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"You've come to a decision?" Sasuke watched as Naruto nodded slowly. He braced himself for the worst. "What did you decide?"

"I've decided that I need to get over myself, stop being so scared, and do what it is I do best; take a risk when I know it's worth it." Naruto smiled at Sasuke sheepishly, but the brunet was simply staring back. Rather blankly at that.

"What does that mean?"

Naruto blinked at the question.

"It means that I have admitted to myself, and will now admit to you, that what I feel for you is not just platonic friendship. It isn't just a brotherly love; but something stronger and deeper and, admittedly, more terrifying than anything I have ever come across..."


Faced with further silence from Sasuke, Naruto took a shaky breath.

"What I'm trying to say to say is. I love you Uchiha Sasuke; and I'm sorry that I was such an idiot about it for so long."

"..." The sustained silence was making Naruto very, very nervous very, very quickly.

"You know, I was planning to come here and do the confession thing, as soon as I got off from work. I was probably planning it a while before you decided to do your dramatic confession at the hospital. So really, it has nothing to do with that, I was going to come here anyway."

"...So I made an ass of myself for nothing?"

Naruto blinked again at Sasuke's offhand response. Why didn't anything ever go the way it was supposed to, when it came to them? He had hoped that Sasuke would have been a little bit more...enthusiastic about this.

Unbeknownst to both Naruto and Sasuke, the latter was so deep in shock, almost nothing was getting through. A small part of Sasuke's consciousness had grasped the fact that something monumental was happening. It understood that the person he had loved for more than half his life just said he loved him back. That small part of his mind got that, and was trying furiously to communicate that to the rest of Sasuke's brain. However, it was taking a while.

"No! Not for nothing. I thought it was kind of sweet, in a corny, old school type of way."

Naruto was backpedaling; trying to understand what the heck was going on and maybe find a graceful way out of this potential mess. Maybe Sasuke had changed his mind on the mad drive over. Meanwhile, three feet away, a neuron sparked and something connected.

"You love me! You just said so. You're here because you love me back! ...Right?"

Naruto finally realized that Sasuke's silence had not been stony, it had been dazed. In any event, he couldn't stop himself from looking at the other man as if he was insane.

"Yes, I did and I am. Didn't we establish this, ten minutes ago?" They did, but Sasuke's brain was just catching up.

"You love me, and-and I love you. We love each other..."

Naruto was about to reach for this cell phone and dial 911. He had heard of being crazy in love, but this was ridiculous. Fortunately, Sasuke was making great strides in regaining coherence.

"...In that case, does this mean are we together then?"

Naruto smirked and stopped panicking. He really should enjoy this. It was not often one got to see a thoroughly befuddled Sasuke.

"I don't know. I don't think its official until we spit in our palms and shake on it."

"Oh." Sasuke replied softly and to Naruto's growing amusement, slowly lifted his upturned hand and stared at it uncertainly.

"Usurantonkachi," Naruto muttered before grabbing Sasuke and pulling him into a kiss.

That was the last bit of info Sasuke needed to get completely up to speed.

"What took you so long, moron?"

"Che, you know me. I'm a hero, and saving the day is always the last thing a hero does!"

Sasuke rolled his eyes at the overly dramatic declaration and started to yank Naruto towards the couch.

"Where are we going?"

"To consummate our relationship before you change your mind."

"Hey, I don't consummate on the first date! I'm not easy, and I'm simply not that type of guy."

Sasuke snorted and dumped Naruto unto his couch.

"We had our first 'date' about thirteen years ago. Now dig deep and pretend you're a slut."

"You know, I think I liked you better when you were waxing all poetic, and blushing like an untried school girl."

Sasuke smirked while slowly and deliberately straddling the blond. Further conversation ended when Naruto pulled Sasuke down into a kiss. In all honesty, Sasuke could barely believe this was truly and finally happening. It seemed almost too incredible. To be on the safe side, he pinched Naruto. The subsequent 'ow', was muffled by Sasuke's tongue. Yup, this was real.

What, Sasuke wasn't about to pinch himself- he bruised easily.

Sasuke had a number of fantasy blue-prints to work with, having thought about numerous possible scenarios of the two of them 'getting it on'. Slowly, he tugged up Naruto's shirt, until the latter sat up, and allowed him to pull it off him. Pushing Naruto back into a reclining position, Sasuke started the slow descent down his lover's torso, using his hands to blaze the trail, his lips soon following. Soon, Naruto was moaning beneath him, and things were going swimmingly. Sasuke had waited a long time for this, and he intended to savour every minute of this- teasing Naruto was a mild payback for all the agony he went through.

As Sasuke licked hardened nipples, his hand gently stroked Naruto's abdomen- he intended to have the blond shivering beneath him before he gave him anymore.

And Naruto was shivering. It was positively remarkable how much. With each stroke of Sasuke's hand over his stomach, Naruto's abs clenched, and the blond twitched even more. Finally Naruto shoved Sasuke off and covered his stomach, all the while giggling like a maniac.

"Q-Quit it! I'm ticklish there!"

Sasuke blinked, he had not been expecting that. He knew Naruto was sensitive there, but in all his fantasies, he had imagined it would be used as a turn-on, instead of reducing the man to laughter. Well this was a set-back for fantasy 34b- Sex on the coach, position 8. Another thing... the Naruto of his fantasies was a sex-god, who would never giggle!

Sasuke mentally smacked himself in the head. He was being stupid. How could he expect the man he fantasized about to reconcile seamlessly with the flesh-and-blood reality. No matter what, the real thing will always be better than some fantasy that had him waking up by himself, feeling ironically sated but still unfulfilled.

"What are you looking so smug about?" Naruto poked Sasuke a few times. The brunet had been sitting on top of him, nodding silently to himself, as Naruto overcame his giggle fit.


"Come on, tell me!" Naruto poked him a few more times, and Sasuke shrugged.

"I was just reminding myself that this is reality and not one of my fantasies; so naturally I can't expect that much out of you."

Now, obviously, Sasuke hadn't intended it to sound like that. However, when you've had a penchant for being catty for over twenty years, even perfectly innocent remark will end up sounding...well, catty.

Anyone who knew Naruto any at all also knew one other thing: you never undermine his self-presumed greatness in anything. Even in uncharted waters; for he took that personally.

Sasuke almost sputtered as he felt himself get unceremoniously dislodged from his perch. He just narrowly avoided ending ass-up on the floor as Naruto stood up, and looked at his watch.

"Eight and a half minutes. Our relationship lasted eight and a half minutes. I will give us some credit- its three and a half minutes longer than most people gave us."

Now Sasuke sputtered. "Wha-what?"

"I never expected you to change; I wasn't expecting a nicer, gentler Sasuke. I totally understood that you were going to be the same bastard you always were. What I was expecting however, was that you could go for one day without being a complete asshole."

"What did I do?"

"'This is reality and not one of my fantasies; so naturally I can't expect that much out of you'. You know, since whatever fantasy-Naruto you cooked up, does such a good job of getting you off, maybe I should just leave him to do the job."

Sasuke watched stupefied as Naruto found his shirt, and started to yank it on. He then realized, much to his horror, that not only did he just get dumped in record time; but he was about to join an unfortunate fraternity: men who managed to talk themselves right out of sex.

"I didn't mean it like that!" Sasuke shifted into damage control mode as Naruto prepared himself for his dramatic exit.

"Sure you didn't..."

Sasuke managed to grab unto Naruto's arm and stop him before he left.

"Look, I'm nervous okay! This is a little nerve-wracking for me. You can understand that, you have to be a little nervous too!" Or you wouldn't be throwing this humongous hissy-fit.

Naruto glared at him but was making no additional moves to leave.

"Look let's just start over! Forget I said whatever I said. I honestly didn't mean it the way it sounded."

Naruto snorted softly. He figured that was as close to an apology as he was going to get out of Sasuke anyway. Turning on his heel, Naruto headed to the stairs. Sasuke stared after him, momentarily nonplussed.

"Where are you going?"

"To your room, bastard; or do I have to earn my stripes on the couch before I am allowed up there?"

Sasuke played it safe and made no attempt to answer that question, but quickly followed the blond, who was now stomping up the stairs.

When he finally reached his bedroom, Naruto was placing his watch and beeper on the nightstand, and Sasuke was once again hit with a fresh attack of nerves. It was a bit overwhelming finally getting what you have wanted for so long; he had to take a moment to relax. He stood, frozen in the doorway, oblivious to the fact that Naruto had begun staring at him- having been waiting patiently for the last five minutes.

"You okay over there?" Sasuke almost jumped out pf his skin at the sound of Naruto's voice.

"Fine...just fine." Another pregnant pause as Sasuke appeared to take root at the spot. A blond eyebrow started edging upward.

"You're sure now?"

"Uh huh... never better." Still no movement. Naruto clicked his teeth and nodded. He then took a purposeful step towards his skittish soon-to-be lover.

Before Sasuke could understand what was happening, or could react he felt himself being launched through the air, only to land flat on his back in the King-sized bed. He wasn't sure, it had happened so quickly, but he had the sneaking suspicion that Naruto had just judo-flipped him. He blinked out of his surprised daze, when he felt Naruto's weight settle next to him.

"Sorry I had to do that, but in my profession, you learn that time is always of the essence."

Sasuke didn't have a response to that either. If he did, he would have pointed out that Naruto wasn't the one who had been waiting for this for about a decade. Any thoughts of a reply, however were immediately forgotten when, without warning, Naruto hiked his shirt up and started slowly licking his abs. Sasuke struggled to inhale as Naruto moved, inching upwards to suck on a hardened nipple. It occurred to him that their relationship was one that would be filled with oxygen deprivation, unless he learned to breathe. Naruto licked his throat, and a moment later Sasuke had completely forgotten why it was necessary to breathe when he felt Naruto's tongue in his mouth. As incredible a kisser as Naruto was, the activity did little to distract Sasuke from the hand deftly unzipping his pants. Naruto broke the kiss and pulled back. He split his focus between massaging Sasuke's hardening erection and watching the brunet's responses closely.

And Sasuke was responsive. The colour spreading across the usually pale skin was nothing short of remarkable to Naruto. Placing his thumb at the base of Sasuke's shaft, he started moving it in tight circles, which expanded and contracted as he slid his hand higher and higher up the now throbbing erection. The sound of Sasuke's panting grew louder and Naruto's eyes were now riveted on his lover's face.

Naruto's hand moved faster, stroking harder, creating a counter sensation against the hot circles the blond still managed to rub along the sensitized organ. Sasuke's panting turned into moaning as he clutched his pillow, Naruto being too far out of his reach. The technique changed slightly as Naruto gave short, fast strokes concentrated at the tip of penis while his thumb moved over the slit, smearing the pre-cum pearling there. Sasuke was barely containing himself, digging his heels into the bed, until he heard Naruto say his name- just once.

Sasuke's eyes flew open in surprise as he felt his burning body seize up. He had had no clue he had been that close. He erupted, feeling himself explode into a shower of white hot sparks, flowing over and down Naruto's hand, which had only just started to slow down. The last thing he heard before he blacked out was Naruto's amused voice.

"Did you like that? I call it the 'Rasengan'. I bet fantasy-Naruto never does that..."

Naruto failed to see just what he did wrong. He thought the whole point of sexual stimulation was to get your partner off. So he did not understand why he was sheepishly sitting on the bed, staring at the back of a fuming Sasuke.


Sasuke had not really passed out- he had simply undergone a transformation which was to mortify him for years to come. It had shocked the hell out of Naruto, before the doctor finally caught on to what was happening. Naruto had finished his smug announcement, only to see Sasuke's eyes glaze over and watch was the man collapsed bonelessly unto the bed.

"You okay?' Naruto had asked, stretching out beside Sasuke, while trying to stifle a grin. His alarm started when, after a moment or two, the brunet had looked at him with one of the mooniest expressions ever to have come out of some girly anime.

"Um...Sasuke?" Sasuke blinked and then smiled at him. An honest-to-goodness-I-like-Disney-movies smile that scared Naruto shitless.

"Are you okay?

Sasuke would never do this, even as a sick joke. However, to Naruto's growing alarm, Sasuke reached out and cuddled him. Cuddled him, for the love of all things emo!

Then, the unthinkable: burying his face in Naruto's shirt, Sasuke muttered the fateful words: - "I wuv you, dobe..."

'Wuv'? Did he just say 'wuv'?!

Naruto was set to untangle himself and rush Sasuke to the emergency room. It then occurred to him that this may be a simple case of an orgasm reducing the bastard's brain to mush. Now that wasn't tragic; it was simply hilarious. It was still just a theory though; one he intended to test thoroughly.


That being said, Naruto had expected Sasuke to surface in an extraordinarily good mood; and, half hour later, he actually did. For about ten minutes. Then Sasuke appeared to recollect what had happened, flushed crimson out of embarrassment, anger or both, and promptly turned his back on Naruto.

"Now what exactly are you mad at me about?" Naruto asked Sasuke's rigid back for about the tenth time

"That wasn't how it was supposed to go." Sasuke bit out tersely.

"What? You loved it! You came! I saw you, I was there!" Naruto could feel Sasuke's rolling his eyes.

"You weren't consummating our relationship, you were proving a point."

"I was doing both, idiot. You know I don't take sex frivolously Sasuke. Being with you will always be special to me, you know this."

Naruto watched as some of the starch eased its way out of Sasuke's back; but the brunet still did not turn around.

"Is that all you are upset about?" Naruto hazarded cautiously. Sasuke only huffed and remained silent.

Naruto found himself smiling at the moody idiot's back. Sasuke was a hundred percent, uncut, Japanese drama; and Naruto must have it really badly for the other man, for he hated drama. When drama showed up, Naruto tended to run for the hills, as he had with the whole Hinata episode. Instead he was here, being given the silent treatment for heaven knows what- yet was still completely smitten. Determined to either get Sasuke to 'fess up, or just have him stop brooding; Naruto moved quickly. Putting a leg on either side of Sasuke, Naruto slid up to him until the startled man was firmly cradled against his groin. Before the dark-haired man had a chance to protest, unyielding arms wrapped around his waist, and Naruto's lips clamped on to that spot.

Naruto had discovered in high school, that Sasuke was sensitive to the point of hilarity, right at the spot where his neck met his shoulder. They had found out while watching a movie, when Naruto had leaned over and whispered to Sasuke's ear- unwittingly blowing warm air on the spot. Sasuke had shot up so fast out of his seat; he had spread popcorn all over the front two rows of the theatre. He was sensitive then, and he would be sensitive now. It was the swiftest and surest way to turn Sasuke on, and snap him out of any funk.

Sasuke couldn't even manage a gasp, as Naruto bit softly, and then started sucking voraciously on the spot. Naruto's expert hands where already diving into his pants, and starting to jerk him off. The blond's lips did not move from the oversensitive spot, and his hands were moving at a frenetic pace. It wasn't long before Sasuke was feeling the sharp sensations that heralded an oncoming orgasm. Scrambling from between Naruto's legs and off the bed, Sasuke made the sad attempt to cover his neck, try to drag up his pants and glare daggers at Naruto; all at the same time.

"Hey, what's the deal?" Naruto asked at the violently twitching man.

"You…I…I'm sensitive there!" Sasuke clutched his neck even tighter and tried to recapture his sagging pants.

"I know… hot, right? I know what turns you on." Naruto wiggled his eyebrows suggestively as Sasuke tried to breathe fire.

"Don't do that!"

"Sasuke, what is the problem?"

"I was about to- to…"

"What, come? That was kind of the point."

"Well it's not supposed to happen that quickly!"

"What the hell do you mean…" Understanding hit Naruto like a lightning bolt. His eyes widened as he stared at his reddening lover. "Ooooooh, so that's what this is about, and why you were brooding a little while a go. I make you lose control!"

Sasuke's eyes rounded in panic, while Naruto started to grin evilly. "Shut up dobe! That isn't the reason at…"

""It is official world! I, Uzumaki Naruto, am a sex god! Boom shikka wow wow!"

"God, I hate you." Sasuke murmured, forgetting to cover his neck and wiping his face in exasperation.

Naruto toned down his celebration and smiled at his moping friend. "Sasuke, what is the problem, really?"

"I'm supposed to last longer. I always do. I am good at this." Sasuke grumbled into his palm, unwilling to face Naruto just yet.

"Who says you aren't? Just this once, can we not compete?"

"It isn't about that!" Sasuke was vehement about the fact. "It's a guy thing."


"Oh right, sorry- forgot for a moment there."

"Sasuke, don't worry about it. As we have just rediscovered, I too am a guy, and I'm just a lot more aggressive and direct, than most of those little spoilt debutantes and party girls you're used to sleeping with. Your body just hasn't recovered from the shock yet. You'll get your mojo back."

Sasuke rolled his eyes, but didn't resist when Naruto stretched out a hand and pulled him forward.

"Besides, if you are worried about me not being satisfied, that's a non-issue. And if you'd stay still long enough, you'd find out."

Deciding to move quickly before Sasuke got skittish again, Naruto stepped on the other man's now forgotten pants. Sasuke ended up walking right out of it, and stumbling into Naruto's lap.

"Moron, you…"

"Shut up."

Sasuke complied as Naruto twisted until he was straddling the brunet, tugging the latter's shirt up. When Sasuke was finally naked, Naruto stretched out beside, admiring his efficient handiwork.

"How come I'm always the first to lose my clothes?" Sasuke thought he'd ask a pertinent question. Naruto only smiled at him.

"Do you always complain this much before sex?"

Naruto was right; he ought to be more proactive in order to have things his way. Catching Naruto off-guard, Sasuke shoved him backwards, and soon Naruto was deprived of his shirt, and eager hands were moving to his pants.

"Are you going to ravish me now? Blue eyes looked up, perfectly feigning innocence.

"Shut up." Sasuke growled back. Naruto was being far too cool and collected about this. Sasuke was determined to make the blond squirm before the day was over.

Sasuke managed to unzip Naruto's jeans and pull his boxers down quickly. It was the brunet's quick reflexes that saved him from getting hit right in the face, when Naruto's erection sprang to freedom. It was a good thing too, for honestly, getting smacked in the face by your lover's dick, would simply have been the backbreaking straw for Sasuke.

Finally succeeding in wrestling Naruto's pants and boxers off, Sasuke paused to catch his breath and survey his prize. His eyes rested on one of the few body parts, Naruto wasn't in the habit of torturing him with.

Sasuke blinked; Naruto was huge- he had definitely grown since gym class. For a moment, he wasn't sure if he should be impressed, a little envious, or simply nervous. Sasuke was a smart guy. Though he had not researched gay sex (which, in retrospect, was probably a bad idea),he knew that somebody was going to sticking something, somewhere. He also knew that it was probably in his best interest to know the 'who', the 'what' and the 'where' was. But first things first: making the idiot squirm.

For guaranteed quick results, the answer was obvious; and Sasuke stopped to question just how far he was willing to go and just what this meant for his precious manhood. He was in love and wanted to consummate his relationship, but surely a guy had to draw the line somewhere.

You'd want him to do it… You've dreamt about him doing it. The annoying inner voice had a point.

Sasuke was unaware of just how much time was elapsing as he carried on his internal debate. Naruto watched in consternation as Sasuke sat Indian style, arms crossed, apparently regarding his penis. Naruto felt instinctively that he should have some say in whatever great, internal debate Sasuke was having. However, he also felt that whatever he was sorting out would be a defining moment for the quality and conditions of their relationship. He finally figured it would be playing it safe to just lie there, be quiet and be scrutinized. Naruto stared up at the ceiling and tried not to think deflating thoughts.

He had being counting bumps on the ceiling when he felt Sasuke's hands encircle his erection. The sensation had him almost jumping out of his skin. The startled response gave Sasuke the necessary encouragement. Slowly, he dropped his head, and gave Naruto an experimental lick on the tip of his erection. The shudder that went through the blond sealed the deal for Sasuke. Settling lower, Sasuke started off slowly, almost shyly, dipping his head and sucking shallowly on the head of Naruto's penis. Steadily, he built a rhythm, growing bolder and plunging deeper and faster. Naruto's moans and uncontrolled jerks fuelled him on.

Dick, Sasuke decided, was more than likely an acquired taste. Fortunately for both him and Naruto, it was a taste he was acquiring pretty damn fast. He liked this; and something told him he was going to love doing this. He liked the sound of it- Naruto gasping and moaning above him, the sexy sounds of snapping control, all the while groaning his name. He liked the feel of it- his lover hardening in his grasp, and the hard, sweat slicked muscles his hands could rove over. He loved the taste of it- this throbbing part of Naruto, filling his mouth and bringing him both pleasure; the saltiness blending seamlessly to a mild sweetness. He definitely loved the power of it- that a simple act could devastate Naruto like this- the jerking muscles, the thrusting hips, and the hands starting to fist in his hair. There was no way he was going to let Naruto know he was seriously into this. He would spend the rest of his life on his knees.

Now in the zone, Sasuke was sucked on Naruto voraciously, using his hand to make up for the considerable shortfall of his lips. He finally looked up to claim his prize. He was going to spend the rest of his life on his knees, as long as he got to see a sight like that. Naruto's was flushed, a fine sheen of sweat coating his body. His eyes were closed, but his mouth was open, gasping Sasuke's name between moans. For a moment Sasuke was overwhelmed by just how beautiful the idiot was; and why it took everyone else such a long time to realize it.

Without warning, Sasuke felt himself being yanked up by the hair- hard. Soon he was twisted until he was firmly under Naruto. The sudden move made him indignant; for Sasuke had been seriously enjoying himself.

"What was that for, idiot?!"

Naruto neatly cut off any chance of a tirade by shoving his tongue as far down Sasuke's throat as he could manage. The brunet's automatic response was to plunge his hands into Naruto's hair and pull him impossibly closer. The kiss became rougher and hotter as whatever remaining control quickly slipped away. On instinct, Naruto thrust down, grinding his erection against Sasuke's, a motion that left them both gasping. Acting on instinct, Naruto reached between them, and wrapped his hand, as best as he could manage, around both their straining erections. He pumped slowly, unable to go much faster, since Sasuke was still crushed against him, lips locked with his and showed no signs of slackening. The man seemed to have a lung capacity that defied science. Naruto tried to break away to breathe, and further along the activities. Sasuke simply countered by dragging his head back down again. Eventually, Naruto reluctantly wrenched away.

"Why do you keep doing that?!" Sasuke glared up at the heavily panting Naruto.

"Keep doing what?"

Sasuke gave Naruto a look that clearly said: 'stop quitting the good stuff!'

"Are you always this cranky during sex? You'd think it's the one time you'd lighten up." Naruto spoke as he moved off the bed, and started rifling through the top drawer of Sasuke's night table. "Oi bastard, where do you keep your lube?"

Sasuke blinked at the unexpected question. "Second draw from the bottom…it's at the back left corner."

"Sasuke, you're the only single guy I know, who could turn a beautiful thing like masturbation into 'Mission: Impossible'. You live alone, just who are hiding the lube from? You never let anyone but me into your bedroom. I can't believe you are this repressed!"

"Shut up, dobe. Not everyone is a flaming, shameless self-lover like you. We do not all stock lubrication like ammunition in a fall out shelter."

Sasuke watched with interest as Naruto simply smiled and climbed back unto the bed. An eyebrow lifted as Naruto poured liberal amounts of the cream unto his fingertips.

"What are you doing anyway?"

Naruto looked up in surprise. "What do you mean, 'what are you doing', I'm going to prepare you.

The eyebrow lifted higher, and Naruto faltered a bit. "Y-you know…for sex."

"I need preparing?"

Sasuke was a smart guy. In fact, in high school he had been labeled a genius. However, one can only be smart about something, if they have some knowledge of it. In all his years of running around after Naruto, you'd seriously think a guy would do some relevant research.

"So let me guess. In your wet-dreams, fantasy-Naruto simply slides his magical dick, easily and painlessly up your mythical self-lubricating ass?"

Well…sure it sounds stupid when it's phrased like that. It was his fantasies! Who adheres to the limiting laws of reality in their fantasies?

"So you're saying then…" Sasuke ignored Naruto's jibes in the attempt to keep his composure. "…that I need preparing?"

"You need a hell of a lot more than that." Naruto muttered as his nudged Sasuke's legs apart, and positioned himself between them.

It hit Sasuke right about then, just exactly what was about to happen; (arousal always made Sasuke a little slow), but by then Naruto had wrapped a hand around his erection, pumping it back to full hardness, while an unseen finger trailed an outline around Sasuke's entrance. Soon the lubed digit pushed inside.

Sasuke was too distracted by the hand job, to worry much about the foreign object invading him; but when the second finger entered, Naruto had to speed up the pumping motions, to stop Sasuke from squirming away. When three fingers were in, scissoring and stretching, Sasuke began to acclimatize, willing himself to relax and see where this went. In any event, it was starting to feel good everywhere.

Sasuke moaned as the fingers continued their work, and he caught onto the fact that Naruto was watching him with the 'fox' look. The idiot was up to something. Sasuke was about to question him when one of Naruto's fingers brushed over a particularly sensitive bundle of nerves. Sasuke yelled, as he arched off the bed; barely noting that Naruto was now wearing an unholy grin.

Anatomy was always Naruto's favorite subject in med school.

Sasuke flopped back down unto the bed, panting hard and struggling to recover as frissons of sexual excitement tore through him. He didn't have any chance to come down from the high, before the same finger brushed that very spot again. Sasuke's response was even wilder- clawing at the sheets beneath him, he couldn't help but scream Naruto's name. This second time brought the sharp feel of an impending orgasm to Sasuke. He was going to come hard if Naruto kept this up. He wouldn't be able to survive a third time. By the time he could lie back unto the bed, Naruto's fingers still deep inside him; Sasuke could see the 'fox' look forming again. Sasuke was at his wit's end, he had to do something.

Naruto stared up at the ceiling in surprise. He was currently sprawled flat on his back, on the carpeted floor of Sasuke's room. He wasn't exactly sure how he got there, but by the ache in his chest, and the fiercely blushing bastard that glared down at him from the bed- he surmised quickly.

"Did you just kick me off the bed? I mean, literally kick me? In the chest?" Naruto sat up and stared at Sasuke, he remained silent.

Naruto wondered for a moment if the Uchiha Clan was distantly related to the Hyuuga Clan or something. The only other person he could ever recall taking colour that quickly was Hinata.

"I was going to come. You were going to make me… I had to stop you."

"By kicking me off the bed? I was bringing you to orgasm, not robbing a bank! Why did you 'have' to stop me?!"

Sasuke simply glared.

"You know, Sasuke… maybe we are moving too fast. We don't have to make love the very day we get into a relationship. We can start slow. You know, date, make out…"

"Get the fuck back into the bed."

All protest ceased, but instead of getting back immediately, Naruto was rifling through his pants pocket. Sasuke was not amused.

"What now? Just how much preparation does this need? We're having sex, not knocking down the Berlin Wall."

"Will you stop being so pissy? I was just looking for this." Naruto fished out a condom and starting ripping the foil; Sasuke looked at it for a moment, and frowned.

"What do we need that for?"

Naruto was trying his best not to let his impatience get the best of him, so he wouldn't tear the condom in half. Whose idiotic idea was it to wrap condoms in space-age plastic? He was about to use his canines to rip the stupid thing open, when Sasuke's terse question stalled him.

"What do you mean what for? For protection..."

"I may not be the doctor in the room, but I don't think unwanted pregnancy is going to be a problem here." Sasuke's eyes narrowed further as Naruto rolled the condom on.

"Don't be dumb, there are other things to worry about…"

"Like what? We don't need that!"

Naruto blinked at Sasuke, who was showing every bit of the affronted Uchiha attitude that had the potential to sink any romantic situation.

"Sasuke, don't tell me you're offended by this!"

"I just don't see why…"

"This is as much about protecting you, as it is about protecting me. More even! I'm around sick people everyday, you never know. Look, tomorrow we'll go and do the standard blood-work, we'll both some back clean and clear, and we'll never have to use condoms again. Unless, of course, we run out of balloons for someone's birthday party or something. Is that okay?"

Sasuke gave a small huff, and settled back unto his pillow, looking off to the side. Naruto simply took the opportunity to sink his teeth into the sensitive spot on the man's neck.

"Is that okay?" Naruto's words came out muffled, as the sharp shudder subsided through Sasuke's body.

"Fine, just hurry up."

Not one to dawdle when on a mission, Naruto shot the huffy man a smile and retook his position between Sasuke's legs. Sasuke watched him suspiciously as Naruto placed his erection at the lubricated entrance.

"Are you sure you know what you're doing, dobe?"

Rolling his eyes, Naruto started pushing in, entering slowly in an attempt to not hurt the bastard. Sasuke immediately tensed at Naruto's entry, and the latter quickly wrapped a hand around the brunet's softening erection and started pumping.

"Just relax, it'll feel good soon." Naruto whispered as he continued inching in.

Sasuke didn't want to feel good soon; he wanted to feel good now. Naruto was taking too damn long getting around it. Without warning, Sasuke braced himself and pushed down, fully impaling himself on Naruto's penis in one fluid motion.

This was love. It was wonder, it was bliss, and it was setting his ass on fire. Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!

"What in the hell did you do that for? I was trying to go slow!" There was no answer as both men went stock-still, both sweating profusely. "Sasuke, are you okay?"

"Fine, just fine…" Came the strained voice. "You know that wonderful feeling, when you've just had a submarine launched up your ass…NO I'M NOT ALRIGHT!"

"Well, who said you could do that?!"

"You did! What the hell was all that preparation stuff for then?!"

"To make it easier! Easier not easy, of course that would hurt. Preparation just makes things go a little smoother."

"Well, aren't I glad that gem of an idea worked? I can't believe I let you violate me like this."

"Now wait just a damn minute, I wanted to go slow! This is like a reverse rape, and I'm the victim!" This was insane, who argues like this during sex.

"Oh shut up and make this better moron!"

"Or else what bastard? You're gonna shove my dick up your ass? Ha, too late, you already did that!"




"…asshole." Naruto muttered.

They both had to admit, it was kind of nice having a heated argument degenerate into an even hotter make-out session; instead of trying to beat each other into a bloody pulp. Although, for a few awkward seconds, they tried to do both. This was so weird, it ought to worry them. But soon, Sasuke forget the screaming pain in his lower regions, and Naruto- his righteous indignation as their tongues battled for dominance.

"We have zero chance of being in a normal relationship." Naruto panted as he broke the kiss.

Sasuke was about to make a response, when Naruto pulled back and thrust hard- straight into his prostate. He cried out at the intense pleasure that coursed through him.

"Told you it would get better…" Naruto moaned as he dug his fingers into Sasuke's hips and kept thrusting.

Having no more control left, Naruto picked up speed, gripping Sasuke's hips tighter, and failing miserably at his attempt to slow down. For his part, Sasuke was in heaven, he never imagined that anything could possibly feel this good. He met each of Naruto's thrusts, digging his heels into the bed and lifting his hips.

"Don't stop…"

Naruto groaned at the instruction. At this rate, neither of them would last very long. A little later, Naruto withdrew from, and rolled the other man unto his side. Straddling Sasuke's leg, Naruto lifted the other to his chest, and reentered Sasuke. Although trying to move slowly, it wasn't long before Naruto was pounding into Sasuke faster than before, eliciting harsh pants and moans from both men.

Naruto reached down and grasped Sasuke's leaking erection, stroking with a speed that matched his thrusts. Sasuke felt himself on the very edge of release, and struggled to communicate to Naruto.

"Naruto…I want…I want…"

He couldn't get the words out, but Naruto understood. Shifting back to their original position, Naruto sat back and then hauled Sasuke up, until the brunet was straddling him. Sasuke immediately used the advantage of their newest position to lock lips with the blond, even as they both struggled to get air into their lungs. Naruto moved to suck on Sasuke's earlobe as he helped the brunet build a rhythm with him; rolling their hips together as Naruto moved to suck on the column of his lover's throat. Sasuke ground harder against Naruto- reveling in the friction of the blond's abdomen against his weeping cock.

The closer they got to release, the more disjointed their movements became, desperately thrusting against each other. Sasuke twisted his fingers into Naruto's hair, as the blond fastened his lips on the most sensitive area of his neck, sucking hungrily. He tried to stave off the oncoming rush, but it was too late. He was far past the point of return.

"Naruto…" It came out as a soft gasp, which belied the violence of his orgasm.

Naruto felt the moist heat splash and spread against his abdomen, and it only fuelled his own orgasm to its peak. Groaning deeply, he squeezed Sasuke closer to him, riding out his release to its very end.

Both men collapsed in a panting heap unto the bed, still locked together. Sasuke used the very last of his energy to rain kisses on any part of Naruto his lips cloud reach.

"I love you, moron." That sentence used up both the last of Sasuke's energy and his brain power.

His eyes glossed over, and his features took on a satisfied, besotted look, that would have driven the normal Sasuke to suicide. Naruto figured that if there was ever an opportunity to get touchy-feely with Sasuke, now was the time. Cupping the brunet's face, Naruto used a thumb to stoke down Sasuke's brow to his cheek. Sasuke purred, actually gave an honest-to-god purr, which would have cracked Naruto up, if it wasn't so unbelievably hot and sexy right at that moment.

"Hey, how do you feel?"

Sasuke looked at Naruto with a completely glazed expression. Feel?

'I feel pretty, oh, so pretty, I feel pretty, and witty and gay!
And I pity any girl who isn't me today.'


'I feel charming, oh, so charming- It's alarming how charming I feel!
And so pretty, that I hardly can believe I'm real.'

"Umm, Sasuke…can you hear me?"

'I feel stunning and entrancing. Feel like running and dancing for joy!
For I'm loved by a pretty wonderful boy!'

It was going to take Naruto a while to get used to this cream-cheese-for-brains version of Sasuke. The man was simply staring at the blond with one of the goofiest expressions Naruto had ever seen, before unceremoniously passing out.

Naruto would have loved nothing more than to do the slow, romantic, wake-up-in-each-other's-arms thing with Sasuke. However, the brunet was passed out colder than a busted Christmas light in the middle of July and Naruto was starving! They would simply have to reschedule.

This was why, when Sasuke snorted awake, he found himself alone and face down in a puddle of drool. There was someone downstairs demolishing his kitchen, and he had a fair idea who, so he resisted the urge to spring into action.

Attempting to send Naruto a glare telepathically, Sasuke tossed his soaking-wet pillow, and took Naruto's. Sasuke sniffed deeply- the pillow smelt of sex, sweat and most definitely Naruto. He took a deeper sniff, buried his face in it, and then realized he was going insane. Snorting in disgust, Sasuke took the pillow and sailed it across the room, taking out a lamp in the process.

Downstairs, Naruto heard the crash, and didn't even bat an eyelash. He simply slurped his ramen.

Back upstairs, Sasuke was attempting to sit up, stoically ignoring the pain tearing through his backside. He surveyed his bed, which looked as if it was the battle ground for World War 3. Naruto had apparently tucked him in sometime after he passed out. Still scanning the bed, he started to spot several stains, which in retrospect probably belonged exclusively to him. Great, the idiot had left him marinating in his own juices. This was just gross. Sasuke got out of bed, and tried to get a better handle on the damage. It was obvious that he was going to have to do laundry, right now. No, he didn't have an obsessive-compulsive personality, contrary to what Naruto might say. If anything he was just a little bit of a neat freak, one who refused to have his bed or clothes in such terrible conditions. Honestly, he would demand that the sex should be neater, if it hadn't been so good. So mind-meltingly, spine-tingling, universe-altering, amazingly good. He said universe-altering, because during those moments right before and after he saw god, Sasuke could have sworn he was a ninja.

It took Sasuke a moment to realize he was staring dreamily at the bed, getting ridiculously aroused at the thought of having sex with Naruto in some godforsaken tent in some woods, somewhere.

"Goddamit!" And there went the other pillow sailing across the room; this time taking out the mirror it crashed into.

Naruto could hear the swearing and the smashing quite clearly as he made his sandwich. He was completely unperturbed, thinking in fact, that Sasuke was taking this ascension into love and intimacy, a lot better than expected. When more swearing was heard a few minutes later, Naruto simply sighed and thought there wasn't enough therapy in the world for a person like Sasuke.

When Naruto finally saw Sasuke, the latter was stomping down the stairs, holding out the sheets before him, as if they were radioactive. The blond continued nonchalantly munching on an apple, as Sasuke sent him an acidic glare, and disappeared down the stairs to the laundry room. Grabbing another apple, Naruto headed after.

Sasuke didn't even look up when Naruto entered the room. He finished adding the detergent and punched the start button. He had decided that the laundry was more important than a shower, but he had put on clean clothes anyway. Naruto processed all this information in a matter of seconds.

"Neat freak, no I take that back. Freak."

Sasuke simply ignored him, until a pair of arms encircled him from behind, and Naruto started nibbling on his shoulder.

"You're so hot, it's crazy how much I want you right now, now that I know its okay."

Sasuke first response was to hiss at Naruto to let go of him, but having sex the one time was enough to render Naruto immune to all of Sasuke's indignant squawking.

"You were so hot and tight; it was the most amazing thing I ever felt."

"Sh-shut up, moron." Sasuke's face felt like a tomato on fire- all hot and red. Naruto ground against him, whispering 'obscenities' hotly into his ear.

"I don't want to go overboard wit this, but I just want you so much. Even when you're being bitchy."

Well, way to sweet talk. Sasuke gripped Naruto's wrist as the roving hand unabashedly groped his crotch.

The hand however was undeterred as it slowly massaged through the material of Sasuke's jeans, prompting the brunet's penis to come to life.

"Ah, ha…Naruto, stop." Sasuke still had Naruto's wrist in a death grip, but didn't make a move to pull it away from the now-aching area.

"You feel so good, taste good." The offending had unzipped Sasuke's jeans, and Sasuke finally let go to use both hands to grip the washing machine.

Naruto pulled down Sasuke's jeans and boxers, prompting the other man to step out of them and kick them aside. He yanked off the brunets' t-shirt, and once again, wrapped steadying hands around him. Sasuke grunted as Naruto ground his straining erection against bare buttocks, and started groping his throbbing cock.

"You-you're always touching there…" Sasuke lodged the false complaint, and felt Naruto smile into his shoulder, still stroking in hard, fast strokes. "Your jeans are rough, too." A valid complaint in Naruto's view, hence the blond quickly unzipped his jeans. Sasuke shuddered at the sound of the garment unzipping. Was it sick that a simple sound could arouse him this much?

When Naruto had shed is pants and underwear, he cradled his own aching erection against Sasuke's ass. He struggled with the decision to continue, not wanting to hurt Sasuke but making love too soon after their first time. Sasuke heard the clatter of an object on the top of the washing machine, and opened his eyes to see his open bottle of lube.

Overconfident idiot, why did he have to assume I'd sleep with him again?

The rebellious thoughts vanished, as Naruto nudged Sasuke's legs wider, and pushed coated finger into him. Sasuke hissed and bent further over the washing machine, encouraging Naruto to slip in a second finger. Soon, Sasuke was prepared to his satisfaction, but Naruto still hesitated.

"Are you okay? I don't want to hurt you. We can stop…"

Sasuke cut Naruto off neatly by stomping viciously on his foot, and rocking back against Naruto's hips. The blond took the hint. Sasuke blinked at the sound of a crinkling, and glared at the empty condom wrapper, Naruto tossed on top of the machine. Sasuke huffed and flicked the offending peace of foil into the nearby trashcan. As clichéd as it sounded, he didn't want anything between them, even a little bit of protective latex.

"Drama queen" Naruto sighed as he eased himself slowly into Sasuke's tight heat. "Just be a little patient about that."

Sasuke's mild indignation slipped away, as he felt Naruto enter him, filling, stretching and completing him. Naruto didn't hesitate, pulling back and slamming hard into Sasuke, causing them both to yell out with the pleasure of it. Naruto quickly built speed, rocking hard into Sasuke, reveling in the other man's moans and grunts, and feeling the pressure build. Naruto ran a hand down the back of his lover's thigh, and raised the man's leg. Sasuke yelled and panted as he felt Naruto reach deeper into him. He reached back a hand to squeeze one of Naruto's buttocks and pull the blond impossibly closer. Naruto bent low over his lover, shortening his strokes and still moving faster, wrapping a hot fist once more about Sasuke's neglected cock.

"I. Love. You." Naruto punctuated his now irregular thrusts with each word. Sasuke wished he could say it back, but had lost the ability to even form words. He could only attempt Naruto's name in stuttered and disjointed syllables.

With one more thrust, Sasuke came- flowing hard and hot through Naruto's fingers onto the stylish chrome of the machine. A heartbeat later, so did Naruto, feeling the tight walls of Sasuke collapsing and squeezing around him. Sasuke collapsed on top of the still churning appliance, and then Naruto in turn, fell on top of him, both men panting and sweating hard.

"Oi, you okay?" Naruto's question came late, for Sasuke had already gone bye-bye. The brunet was busy trying to write 'I 'heart' Naruto' into the dust of the washing machine- only there was no dust, so it was a bit of a futile effort.

"Oi bastard, stop spacing out and tell me you love me."

Sasuke's poor liquefied brain tried to comply. "I wuv oo"

Naruto grinned and rested on Sasuke's shoulder, feeling ridiculously happy. "That'll do, Sasuke, that'll do."

When Sasuke came to, he was standing fully clothed in his kitchen, being shamelessly cuddled by Naruto. Sasuke also came to the horrifying realization that Naruto was taller than him. Not by a lot, granted, but taller none the less. When had that happened? This was just so wrong.

Naruto had not yet realized that Sasuke had returned to normal, and the latter took the ability to indulge himself a bit. He didn't have the drive to pretend to be indignant and offended by man's actions, as he usually did. Instead he opted to snuggle up to Naruto, enjoying the warmth and comfort that radiated naturally off the blond.

"Having fun?"

Sasuke stiffened at the teasing tone in Naruto's voice. The idiot knew he had recovered and had caught him acting like a lovesick puppy. Naruto held on to him before he could pull away.

"Don't pull away, just humor me, for my sake. Let me hold you…"

How could Sasuke ever say no with eyes that blue staring at him like that? He settled back into Naruto's arms and relaxed. That is, until the screaming sound of Naruto's beeper, shattered the peaceful silence.

As Naruto fished into his pocket for the annoying device, Sasuke groaned and buried his face in the crook of Naruto's neck. He wrapped his arms around the other man's waist and willed the jarring sound away, as well as whatever disruptive event was interfering with his life from afar.

"It's the hospital…I think one of my interns is having a meltdown. I have to go."

Sasuke tightened his grip on Naruto, and waited. He was waiting for the awful feeling that would hit him, the moment he realized that Naruto would leave. The fear that everything would unravel and that he'd wake up to realize that this was just another frustrating dream. But the feeling didn't come. Naruto was standing there waiting for patiently for him to calm down; and Sasuke could feel the blond's heart beating steadily against his. He was feeling love, not fear; and Sasuke figured with emotions this strong, maybe he could take the chance and trust them a little.

Sasuke slowly loosened his grip, and disentangled himself from Naruto. He kept his head low to hide the smile that played across his face. One of the few, genuine, non-smirking smiles that only Naruto could ever put there. Love wasn't just powerful, it was downright scary.

Naruto was a little concerned by Sasuke's behaviour. Pulling Sasuke to him, Naruto rested his forehead against his lover's and enjoyed the contact a little longer.

"Hey…I am coming back."

Sasuke made no attempt to hide the smile from Naruto this time.

"Yeah, I know. I'll be waiting."

The End.

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