Just a little something I pondered while stuck in traffic.

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Elemental Misunderstandings

Elizabeth had thought that Will was fire, because he worked in a forge. She thought that he burned and would come alight for her. But she wrong, he was Earth. He was steady as rock and stone, strong and unyielding. He was the support beneath her feet and the shelter that protected her. Only the earth can handle fire without being harmed.

Jack had thought Elizabeth was air. She was flittering and ethereal but he was wrong. She was fire. She consumed and destroyed all in her path. She could hide it but the embers were always there, ready to leap back to life in an instant. She could flare as brightly as the sun and drew everyone in close to her only to burn them in the end. But until she did, that warm was like a godsend.

James thought Jack was water because the sea was his mother, teacher, and secret lover but he was wrong. Jack was air, as impish and refreshing as the first touch of wind before the rain. Nothing could hold him or cage him. He could feed Elizabeth's fire and stir and anger the sea with only a thought or a look. And when he left, he would disappear into the wind, like bubbles through the water.

Will thought James was Earth because he was stubborn and rigid but he was oh so wrong. James was the sea. Rock and stone were as much a prison to him as Elizabeth's corsets were to her. Those that knew him well loved him as a protector and those that didn't feared him. His surface was calm but life and death teemed under it. Of them all he was perhaps the most powerful and enduring because after all, the sea erodes rock, douses flame, and if ever the wind could be caught he could suffocate it.