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This chapter is a recap of the end of Phantom Planet, but with a mixture of narrative and dialogue. I recommend that you read it, even if you just watched the episode. This will give you some (hypothetical) insight into Sam's thoughts, and should be enjoyable. If I decide to continue, all future chapters will take place just after the end of Phantom Planet.

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How It Ends

Jazz turned and walked back into the control center for Danny's intangible earth project, leaving Sam alone with Danny Phantom. Danny's ghost form protected him from the Antarctic temperature, and Sam was wearing her warmest Gothic coat and winter hat. She grabbed Danny's wrist and opened her hand over his, dropping the class ring into his open hand.

"It's the ring you were gonna give Valerie. You asked me to hold it, remember?" The name "Wes" which had confused her for so long could be seen just inside the band. "Something tells me it was really meant for me." She flipped the ring over, revealing the engraved name: Sam. Danny looked at Sam, confusion written all over his face.

"Take it with you, but promise to bring it back." She closed his hand over the ring. "If you promise, then… then I know I'll see you again." Sam looked away, fighting back the urge to cry.

Danny met Sam's eyes. "If we make it through this–"

"When we make it through this," Sam corrected.

"Right. When we make it through this, I have a few things I need to talk to you about." Sam couldn't help but smile. She had a pretty good idea about what Danny might need to discuss with her.

"I think I'd be willing to listen." The smile fell away from Sam's face as the prospect of failing this attempt to save the world crossed her mind. "And no matter how this thing ends, this whole ride we've been on together," Sam said as she took a step closer to Danny, "I wouldn't change it for the world." She took both of his hands in hers. "Not one bit."

"Me neither." Danny placed his hands on Sam's arms. "I…"

Sam figured there was no better time, and she really had nothing left to lose at this point. Leaning forward, she kissed Danny lightly on the cheek. She pulled back and looked at her feet, terrified of how he would react. Danny's hand under her chin forced her to look up at him. And then it happened.

After what felt like an eternity of waiting, Danny kissed her on the lips, sending her into shock and nearly making her forget how to breathe. She faintly registered his hands gently holding her face as her world seemed to spin around her. Her heart was beating furiously in her chest, and the contact with Danny felt like fire and ice and lightning and night, all at once.

The pressure of her first real kiss slowly subsided as Danny pulled away, his hands dropping away from her face to lace his fingers with hers. Both of them were looking down, and both were breathing heavily; not from lack of air, but from the intensity of whatever it was that had just washed over them.

"Wow," Danny articulated, smiling at her. "Remind me to save the world more often." Sam returned the smile, and then she remembered what Danny was about to do.

"Go." Danny slipped his hands out of Sam's and flew intangibly into the Fenton Op Center, and just as the Infini-Map had predicted, a ghost portal opened over the South Pole. Sam stayed where she was until Danny's jet took off, and she waved at him just before he disappeared into the ghost zone. Then, she turned and joined Jazz inside the control center.

Sam had been waiting as patiently as she could for Danny to return to her safely. Tucker was watching a screen that his PDA had calibrated to monitor the movement of the Fenton Op Center. After what seemed like an eternity of waiting, Tucker exclaimed in excitement, "He's coming back!"

Sam ran to the window and watched alongside Jazz and Tucker as Danny's jet burst out of the Ghost Zone. A cheer erupted through the control center as leaders from across the globe realized what this meant: Danny had succeeded. The world was safe.

Sam watched the jet, eager to embrace Danny upon his return. She felt as though nothing could make this day more perfect.

The jet sailed in toward the control center, and then, to Sam's confusion, straight over it. Sam ran to the opposite side of the room, but the crowd of scientists and national leaders blocked her view.

"Danny," whispered Jazz, watching the scene with unbelief in her eyes. Sam pushed her way through the crowd and, to her horror, saw the burning remains of the Fenton Op Center crashed into a mountainside, the twisted metal barely recognizable.

"No! He…he can't be." A beep at the radar system alerted the room to their present situation. Everyone watched the screen helplessly as the asteroid crossed in front of the sun, casting a shadow over the people below.

"It's coming!" shouted Tucker. Sam watched Jack Fenton wrap his arms around his wife and daughter.

"Listen. I just want you all to know that… I love you. And I'm so proud of each and every one of you for trying your best."

"We love you too, Dad," replied Jazz.

"At least we're all together," answered Maddie. Sam watched Jazz begin to cry, and she understood what was going through the older girl's mind. The Fentons didn't understand that they truly weren't all together… and at least in this world, they never would be again.

"I…" started Jazz, tears running freely down her face. "Oh, Mom! There's something you need to know." She looked over at the robot posing as Danny, and as soon as Maddie gave it more than a passing glance, she realized that something was amiss. She walked over to it, swiped the wig off of its head, and gasped.

"A robot? Where's Danny? Jasmine, where's your brother?" Maddie Fenton was hysterical. Jazz looked over at the burning wreckage of the Fenton Op Center, and Maddie followed her gaze, giving a gasp of dread. "Jack, where's Danny?"

Sam couldn't bear to see the flames on the mountainside any longer, and ran across the room. How could Danny be dead? He promised to come back. He promised to bring back the ring. But soon… it wouldn't matter. Sam looked up at the ghost portal from where, only moments before, she had thought Danny was returning in triumph. She felt as if her heart were being torn in two.


"Look! The portal!" It was as if by magic. As everyone gathered on her side of the control center, Danny was sailing across the Antarctic sky. A moment later, he was accompanied by the largest assembly of ghosts Sam had ever seen. There must have been millions of them. Everyone erupted in cheers, and the smile returned to Sam's face as she watched the boy she loved fly in to save the world.

As the numberless ghosts each found a place to touch the intangibility core, the control center became alive with activity. The Fentons, Tucker, Valerie, and other researchers from across the globe began adjusting the necessary settings to transfer the ghosts' energy across the entire planet.

The ghosts began to focus their energy, sending a pulse of power through the coils that covered the globe, waiting for the right moment. Sam watched Tucker's satellite feed as the appropriately entitled "Disasteroid" grew ever closer to the Earth. Then, at the last possible moment…

"Now!" Tucker screamed to the ghosts, and every one of them became intangible. Their power raced through the coils, and Sam felt that strange tingling sensation that she associated with intangibility. Just to check she reached out, and sure enough, her hand passed straight through Jazz. Tucker's screen showed the asteroid passing straight through the North Pole.

Danny's plan had worked.

When the asteroid shot up through the ground and flew off into the sky above them, the ghosts released the intangibility core, and the world became solid again. Sam hugged Jazz as Tucker flopped back into his seat, letting out a long held breath of air.

The instant Danny alighted on the ground, Sam jumped into him, wrapping her arms around him, determined never to let him go. A moment later Jazz followed suit, and then Tucker. The combined weight of the teens sent them all crashing into the snow.

"Awesome," Sam said, smiling at Danny.

"Nice job, little brother," Jazz congratulated Danny, "or should I say hero?"

A shadow passed over the four friends, and Sam looked up to see Skulker standing over them. Danny stood up and addressed the multitude of ghosts.

"I don't know what to say, other than thanks, Skulker. To all of you." Skulker leaned forward and grabbed the front of Danny's jumpsuit.

"Don't get too mushy on us, Ghost Child. Remember, I'll never stop hunting you. And now that you've saved your world, you're a much more valuable prize." Skulker's grin was malicious, but Sam could tell from the tone of his voice that neither he, nor any of the other ghosts, would be giving them any trouble that day. Besides the toll that making the world intangible had taken on each of them, there seemed to be a tacit agreement that the rest of the day would be spent in celebrating the fate of both the Earth and the Ghost Zone.

All at once, the ghosts took off into the sky and flew back home through the portal. After the last of them had vanished from sight, the portal faded out of existence.

"Nice job, Danny," called out Jack Fenton as he and Maddie approached. The four teens turned to face them. "Or should we say… Danny." The way that he looked at Maddie and the tone of his voice made it obvious that they had figured out their son's secret. Danny looked shocked, but quickly gathered himself, assuming a deeper voice reminiscent of the time when he had split his ghost half from his human half.

"What? Ah, sorry, citizens, but I have no idea what you're talking about!" Danny's arm was raised before him, almost as if he intended to ward off his parents with it, but Maddie rushed over and pushed his arm down.

"Isn't there something you want to tell us?" Danny was unable to hide his look of surprise.

Jazz stepped up beside him. "It's okay, Danny. They know."

Danny looked at his parents, and at the crowd of people around him. Sam caught his gaze and smiled at him in reassurance. His face finally setting with determination, Danny Phantom changed back into Danny Fenton. His parents, in spite of all the time they had spent hunting him and vilifying him, smiled at their son. Valerie, Sam noted, appeared to be in a state of complete and utter shock.

The crowd began to clap and cheer. People took photographs of the group. As the crowd began to close in, Danny fought his way through to Sam and took her hand.

One week later, Sam sat alongside Danny on a hill overlooking the plaza in front of the recently instated Mayor Tucker Foley's office. The entire population of Amity Park was gathered at the assembly, save for the Goth girl and the Ghost Boy.

"I can't believe you didn't want to attend your own ceremony." Sam was leaning back against a tree at the top of the hill, Danny beside her. Down in the square, they were unveiling a statue of Danny, the duplicates of which were located in every national capital in the world.

"Well, you know me," Danny replied, "I kind of like sitting on the sidelines sometimes."

"And your folks are cool with knowing your secret identity?"

"Yeah. The time for secrets is over. The world is safe. Time for new beginnings. My dad even says he wants me to team up with him now. Says I can be his sidekick."

"You're a big star now. Probably the biggest in the world." Sam smiled at her best friend.

"Yeah. It's weird, huh?" Sam closed her eyes, bracing herself to say something that had been clawing at the back of her mind ever since Danny had decided to go public at the South Pole.

"You'll probably get pretty busy."

"What else is new?" Sam took a deep breath.

"And… I probably won't see much of you anymore." Sam knew that, with his secret out, there were thousands of girls that would die for a chance to date the legendary Danny Phantom. She could hardly expect Danny to stick around Amity Park just because of her. Not when he had so many opportunities waiting for him now.

"Oh, I wouldn't count on that." Danny reached into his pocket, pulled out the ring that was engraved with her name, and slipped it onto her left ring finger. "Sam, I could never have done any of this without you." Sam could do nothing to fight the tears that were falling from her eyes. "And I don't care what's coming next. I just hope that, whatever it is, you're there to share it with me."

"I will be." Sam forced the tears of joy back. After all, she did have an image to uphold. As Casper High School's resident Goth girl, it was essential that she didn't appear too happy. At least, not where people could see her. She pointed a finger at Danny. "I just have to warn you; I'm no pushover, you know. I still have my own way of doing things." Danny smiled at her fierce attitude.

"That's what I'm counting on." Danny leaned forward and, taking Sam's hands, once more captured her lips with his. This kiss was just as magical for Sam as their last one had been, and Sam was sure she could fly. Even after they finally parted, Sam could still feel the kiss lingering on her lips.

"What do you say?" Danny asked, standing and transforming into Phantom. "Want to go for a ride?" He took her hands in his as she stood up. "See where the future takes us?"

"Why not?" Danny picked Sam up bridal style, and she wrapped her arms around his neck. He jumped up, and the two of them flew out across Amity Park, fearless now of being seen.

They passed by the statue of Danny Phantom, holding the planet aloft in his right hand, that Tucker had had commissioned and set up in the town square.

"Cool statue," Sam commented. "Personally, I would have made it out of recycled materials but, you know, that's just me."

Sam closed her eyes and felt the cool night air caress her face as she let Danny carry her off, away from the city, into the rising moon.

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