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A/N: This takes place during the Moon Kingdom era, and is a poem one shot about one of Serenity and Endymion's encounters on earth. Please read and review!

Moonlit Princess

Moonlit Princess

Sits on a rock

In a foreign land


She's listening for a sound

A rustling of leaves

The approaching crumble of twigs underfoot

That will announce

His presence


Oh Princess of soft Lunarian light!

How deeply you have fallen

Into the chasm of love

That place of no-return

Of soulmates and eternity




Here your knight in shining armor comes

Laden with sword and cape

Your Prince

Your heart

Your forbidden lover


He kneels before the Goddess

That ethereal Moon-born being

With outstretched rose

She grasps the stem

Eying it lovingly


"We have no roses on the Moon."

"I'll bring you one everyday.

And then you'll fill your chambers with thousands and thousands."

A sparkling smile

Tugging radiantly

At her red lips


He kisses her slender hand


By this woman

This Lunarian

This Moon Princess

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