Chapter Ten: Alviss is WHAT?!

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Pairings: Ginta x Alviss, Phantom x Alviss

Ginta felt his stomach drop as Alan stood there, a grim look on his face. "W-What's wrong with Alviss?!" The blond demanded, clenching his fists.

Shaking his head, Alan sighed as the others caught up, every one of them peering into the room at the still, unconscious form.

"He fainted." Alan said plainly, his frown deepening as the blond haired boy felt his stomach turn to lead.

"W-Why?" Ginta didn't want to know the answer, and he prayed that it wasn't as bad as he thought. He couldn't imagine what life could be like without Alviss.

"Well," Alan fidgeted slightly. Okay, Alan never fidgets. Something is really wrong. He looks like he doesn't really want to break the news, Ginta thought, dread filling him deeper at every passing second.

"He's… not dying…"

Ginta really wanted to hit him, though, at the same time, relief soared through him, making him feel slightly giddy.

"So what is the matter?!"

"He's pregnant."

There was a shocked silence, before several bodies dropped to the floor. The only ones that hadn't fainted were Nanashi and Jack, but their jaws hit the floor.

"WHAAAAAAT??" That was Ginta.

Rosette sneezed before he wiped his nose and glanced around suspiciously. "Someone's talking about me." He said, causing Sabby to roll his eyes in response.

"Or you just sneezed because this place is crawling with dust mites." It was safe to say that Sabby was a neat freak, just looking at dust made him twitch. He looked like he was suffering from a seizure as the walls of the air duct surrounding them were coated with dust and grime. Poor boy felt his brain threatening to overstimulate.

"… Can we go now, please?" Sabby asked weakly, craning his head back to glance at the teen behind him.

Rosette was in a tighter squeeze than Sabby was. Air ducts just weren't made for people his size. All in all, both youths were beginning to feel claustrophobic.

"But I can't leave! Chaton will find and kill meeeee!"

"I told you that eating her tuna would bite you back on the ass one day!" Sabby snapped, a red vein throbbing on his forehead. Dust put him in an irritable mood.

"But I dun wanna be made into kitty litter! … I don't like kitty litter."

"You don't like a lot of things."


"… Please, keep your voice down."

Alviss yawned as he sat up, rubbing his eye with the back of his hand. He glanced around blearily before his eyes landed on the sleeping form across from him, curled in an armchair.

He blinked again, just to make sure his eyes weren't playing tricks on him. "…Ginta?" The blond opened an eye at the sound of his name.

"Oh, you're awake." The youth sat up before he draped himself over the armchair. "Did you just wake up?"

Alviss nodded as he climbed out of bed and scratched the back of his neck. "You were here the whole time?"


An awkward silence followed as Ginta tried to comvert his thoughts into words while Alviss just stared at him bashfully.

"Are you really pregnant?!" Ginta blurted, causing Alviss' eyes to widen. The black haired boy's fingers curled around the blankets tightly, his knuckles turning white.

His face paled as his lips parted. Short quick gasps escaped from the boy's throat before he made a choking sound. A whimper sounded causing Ginta stared at the youth dumbly. Alan barged into the room from his spot outside in the doorway, knocking the blond out of the way.

"What's happening?" Ginta asked desperately, ignoring the fact that he was manhandled, as Alan pulled out a paper bag. Alviss frantically grabbed the bag before placing it over his nose and mouth and breathed into it.

"You got him hyperventilating again." Alan said accusingly, before effectively kicking Ginta out of the room.

A couple of hours later, a knock sounded at the door and the handle turned before a blond head peeked through the gap of the door. "Alviss?"

Sighing, the dark haired boy sat up and nodded at the boy. Meekly, Ginta walked into the room cautiously, closing and locking the door behind him, and sat on the chair beside the bed. A tense silence loomed over the pair. Alviss felt himself involuntarily twitch. The silence was making him on edge.

"Well? Talk to me. I'm not crazy! There's no reason to be afraid." Alviss paused ever so slightly. "Well, I'm not completely crazy." The statement cut through the silence like a knife.

"Are you okay?"

Alviss snorted. He was in an irritable mood. Feeling like you're going to suffocate does that to people.

"Yes." There was a slight pause. "And I just have to say that that was tactful, really tactful." Alviss said sarcastically, referring to Ginta's blurted 'pregnant' question.

Ginta hung his head in shame. "I'm sorry." Alviss immediately felt his anger dissipate. How can anyone be angry for long at someone with a cute expression like that? A loud smack sounded when Alviss suddenly jerked backwards and whacked his head against the wall. Letting out a cry of pain, the black haired boy pressed his palm against the back of his head. At least the thoughts are gone, he thought, looking on the bright side.

"Are you okay, Alviss?!" Ginta said, startled as he sat next to the youth and begun patting the other's knee in what he hoped to be a soothing manner.

"I-uh…" A bright flush marred the sixteen year old's features. "Yes." He ended up squeaking, sounding like he had sucked on helium. It was when he noticed a slight pressure at his knee, did Alviss glance down. Ginta's hand still rested on his knee.

Alviss' gaze drew the blond's attention down. A strangled sound escaped from Ginta's throat as he snapped his hand away. Their eyes met and another awkward silence followed.

Say something dammit! Ginta thought desperately before he opened his mouth and tried to force a sound out. "Huuuf." Okay, that's a start. Now try something English. Just as Ginta opened his mouth again, a hard knock sounded at the door.

"Ginta, you there?"

Ginta slapped his forehead. It was Dorothy. "Yes, I'm here." He replied but made no move to open the door.

"… Are you going to open up?"


"Giiiiintaaaaa!" Ginta winced at the tone the witch used but refused to give in.

Alviss watched Ginta with a raised brow. Catching Alviss' look, the blond smirked. Blinking, Alviss blushed before he looked away. Ginta seemed to have regained his composure.


The blond blocked his ears, attempting to stop the loud whine coming from the other side of the door. A fist banged against the door.

"FINE! FINE!" Ginta growled in response, glancing at the black haired boy wistfully, before he flung the door open, only to yelp when he was pounced on.

"Giiiinta!" Dorothy said, hugging Ginta's middle.

"I… er… Get off!" Ginta tried to shove her, only finding that the witch wouldn't budge. Alviss' eyebrow twitched as he clenched his fists. Calm down Alviss, calm down. You are not jealous. He told himself.


Startled, Alviss fell off the bed. He looked around dazedly. Did I just hear myself whine?

No silly. Cookie is talking.

Ginta looked at the blue eyed youth confusedly. There was a really strange expression on Alviss' face; something that was crossed between surprised and some other emotion that Ginta couldn't decipher.

"Since when could you talk to me- Wait a second! Did you just call me Allie-chan?!"

When Cookie feels like talking. Akila can too but he's too busy sulking. Cookie answered for the first question. And why can't I call you Allie-chan?

Ginta rubbed his head unsurely. Alviss was having a one sided talk with himself… Actually, it was more like arguing.

"Grr. Anyway, I know Akila can talk, but it's impossible to get him to shut up… He's sulking you say?"

Prying Dorothy off him, Ginta nervously walked towards Alviss. "Umm… Alviss… Are you okay?"

Alviss didn't seem to hear him as he continued his one man conversation. What's the matter with him? Ginta thought unsurely. It's almost like before, when he was screaming 'shut up' to himself…

Dorothy stood as well. What's the matter with him? He's talking to himself again.

Akila doesn't like you staring googly eyed at Ginta-chan.


The sudden loud declaration made Ginta jump in surprise. Dorothy also jumped a bit before her eyes narrowed. So Alviss is interested in Ginta as well? Well, I won't let him!

What about staring googly eyed at me? Ginta thought to himself, rather clueless.

Hearing his own voice seemed to knock Alviss back from where ever he was. He blinked, spotting Ginta who had question marks hovering above his head and Dorothy, who had a venomous look plastered on her face.

A giggle sounded in Alviss' head. Looks like you will have to be more cautious of your surroundings. Cookie stated, letting out another giggle.

What happened? Alviss thought, closing his eyes and rubbing his temples tiredly.

Cookie wanted to talk to you without any interruptions. Another giggle. And what happened, you ask? Allie-chan just declared his undying love to Ginta-chan.


Ginta patted his ears after Alviss' voice stopped echoing through the castle. However, it didn't stop the ringing in his ears. Who knew Alviss could be so loud?

Dorothy winced as well, and this was saying something since she wasn't affected by Crazy Quilt's song. Of course, Crazy Quilt was tone death and Alviss was just plain loud. It's still the same principle, isn't it? Dorothy shook her head, breaking her current thoughts. Back to the matter at hand. I have to make Ginta fall in love with me before Alviss does… so what should I do?

Joking, just joking! Cookie crackled, laughing in Alviss' head as the dark haired youth's face heated up.

"I-uh… Hi?" Alviss blinked. Okay, now I just sound weird.

"What was that all about?" Ginta murmured, earning a frozen look from Alviss.

"N-Nothing." The blue eyed youth choked out, scratching the back of his neck. "Um… Let's eat now." He darted out the door, leaving a confused Ginta and Dorothy grinning widely.

I know just what to do. Dorothy thought, the smile never wiping off her face.

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