The Past Loves Thy

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Ch.1-Traveling with time

The Naruto girls sighed. "If only the guys would appreciate us!"Sakura sighed.

"Yeah."TenTen agreed. "Ditto!"Temari,Hinata, and Ino all chimed in.

"I don't even think our senseis appreciate us as full fledged kunoichi!"TenTen told them.

"Yeah...Well the MALE ones anyway!"Sakura replied. "For once Naruto-kun paid attention to me!

To say WHAT! Hinata! Your timing is off! Hinata this! Hinata that! Sometimes I just want to wring his

neck!"Hinata screamed holding her hands out strangling the air. "With good reasons too! Did you hear

What he said about you Hinata! That dress makes her look ten pounds fatter! He said exactly that!

The jerk!"Sakura told Hinata. "He said THAT!!!!!!!!"Hinata fumed. "Your too good for him!"Temari said.

"For sure!"TenTen said."Can you believe what Shikamaru said to me! He said I was a porker and I just

should go live in the wild with the rest of my kind! I want to KILL HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!"Ino yelled frustrated.

"At least he dindn't call you a whore!"Temari told her. "He said that to you!"Ino asked gasping.

"Yeah! Just because my shirt was a V-type shirt! My own brothers even called me a whore also!"Temari said

crushing a rock in her hands. "My team called me weak and a slut just because some guy came up to me and

checked me out!"Sakura screamed obviously pissed off. "I HATE THEIR GUTS!!!!!!!!"The Naruto girls

screamed in blind fury. In the bushes they were being watched...


With The Guys:

"You said THAT to my cousin!"Neji demanded.


"Uchiha,you're cruel."Gaara said. "Same to you, calling your own blood a whore."Sasuke replied monotonesly.

There fighting stopped when they heard some words being heard.

With the Girls:

"What do you think could of made them so bitter?"Hinata asked. Hinata lost her shyness when her friends helped

her through her problems. She now was able to talk to Naruto without fainting.

"Their childhoods obviously! If only we could of been there to help them!"Sakura said.

"Yeah."All the other Naruto girls chimed in.

"I know something that could cheer us up!"Sakura said happily.

She pulled out her iPod. The Naruto girls cheered.

"Lets dance!"TenTen said happily. They put the Chicken Dance on and begen dancing the Chicken.


With the Guys:

There sensei's except for Team Sands teacher appeared behind them.

"Spying on the girls?"Kakashi asked.

"Why would you want to know."Sasuke growled.

Kakashi smirked. "No reason!"He replied happily. "You really should treat your female teamates with more respect."

Kurenai said eyeing the male sensei's. "You worry about your team and we'll worry about our own team."Kakashi said smiling

behind his mask. Tsunade appeared behind Kakashi. "She's right."Tsunade said. Kakashi ignored her and looked at the

female ninjas in front of the bush.


Back with the girls:

"Hey...whats this."Sakura said. A pendent was lying on the ground.

"It's beautiful!"Hinata said gasping. "Put it on!"Ino said ushering her.

"It's not for me though..."Sakura replied. She turned the pendent around in her finger. The pendent was on its

back. There was writing on it. 'For you.'It simply said. "Sakura! It's for you since you picked it up!"Ino said.

"Put it on!"Temari said anxious. "Okay..."Sakura put it on.

She tried to take it off. It would not come off. "Guys! It's not coming off!"Sakura said struggling to take

off the pendent. "Here let me help!"TenTen said. TenTen tried pulling it off it wouldn't come off.

Instead off coming off it cracked open and a bright light came out.


along with everyone hiding behind the bush.


In the timestream:

"Everyone! Grab hold of someone and don't let go!"Sakura screamed.

All the girls including Kurenai and Tsunade clung to each other.

The Naruto guys tried to reach the girls but failed so they just clung to each other.

Sakura tried to reach any of the two groups but she couldn't instead she was hurdled against an invisible wall and out the

time stream. All she saw was the Naruto girls screaming and trying to reach her.


With Sakura-The Uchiha Estate:

Sakura landed hard on the ground. Her vision was clouded so she couldn't see correctly. She shut her eyes together tightly.

She reopened her eyes. She saw a young boy of about age 6 to 7 she couldn't tell skid to a stop in front of

the very street. (Sound FAMILAR?!.X) "It's too early for the lights too be out!"The little boy shouted.

He ran hastily to a house. Sakura watched the boy with interest. 'Whats going on?'Sakura thought.

She got up on her knees and ran after the boy. She saw the little boy enter a room with two big double doors.

She heard a clunk. 'Thats the sound of a kunai?!'Sakura thought frightened for the little boy's safety.

She dashed next to the door. She was standing on the edge of the door kunai in hand.

'I'm afraid...But I HAVE to help the little boy!'Sakura thought determination blazing her eyes like a fresh new fire.

Sakura was about to enter when she heard something inside...

"Who would do something like this?!"The little boy said frightened.

'Whats going on in there?! I can't stand it anymore!'Sakura thought she ran inside.

The little boy was standing over two corpes. A taller figure emereged out of the shadows.

"Itachi who would do something like this!!!!!!!!!!!"The little boy demanded. "Foolish little brother, it was me."Itachi replied.

Sakura reconized that voice. Sasuke... Sasuke Uchiha of the prestigious Uchiha clan.

"Sasuke-kun!"Sakura yelled out desperately. She wasn't stupid she knew what time area she was in...

The Uchiha massacure.

Sasuke looked back at Sakura. Tears formed in his eyes. He ran towards Sakura straight into

her arms. "Don't leave me!"Sasuke screamed into Sakura. Sasuke muffled cries stiffened and then blasted out.

"SHHHHHHHH. It's okay."Sakura said stroking some locks of Sasuke's hair.

"Looks like I missed one."Itachi monotonesly said in front of Sakura, and tripped her.

Sakura's eyes widened in fear. "I'm not an Uchiha."She whispered.

"I know."Itachi replied.

"Sasuke-kun! RUN!"Sakura yelled. Sasuke nooded and ran out of the house.

Sakura jumped up on her feet with increadible speed tripped Itachi and ran after Sasuke.

Itachi smirked and dashed after them.

'Challenges always were fun.'Itachi thought his mind running with sickily ideas of detaching the girl of her skin and her blood.

With Sakura:

"Sasuke-kun!"Sakura yelled. Sakura was greeted back by little Sasuke running into her.

"Why did aniki do this! Why?!"Sasuke demanded.

"I don't know Sasuke-kun."Sakura replied hugging him tightly.

Itach poofed in front of them. "I did it to test my capability. It's very important for me to know."Itachi replied.

"Now to finish my pop quiz."Itachi said.

"I WON'T let you kill Sasuke-kun!"Sakura said stubbernely.

"Whoever said I was after my foolish little brother?"Itachi replied.

A clone of Itachi pinned her to the ground.

Itachi lifted her head up. He slowly unsheathed his Katana.

'I don't want to die! Please no!'Sakura thought.

The pendent glowed brightly again.

Sakura felt herself dissapear, again. Sakura screamed.

"AGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!"Sakura screamed.

Sakura was thrown back into the time stream.

Away from Itachi. Away from the Uchiha district. Away from the Uchiha massacure. Away from little Sasuke-kun.


Inside the time stream with Sakura:

Sakura was thrown across the time stream except at the opposite wall. Sakura hit the wall hard. Sakura felt herself being pulled down.

Sakura was sucked out of the time stream.

'Why me... Why... everyone... be safe, please...'Sakura thought before passing out.

Outside the time stream with Sakura:

Sakura woke up. "What the..."She muttered.

Sakura dug her hands into the light green grass into the soil itself and heaved herself up.

"OWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!"Sakura moaned.

"Are you alright?"A voice asked with little to none emotion.

Sakura looked up expecting Sasuke but she saw someone much worse.

In front of her stood Itachi, Uchiha.

'No!'Sakura thought. "Stay away from me you fuckin serial killer!"Sakura yelled and flung dirt in Itachi's face.

Itachi stared at the girl oddly. Sakura heaved gerself up on her feat fully and began running in a mad dash for survival.

Itachi stared at the running girl with beautiful pink hair and mesmerizing green eyes.

Itachi clenched his hands his nuckles turning white. 'For some reason it hurts. I already miss her.'Itachi thought.

A single tear drop fell from his face. Itachi began to run after the girl hoping to catch up to her.

Meanwhile Sakura ran frantically searching for anyone or anything she reconized. Sakura desperately wanted to

see her friends just to make sure they were okay. With that in mind Sakura continued dashing lookong for her friends.

To Be Continued -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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