This is a short tag for All Hell Breaks Loose, and it begins just after the point where Sam takes Jake down…

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Sam looked down at Jake, wondering if he should kill the man or not… It would certainly have been an easy enough job. Turning away from the man, he held his shoulder and started walking the other way, wanting to get out of town as soon as was humanly possible.

"Sam!" He heard a familiar voice yell. Looking up Sam smiled as he saw his older brother and Bobby Singer running toward him.

"Dean," he breathed, not sure that he had ever been happier to see his brother in his life. He hadn't known what had happened to his brother after he had gone into the diner, and his relief at seeing his brother alive and unhurt was palpable.

His smile soon turned to a look of confusion as Dean looked over his shoulder, and started running full speed at him. "Sam!" Dean yelled again, and Sam could hear the fear in his older brother's voice. "Look out!" Sam started to turn around, hoping beyond hope that Jake wasn't behind him.

Sam felt the knife slide into his back. The pain was mind numbing, and Sam jerked as Jake pushed the slice of metal further into his back.

'…Ah, God…'

Jake pulled the knife from his back, and Sam fell to his knees. He heard Dean yell for him, and he heard Bobby run past him, probably to get Jake, but none of it mattered anymore.

Sam couldn't think… He couldn't breathe, as the warm sticky blood flowed up his throat and into his mouth. He couldn't say goodbye to Dean as he felt his brother's hands grip his shoulders.

Sam could hear Dean talking to him, but his concentration was shot, and he couldn't puzzle out the words. He felt Dean's arms lace around him, and he leaned into his older brother, in a last ditch effort to make Dean know how he felt about him.

When Dean pulled back, Sam almost groaned at the loss of contact and the searing pain the movement brought to his injured back. Sam forced himself to look at his brother through unfocussed eyes.

The concern on Dean's face was evident, and Sam felt bad for the fact that he couldn't bring any comfort to his brother. He opened his mouth to tell Dean that he loved him just once more, but instead of words, blood came from his mouth, and Sam grimaced to himself.

Sam felt himself fading away, and though he tried to fight the pull of death, it was too strong, and before long, Sam felt himself slipping from Dean and the rest of the world.

'…I'm sorry Dean, I tried…'

'I love you big brother, more than you'll ever know…'

And then there was darkness.


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