A black figure opened a door, tossing five other figures into the completely white room with a stack of papers flying everywhere as it was thrown in after them. A crack echoed through the room as the door slammed shut.

"Ow my head..."

"Your head? What about my back! Get the fuck off of me you big girly bastard!"

"Brat, get your hand off my ass."

"Ops, sorry Danna, un!"

"What the..."

"Ow I think I broke my fingers!"

"Shut it Tobi! No one wants to hear from you, un!"

As the five figures argued with each other, a loud voice on an intercom spoke.


Immediately shutting up, the five figures looked around the room wildly.

"Thank you...now, you five 'lucky' people get to read and comment on this story!"

Suddenly, a section of a wall started to crumble away revealing a glass wall behind it, showing five other figures standing behind it. A figure that looked most like a girl waved.

"Hello Deidara, Hidan, Sasori, Gaara, and Tobi! I hope you like the room I made," Resident spoke happily through the speaker with a press of a button.

"It sucks, un!"

"I feel like I'm in a fucking asylum..."

"You would know, un!"

"Shut up y-!"


Deidara and Hidan went silent, but shot one more flaming glare at each other before turning to the opposite direction; heads held high in the air and arms crossed.


The black figure from before pressed another button, the glass de-misted so those inside the plain room could see whom it was that was peering at them from the outside.





"Kankuro? You're in this too?"

Yes, standing in a row were Zetsu, Kakuzu, Sir Leader, Resident, and Kankuro.

The black figure that was Leader looked through the glass at his members disapprovingly. "Hidan, Deidara, I expected you to react more calmly at this situation."

Waving again, only this time at Deidara, Resident gave him an evil grin.

"Long time no speak, neh?"


Cleaning out her right ear with her pinky finger, Resident stared blankly out at him.

"Yeesss...your point? Oh, wait, don't answer that. We really need to get started on this."

"On what, un?" Deidara demanded.

Resident's face slowly broke out into a crazy smile.

"Why, on the MST project of course! You guys shall be reading the, quote, 'crazy lunatics' fanfic and commenting on it. She doesn't mind, she hates it really now that she looks back on it."

Flashing Kankuro an irritated glance, Gaara spoke up.

"Why am I here, might I ask, seeing as though I am the only non-Akatsuki member in here?"

This time Kankuro pressed the button in front of him and answered for Resident.

"Because, well, Resident chose y'all at random...and mostly because in the story you are sort of also a main character," he stated nervously.

Gaara raised an eyebrow but didn't say anymore.

"So, you guys think you're up for it?"

Nodding in enthusiasm, Tobi went around the room to collect all the papers that had fallen all over the place, all the while saying, "Tobi thinks it will be a good idea!"

Hidan wrinkled his nose in disgust at the idea, but none-the-less nodded his head slightly. "As long as you provide me a sacrifice for when this is over with and done for," he muttered behind clenched teeth.

After attempting to get out of it, Deidara finally agreed before murmuring about going to blow up one of Resident's things for doing this.

Sasori just helped Tobi collect the papers, mutely saying that he will do it, but he won't be happy.

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