This is a treatment. I wrote it for creative writing class back in December. There is a screen play that goes with it. I don't own the Harry Potter world.

(This takes place directly after the 6th book/movie ends. As a note there are spoilers.)

Severous and Draco appear (apparate) into the room of a house. They both seem exausted and worn. Draco is near in tears and Snape appears to be trying to remain strong for the younger man. The professor ushers the young man to the couch.

Once Draco has calmed down, he tells Snape about what had happened before Snape got to the tower. Severous nods his head in understanding. He has a look of contemplation on his face. Draco looks to his former professor for guidance. He is unable to understand what will come next. He has so many questions about how Voldemort will react.

Both men know they must meet with Voldemort soon. Draco, who may suffer a punishment most severe, is sitting very stiffly. Tears fight to break free of his eyes. He tries to convince Snape into running away with him. Snape explains why they cannot. Voldemort would find them no matter where they hide. It is best to face him and hope that nothing too bad happens.

As they ready themselves to apparate to Voldemort's manor (Riddle Manor), Severous looks at the boy as if he is his own son. He squeezes Draco's shoulder. Just before they apparate, Severous reminds Draco to act humbly. Draco must keep his thoughts hidden and give the Dark Lord no further reason to punish him.