Title: Cry of the Tormented (A/N: I actually just used the title for a story I had to write in English class. -.- I hate naming my stories cause I can't think of anything good)

Author: It's under my name so you would probably already know…

Summary: Marchen Awakens Romance I'm having a mental blank here. I don't know how to summarize it without giving it away… I hate summaries with a passion. What ever I used before would do. T.T Anyway, it's Ginta x Alviss

Disclaimer: Uh… Do you think I'm the creator of MÄR? No? Well, you've guessed right. If I owned it, I would have killed off Jack (better yet, not even created him)… What? He's still on? Alive too? Well, there you have it. I obviously don't own MÄR… oh pooey.

A/N: Oh yeah, I thought I would like to add, this doesn't really follow the series that much so I wouldn't be rewriting any of the battles that happened in the anime or manga. Mainly because I watched subbed 1-54, and 55 + 89-102 without subs so there are gaps in my knowledge nor am I any good at writing fights. -.-

Chapter One - Trouble in Paradise

"It was a dark and stormy night-"

"Oh come on Jack! Why don't you pick something less original while you're at it?!"

"Shh, just let him finish off the story!"

"You mean start the story."

"Oh be quiet Dorothy!"

"No! I don't wanna!"

Opening the door, Alviss flicked on the light (A/N: Do they have lights?!) and peered inside the room. He blinked once then twice before he slammed the door shut and went on his way.

Ginta sighed as he crossed his arms. "He could have at least said something." He muttered before he blinked in realization. "And turned the lights off."

Snow merely hugged her pillow as she turned her head in Jack's direction. "Finish the story. Jack." She said, smiling sweetly. The monkey-like (A/N: The description is understandable) boy's ears tinged pink before he embarrassedly twiddled his thumbs.

"How about we talk about something else?" Dorothy interrupted, leaning against Ginta's shoulder.

"Hey! Get off!" Ginta groaned, shrugging her off him. Snow gave the witch a fiery look, a vein throbbing on her forehead.

"You're welcome to lean on my shoulder, Dorothy." Jack said, grinning like a Cheshire cat as he pointed at his own shoulder. The witch huffed, crossing her arms and looking away.

"Don't bet on it."

The black haired boy's face dropped. "Why not? I'm just as good as Ginta!" Babbo coughed in response, trying to hide his snigger while Dorothy looked appalled.

"When was the last time you looked in the mirror?"

Before it could become a disastrous argument, Ginta intervened. "Hey, what are we going to do with tomorrow? It's a short break, isn't it?" After fighting the War Games for numerous days, most were delighted when Pozun, the little purple lizard-thing, announced that due to some Chess business, they had a day off again.

"Well, I'm going to find myself some nice ladies!" Nanashi declared, throwing his arms in the air.

Jack grabbed the blond haired man's arm and clung to it desperately. "Take me with you! I beg you!"

Nanashi sweat-dropped. "As long as you don't scare away all the ladies, then it's okay with me.

"Well, I don't know about you, but I feel like lounging around tomorrow." Dorothy stated with a yawn. Snow smiled at the witch.

"Can I go with you? Maybe it could improve our teamwork or something." The brown eyed girl closed her eyes, smiling brightly. The witch merely nodded before quickly dismissing her.

"What are you going to do Gin-tan?"

"Why train of course!" Ginta replied, giving her a V sign with his two fingers. Dorothy clasped her hands together with a giggle.

"Okay, you do just that. Good luck Gin-tan!"

Snow gazed at the witch darkly. Dorothy! That's my Ginta! However, the dark haired girl didn't voice her thoughts. She merely clenched her fists as she strained a smile.

"Yes. Good luck, Ginta." She grounded out; ignoring the smug look Dorothy sent her way.

Alviss sat silently on the window sill as he spun a silver flute on his hand, muttering barely audible words under his breath. He hated tomorrow. Tomorrow was the eleventh anniversary of his family's death.

Leaning forward, he rested his cheek on his knee, his eyes never leaving the flute. The moonlight reflected off its silvery surface, making the youth sigh as he tossed the musical instrument in the air, catching it again. Oh how he hated tomorrow!


The black haired youth opened an eye after hearing the familiar shrill voice. He blinked. I must have fallen asleep here… He was actually quite surprised he didn't fall out of the window; he tended to toss and turn.

"Bell." He said as a greeting, smiling tiredly at the fairy as she fluttered towards him. Maybe I shouldn't have stayed up so late, he thought, clasping his head as he felt a headache coming on.

"I think I'm going to rest for today." Alviss murmured, receiving an unhappy cry.

"Why don't you ever want to celebrate your birthday Alviss?!" Bell cried, waving her hands. "We can have a cake, lots and lots of presents and have a party! A party!" She spun in the air happily at the thought. "W should celebrate! Today is a special today!"

"I tell you every single year, there's nothing special about it." Alviss replied flatly, before dismissing the fairy and begun walking down the corridor. Bell wasn't offended. He was like that on this day every year. He vanishes and wants to be alone.

Bell sighed. Why doesn't he like his birthday? The little aqua haired fairy thought before she fluttered away in the opposite direction. If Alviss wanted to be alone, she would respect that.

Although Alviss said that he was going to rest, the sapphire eyed youth found himself walking aimlessly in the forest, lost in thought. Why did this day have to come… again? The teen sighed as he leant against a tree before resting his head.

"Fancy seeing you here… Alviss…" Someone purred delightedly. Alviss snapped his head in the direction of the voice. His eyes widened.


"C'mon! Version 3, Gargoyle!" Ginta yelled as his magical power shifted as Babbo begun to glow. Shadow Ginta raised his hand as he summoned his dark Gargoyle with his black Babbo.

The two beasts stared each other on, one the real Gargoyle, and the other, its shadow. "Go Gargoyle! Punch him!"

The other Gargoyle caught the punch before the battle of strengths started as they tried to throw each other off.

Maybe if I train hard, Ginta thought as he watched the two Guardians battled it out. I might just come up with an idea for what I'll do with this new magic stone…

Alan stood in front of the Training Gate like he usually did; his arms crossed across his chest as he gazed at the door in the ground determinedly. You have to get stronger Ginta, he thought as he narrowed his eyes. To win this war, you have to be strong!

"How's it going?" A low voice asked, causing Alan to immediately turn his head in the direction of the voice. "Alan, is it?" It purred as Alan tried to locate where the voice came from.

"Up here old man!" The voice came from above him. Alan narrowed his eyes at the black clad figure in the tree. It was a young man around seventeen with light violet hair and amber eyes. In his ear was a Bishop earring.

He was leaning casually, his left leg dangling off the tree and his right knee brought to his chest with his head resting on it. "Lovely weather, isn't it?" He asked as he took a deep breath of air and exhaled. "Perfect day." He answered himself with a nod before he rolled off the tree, landing on all fours before sliding to his feet.

Smirking at the motionless man, the youth raised an ärm. It was a bracelet with a lock on it entwined with a vine of roses. "Gate Seal!"

Alan watched in morbid surprise as the strange ärm begun to glow. A sharp shrill sound caused the man to cover his ears as he turned his head towards the source. His eyes widened.

A large silver lock had clasped itself around the door's handle (A/N: I actually can't remember if the door had handles -.- Let's just say it does, for my story's sake) and four vines of roses wrapped around them and were anchored to the ground beside it, one on each side and one was wrapped around the handle firmly.

"What are you doing?!" Alan demanded, clenching his fists.

The youth merely smirked in response. "Why killing Ginta of course."

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Ginta is stuck in the Training Gate and what ever happened to poor Alviss? Or as I call him, Allie-chan

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