Title: The Prank
Rating: G
Genre: General/Humor
Charas/Pairings: Julious, Clavis, et al
Warnings: General silliness.
Summary: Besides lies, what more is expedient ? Written for 1st of April, with Refractive Index of Light & Dark (from Vol 1 manga) in mind.

They couldn't stand it anymore. The side-stepping, the talking in sotto voce, the living on tenterhooks, the occasional fleeing out of offices. Everyone had been busy keeping straight faces for a month, two months maybe, until their faces were numb and their fingers were sore from clutching the edges of seats in suspense. And they watched, and they watched, and they could not look away however much they wanted to... like how a person looks on at an accident waiting to happen, knowing the end would be twisted and cruel, but could never tear their eyes away.

And the act was the same every time in this latest conflict between blue and violet - no words given, only nuances exchanged. A flash of the eyes. A raised eyebrow. A slow smirk, and a scathing narrow stare. So immersed that reality and matters-at-hand were temporarily pushed aside... and it was all very well because everyone in the overheated meeting room could easily read each others' looks. Furtive glances thrown back and forth, here and there.

Is it going to happen ? - He's going to miss it this time - This is so pathetic - I tell you, it's NOT going to happen - Are you sure this will work ? - We've been waiting for weeks - This is the most STUPIDEST idea - And oh c'mon Julious why don't you just do it already ?!? -

The Guardian of Dream would later claim to have psychic powers. Or whatever it is that silently prompts authorititian blondes to reach under the table and slide open their document drawers.

How do you describe the sound of pent up energy, anticipation and anxiety accumulated week after week, meeting after meeting, being released collectively in a small room in a space of a second ?

A monstrosity of complicated pulleys squeaked to life. The sky split asunder. And time seemed to slow as thirty cubic feet of something white and fluffy - wonderful and illogical - poured down from the abrupt tear left by moving ceiling tiles. Light and Darkness shifting in various stages of amazement, a crisp blanket gathering around the edges of their robes...

The corners of that smirk quirked into something rare and far-between as slender fingers gingerly examined the faux snow caught in dark bangs.

It's edible.

The hilarity of the moment dissolved too soon, as Light turned to face the culprits with the question - the Look - that made them freeze instantly in their tracks.

Do you have any idea what caramel does to wavy hair ?

And they knew if they fled to the throne room there and then for safety, it would be useless. Retribution was theirs. The ringleader wore a crown atop her head and she would always be perfect and innocent in those angry blue eyes.