Jane,Maddy,and Steph sat down in the three cushioned chairs that they were told to sit down in. A blonde woman about six feet tall smiled at them with her bright red lips. She sat down in her chair in front of them all and put on her reading glasses. Jane rolled her eyes and Steph began writing all over her jeans like she usually did when she was bored. Maddy just blinked a few times staring at the woman. She picked up a clipboard off of the floor and scribbled some things down.

" Hello there! Good afternoon,ladies. My name is Dr. Johnson. What are your names?" She said cheerfully.

" My names Jane." Jane said. She pointed to Steph. " Thats Stephyness."

" Whats your name young lady?" Dr. Johnson asked Maddy.

" I like to eat bugs."

" Her name is Maddy." Jane said.

" Oh,hello! You girls can call me Marissa. I understand that your parents sent you here so I can help you. I'm your friend. I'm not here to scare you." She smiled.

" Your scaring me right now." Maddy muttered under her breath.

She scribbled some more things down in her notebook as Maddy and Jane looked around the room looking for a way out. Steph growled and slumped down in her chair trying to kill the psychiatrist with her mind. She saw someone do it on tv before. It didn't work. Marissa beamed at them with her perky little ways then placed the clipboard down on her lap. She lowered her glasses onto the tip of her nose like a librarian and studied Jane.

" Your mother said,and it says here on your documents,that your name is Abigail." She smiled and tilted her head to the side.

" Well,first off. Stop smiling. Its creeping me out." Jane sighed. " Second,my legal name is Abby. But I changed it to Jane a while ago. Everyone calls me Jane except my mother. I mean,what kind of a name is Abby?"

" My mothers name is Abigail. And she's dead." Marissa said,still smiling,but annoyance in her voice.

" I'm glad." Steph grumbled.

" Anyways,lets move on." Marissa said. " I understand you are here because of this obsession you have with this book Twilight."

" Its not an obsession. Its a way of life." Maddy corrected.

" Its not a book. Its a bible." Jane growled.

" How about we play a little game? Just an exercise." Marissa smiled and put her hands on her lap.

" What kind of game?" Maddy asked.

" Ooh! Ooh! Lets play Twilight the board game!" Steph smiled. She reached into her messenger bag and pulled out a rectangular box with a piece of paper taped onto it that said " Twilight the game!!".

" Yeah!" Jane and Maddy cheered.

" I call the Bella piece!"

" I wanna be Rosalie!"

" Fine,but I roll first." Steph crossed her arms.

" Ladies,how about we play a different game? I call this game Colors. I'm going to show you a card with a picture on it. You are going to tell me what you see." Marissa smiled.

They all slouched back in their seats with boredom. Jane sighed. Steph wrote the words " Must kill Marissa" on her pants with her little mini sharpie that she had in her pocket. Marissa grabbed a small box from off of her desk and took out a stack of cards. She shuffled them around in her hands then pulled up the first one. It looked like splatters and blobs of blue paint.

" What do you see?"

" Edward Cullen." Jane grinned.

" Okay,maybe this isn't going to help. How about we try a different game? I'm going to say a word. You are going to tell me the first thing that comes into your head. Okay?"

" Okay."

" Chicken."

" Edward Cullen!" Steph shouted.

" How do you get Edward Cullen out of this?" Marissa asked,slightly annoyed.

" Its obvious. Can't you see? Chickens are like birds. Birds can fly. Elephants have flies on them. Elephants are big. So are grizzly bears. Emmett likes grizzly blood. Emmett is Edward Cullen's brother. See?"

Marissa burried her face in her hands and groaned.

" This isn't working. Maybe we need to put you three in group therapy. With people who share the same problem. When their love for Edward Cullen is dangerously high and they are at the point they need to see a flippin shrink! I hate Edward Cullen! Whats so special about him!"

Their mouths dropped open in horror.

Ten minutes later

Marissa was tied to a long wooden stick over a open fire being roasted and ready to be sacrified to the demons of Jane's closet. They turned the stick making her spin around upside down.

" Get me down from here!"

" How dare you speak bad of Edward!"

LMAO. I am Jane. My friends are Stephanie and Maddy. This will be continued when I'm done with My heart will Go on story.