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Fighting Sin was just as hard as Auron expected it to be. The party banded together despite any animosity and destroyed the armor that guarded Yu Yevon. Auron guided the group inside and to a friend he hadn't seen in ten years. Tidus was visibly uncomfortable at seeing his old man and Auron wished for the thousandth time that they had more time together. With Braska's final aeon gone, the group continued to the end.

Lulu and Wakka were quiet. They trailed behind Auron and Rikku, both looking for a way to voice their apologies. They had finally come to terms that they had been following a lie. The years of worshiping and atonement were all for nothing now. Yevon turned out to be a crazy man inside of Sin. Destroying him would destroy Sin, not preying for forgiveness. Worst of all, they had taken their anger out on their friends. Friends that had protected them during the pilgrimage.

"This is it Yuna" Auron said suddenly. "Everyone be prepared."

Hours, maybe days later, Yuna and her guardians were still fighting Yu Yevon. Auron set his sword on the ground for a moment and looked over at Rikku. He smiled at her when she had first seen their foe. She had wrinkled her nose and sneered at the mystical insect that she would be fighting. He was going to miss her.

Now Yevon had barely made a move. The guardians fought but seemed to be getting nowhere. Auron frowned to himself. Yevon seemed to be content with wearing his opponents out until they were weak enough to be killed. The group stood still while Yuna threw her staff aside and picked up one of Tidus' swords. Her aeons were gone so why bother with the staff now.

Auron picked up his sword again and heard a gasp from his right. He looked over to see an evil glint in Rikku's eyes. She mumbled something to herself and opened her pouches, quickly mixing together a black and green ball of energy. She tossed the mixture at Yu Yevon and Auron watched to see what she was up to. Almost at once, the insect like body of their opponent started to flash black and green. Auron grinned and looked over at Rikku. She tilted her head up at him and winked.

"Whoa!" Tidus yelled as he caught onto what Rikku did. "Yuna, get your staff! Cast Holy!"

Yuna nodded and ran for her staff. Lifting it high, she cast the white magic and Yevon took a devastating hit. He seemed to realize the peril he was in now and unleashed a few strong attacks towards the summoner. Yuna was blocked by Tidus right away, but both lost more than half of their health.

"Quick" Lulu yelled, fear lacing her voice, "someone cast Life!"

Yu Yevon reacted to the mage's voice and started shooting rays of energy at the party. Kimahri stepped up with the little bit of white magic he knew and cast Life. Yu Yevon froze, his body convulsing. He expanded and shot of two final blasts before exploding in light and pyreflies. Auron shielded his face from the light and heard the loud sounds of the explosion. When the light finally dulled and the noise reduced he looked over at the other party members and his blood froze.

Tidus was kneeling on the ground by Rikku and Wakka, who were hit by Yevon's final attack. Tidus saw a flash of red and looked up to see Auron kneeling by Rikku. Never in all the years he had known Auron had he seen the man's face look so frightened. Lulu rushed over a second later and held Wakka's head in her lap. She bent over his face and kissed his cheeks lightly, pleading for him to open his eyes. He did open them and smiled at her, reassuring her that he was okay. The beam had hit his shoulder and shattered the bones, but he was alive.

"Rikku?" Auron asked quietly, his trembling hands resting over her bloody stomach. She opened her eyes slowly and looked up into Auron's face. Auron could sense she was in pain and pulled an Al-Bhed potion out and poured it on her skin. Yuna rushed over and looked her cousin over, but knew immediately that nothing could be done. Rikku had been hit straight in her stomach and had a few minutes of pain to live through. Yuna took her cousins hand and shook her head at Auron slowly.

"That...really..hurt" Rikku gasped out. Yuna let out a cry and turned away to cry into Tidus' chest. Tidus held Yuna close and watched Auron push back the hair on Rikku's face.

"Rikku" he said painfully. "Rikku please" Auron held her tiny face in his hands and rubbed away her tears with the pad of his thumb. He looked down into her wide eyes and kissed her lips sweetly. "Don't die Rikku. You have too much to live for. Stay on Spira." Rikku touched his chest and gasped in air. She was in a lot of pain now and the only reason she wasn't screaming in agony was because it would upset Auron.

"I can't" she cried, her throat on fire with her blood and tears. "I don't want to. I want to go with you."

Auron felt his heart break and his tears fell onto her face. He nodded and picked her up carefully, preying that his shaky hands didn't drop her. He held her to his body and she looked up at his face through her teary eyes.

"Shhh" he whispered to her dying body. "It will be over soon Rikku."

Auron looked over her head and saw Yuna and Tidus holding hands and crying for the couple in front of them. Wakka and Lulu were in tears as well and Auron nodded at them, offering a silent forgiveness for all that had happened between them. He felt his body drifting upward and saw the pryeflies rising. His time was over. His reason for staying on Spira was finished with Sin defeated. And his reason for living was dying in his arms.

"Yuna, it's time" he called to the girl. Yuna nodded and stepped out, preforming a sending for her guardians. Rikku cried out in pain and Auron looked down at her face. He could see Yuna dancing out of the corner of his eye, but he was focused on Rikku.

"Rikku, look at me" he said softly. "You did great. You figured out how to beat Yevon and you saved Spira. Now it's time to rest, my love. I will find you, I promise". He smiled down at her warmly and kissed her forehead as she closed her beautiful eyes for the last time, dying in her love's arms, his face her last memory.

Yuna finished the sending and fell to the ground. Tidus, Wakka, Lulu, and Kimahri looked up, watching the pyreflies rise to the heavens.

Auron woke up an unknown time later. His body felt wonderful. He wasn't tired, sore or cranky. It was a nice change for him. He opened his eyes and looked around at the room he was in. It was a nice room, warm and sunny. It seemed to be mid morning, but it was hard to tell. He sat up and discovered that he was naked in a very white bed. Fluffy white pillows were behind him and white sheets pooled around hit waist. He looked over to the other side of the room and his heart caught in his throat. Next to him, Rikku was fast asleep. He couldn't help but think that she looked like an angel. Her blonde hair was fanned out on the pillow and she was smiling in her sleep.

"Rikku!" he said happily, leaning over her body to look at her face. He smiled down at her as she woke up, confusion in her eyes. She focused on Auron and smiled happily, throwing her arms around his neck and holding him close.

"Auron" she sighed happily, not wanting to let him go. After a minute, she registered that they were both naked and she blushed and pulled back. He laughed under his breath and she grinned at the happiness she saw in his eyes. He looked happier with both of his eyes. Auron took her hand and held it up to his cheek. She turned her hand and caught his face in her palm.

"Did we die Auron?" she asked, still a little fuzzy in the head. The last thing she remembered was Auron talking to her. Yuna could have cured them for all she knew, although that didn't explain the situation.

"You did" he said, his eyes closed and his head leaning into her palm. "I died a long time ago."

"Oh" she said, taking her hand away and placing it in her lap. Auron opened his eyes and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Are you alright?" he asked in concern. She sighed and he felt his heart drop. He was so happy to be on the Farplane finally. His body and mind felt lighter and he was finally happy. Sin was gone, Braska's daughter was spared, but Rikku's unhappiness would undo all those feelings.

"I'm okay, I guess." she sighed. "It's just, well, I died. That might take a minute to sink in, you know?" Rikku turned to Auron, clutching the sheet to her chest and looking at him in worry. She was chewing on her lower lip and her blonde hair was falling over her shoulder, lightly touching her skin. Auron simply smiled and kissed her on the cheek. She looked at him curiously and touched her finger to her chin in thought.

"What's gotten into you?" she asked. He smiled and reclined in the bed, pulling her down with him and pulling the blankets up over them. Rikku was facing him, her eyes about level with his chin and she caught herself staring at her developed chest. His arms went around her and she looked up at his face.

"I'm sorry you were killed" he admitted softly. "I wanted you to experience a long life of happiness and everything that comes with it. Things I wanted to give you but I knew I couldn't."

Rikku held back her surprise. She knew that there was something between her and Auron, but she didn't expect it to be love from his end. She thought he tolerated her, at the most liked her as a friend.

"I fell in love you with Rikku" he continued, lowering his eyes. "I know I shouldn't have because we could have never been together, but I did. And now that you're here, with me, I don't want to waste anymore time."

Rikku felt the nervousness radiating from his body and smiled to herself. She placed her hand on his shoulder and he looked back into her face. She read the emotions in his eyes and smiled reassuringly.

"Auron, I fell in love with you too" she said. "I thought that maybe you would stay after the pilgrimage, even though deep down I knew you couldn't even if you wanted to. And when we were fighting Yu Yevon, I knew I was going to die when that bolt hit me. And you know what? I was okay with it because I wanted to go with you."

Auron let out the breath he was holding and pulled her to him in a tight embrace, forgetting that they were both nude under the blankets. He just held her to him, her body molding to his and making him feel like she was made for him. Rikku, however, didn't forget their current states and whimpered lightly as she felt his body against hers. He rubbed his face into her neck and kissed her shoulders lightly, making Rikku flush.

"So what do we do now? Are there some sort of rules to being dead?" she asked lightly, trying to distract herself from his hands that had found their home on her hips.

"Sleep" he offered, suddenly very tired. He felt like he just needed rest, maybe days worth. Before Rikku could protest, he was sound asleep, still holding her body to him. Rikku smiled and stayed away, running her fingers in his hair and watching him sleep. She wasn't tired at all, but then again, she had barely been dead when Yuna sent her. Auron had been running around dead for ten years so he was bound to be tired. Rikku felt him tighten his arms around her and decided to let him rest. They had eternity to spend together now.

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