzie shiver. He laid his hand on her cheek. 'See how cold it is?' The blonde stood frozen for a moment. With a mix of disgust and fascination she felt his skin against hers. All Mark had to do now was simply step inside.

'Now, are you gonna warm me up again?' he whispered in her ear. With those words she realized she'd the just made a big mistake. Mark was in the house, and she was not going to get him outside all by herself. And the drunk people inside wouldn't be a great help either.

With a loud bang she closed the door. 'I'd rather burn in hell' she said in her most sarcastic voice.

'HEY, easy with the door!' A voice came from the living room.

Great, this was just great. Just when they had a few days off, and were having a party without Sloan, he showed up. There had been some discussions about who was invited and who wasn't. Of course Christina's fiancé Preston Burke was there, and so was Derek Shepherd. As she was George's wife, Callie was also invited. But about Addison Montgomery there had been a few doubts.

Alex was the one who'd convinced the group about inviting her. Otherwise she might feel excluded, he had said. And Callie would come, so why not Addison? Everybody chuckled; they knew perfectly well why Alex wanted Addison to come. Callie first said something about picnic-bear-things (wich nobody understood), but then also voted for inviting her. After a few discussions the decision was made: Addison was welcome.

But now everything was going wrong: Mark Sloan had somehow found out about their party and invited himself.

'No, Mark, please! You can't just drop in here!' Izzie yelled in panic. Mark's face was close to hers.

'Watch me…' he said, in the same deep voice. With his face so close to hers Izzie ran out of words. He looked her deeply in the eye for a few seconds. And those few seconds seemed to last an eternity.

And those few seconds were confusing for both of them. Izzie wanted to break the eye contact, but something stopped her. Mark on the other hand was surprised by what he felt at that moment. Looking a woman in the eye was nothing new, but here was something else. Something… exciting… something wow ?