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Abigail Lincoln sat in her Room looking out the Window watching the Sun set. It was a long Day for her and her team Lizzie had just broken up with numbuh 1during a mission and he took it pretty hard and once they got home he went to his room for the rest of the day.

"Man Numbuh 5 hates that girl she used to be obsessed with him and she just dumps him! I gotta get Numbuh 1 out of his room for awhile" Numbuh 5 said to herself as she went to get Numbuh 1.

She walked down the hallway and bumped into Numbuh 3 who was still perky but a little less Today.

"Hey Numbuh 5 whats up with you?" Numbuh 3 asked

"Nothing much Numbuh 5 just thinking that Numbuh 1 needs to get out for awhile and get his mind of Lizzie" Numbuh 5 said

"Awww how cute! you like him!" Numbuh 3 said

"Girl he is our leader! we need him for missions I'm only concerned about his health" Numbuh 5 said

"Well Maybe Numbuh 5 COULD like him...Maybe? But I cant let numbuh 3 know that!" Numbuh 5 thought to herself

"Whatever you say Abby" Numbuh 3 said and walked away.

By this time Numbuh 5 was at Numbuh 1's door and she was ready to get him out of the Treehouse she Knocked on his door

"Numbuh 1?" She said

"Come in" Was the reply she got

So Numbuh 5 walked in to see Numbuh 1 typing away on his computer

"So Urm...Numbuh 1 hows things going?" Numbuh 5 asked

"Stressful" Was the reply he gave without looking away from his computer

"So I was thinking...Maybe Tomorrow we could hang out?" Numbuh 5 asked

"I dont think so" Numbuh 1 said

"How about we go to the Fair or watch TV?" Numbuh 5 asked

"I think I'm going to be busy working tomorrow" Numbuh 1 said

"Look I know your upset about Lizzie but you really shouldent be alone were your friends were here for you" Numbuh 5 said as she started walking to the door

"I said I would be busy working I never said I couldent use some help from you" Numbuh 1 said looking away from his work

"You really mean that Numbuh 1?" Numbuh 5 asked with a smile

"Sure but thats tomorrow Tonight we should go get some ice cream" Numbuh 1 said

"Ok I'll go get the team" Numbuh 5 said

"Actually Abby I was thinking maybe you and I should just go" Numbuh 1 said

"Alright as long as your going to try to forget about Lizzie" Numbuh 5 said

"Whos Lizzie?" Numbuh 1 said with a smile

Numbuh 5 just smiled back as they walked out of his room to get Ice cream