The Past Loves Thy

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The Past loves Thy Ch.9

Little Sasuke was singing happily in the kichen.

Sakura walked in. "Yo whats up with the singing?"Sakura asked.

"Itachi promised he would take me to school today!"Little Sasuke sung.

"I'm sorry but Itachi has left for the gaybar."Sakura said to Sasuke.

"I DID NOT! I'm right here!"Itachi said walking in.

"You never denied your gayness..."Sakura muttered suspiciously.

"I AM NOT GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!"Itachi yelled.

"Your only extremly questionable."Sakura replied.

"I learned Itachi's gay."Little Sasuke said in a strange funny voice.

"Will you shutup! Look what your teaching my baby brother!"Itachi

barked at Sakura.

"Hm...He's got half the story right."Sakura said.

Little Sasuke clapped.

"I'm smart!"Sasuke said still clapping.

"Your smarter than Itachi thats for sure!"Sakura told him approvingly.

Itachi glared.

"Then again...You only have to be smarter than a bag of skittles to beat Itachi!"

Sakura said smiling.

"Would you PLEASE stop being a bitch?"Itachi asked smirking at his 'victory'.

"ARF!"Sakura barked.

"I SAID STOP!"Itachi yelled at her.

"Your the man-bitch!"Sakura said to him.

"I'M NOT A MAN-BITCH!"Itach yelled back.


Itachi remained silent.

"Damnit she out smarted me..."Itachi muttered.

"Well THATS not hard!"Sakura said back.

Itachi glared.

"Stupid man-bitch you can't beat me you lack skittles!"Sakura said to him.

"That makes NO sense!"Itachi said to her glaring.

"LIKE YOUR FACE! HA!"Sakura said to him.

Temari walked in. "Do you two ever stop fighting?"She asked.

"HE STARTED IT!"Sakura said defensivly.

Itachi fell over. "I DID NOT! THAT IGNORAMOUS DID!"Itachi yelled

pointing at Sakura.

"I'M A IGNORAMOUS HUH?"Sakura yelled at Itachi with a dark aura behind her.

Itachi shrunk back he looked like a frightened chibi child.

"Y-yes."Itachi stuttered.

"What the hell is that?"Sakura asked.

"Honestly I don't know."Itachi replied shrugging.

Sakura fell over.

"THEN WHY DID YOU CALL ME THAT?!"Sakura demanded.

"It sounds like you."Itachi replied casually.

"YOU STUPID FRICKIN IDIOT!"Sakura yelled back.

Itachi clasped his hands over hers.

Sakura blushed.

"I'm no normal stupid frickin idiot...I'm YOUR stupid frickin

idiot!"Itachi declared proudly.

Sakura wacked him over the head.

"Shutup."She said blushing.

"AWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!! Your blushing!"Temari said poking her.

"SHUTUP I SAID!"Sakura yelled back.

"Around this house you don't need a alarm clock..."Itachi muttered.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY?!"Sakura demended.

"What lovely weather were having isn't it?!"Itachi said quickly afraid of Sakura's fist.

Sasuke banged his spoon on the table.

"LETS GO!!!!!!!!! I want to get to school NOW!"He said.

"Alright alright we'll go just finish your cerial!"Itachi told Sasuke.

"No."Sasuke said too Itachi folding his arms.

"Finish it."Itachi replied back.

"NO."Sasuke said more sternly.

"FINISH IT."Itachi said warningly.

"I don't have to listen to you! Your a cat! Thats what nee-chan said!"Sasuke said defensivly.

Itachi glared at Sakura. Sakura smiled back at him cheesy.

"Just eat the DAMN cerial!"Itachi yelled at Sasuke.

"FINE!"Little Sasuke said pouting.

Itachi turned to Sakura and Temari smirking.

"THATS how you get the job done."He said relishing his victory.

What they didn't see is that Sasuke had emptied most of his cerial out the window behind him. Sakura laughed.

"Yeah Itachi! You SURE DO know how to make EVERYONE obey the law!"Sakura said laughing.

Itachi smirked. "Yes I do! I'm great aren't I?"Itachi asked.

Sakura laughed and nodded her head in a yes fashion.

Sasuke put the remaining bits of Coco Puff cerial in his mouth...

Itachi bragged about his 'awesomeness'...

Sasuke spit out all his Coco puffs in his mouth at the back of Itachi's neck!

"ARGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL?!"Itachi demanded.

He pulled off the coco Puffs covered in Little Sasuke's spit.

Itachi jumped and flung the Coco Puffs around off of his hand.

"WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!"Itachi demaded from Little Sasuke.

"You a man-bitch!"Little Sasuke said to Itachi glaring.

Itachi fell over.

"DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT IS!?"Itachi asked.

"A type of chicken?"Little Sasuke asked.

Before Itachi replied Sakura grabed Little Sasuke's hand.

"Lets go we need to go to the Academy."Sakura said.

"YAY!"Little Sasuke said and was about to charge out the door.

"WAIT! Here's party invites give them to any friends you meet at

school today, also we're walking you to school!"Sakura declared.

"We're?"Itachi asked.

"Yes! ALL of us!"Sakura said.

Itachi sighed and walked out the door.

Sakura shrugged. She dragged Temari out of the house and they began

walking towards the academy.


Walking Towards The Academy:

"Itachi whats the acdemy like?"Little Sasuke asked his eyes gleaming.

"Um..."Itachi said thinking of what to say.

"It's a wonderful and magnificent filled with unicorns and...BARNEY

HATE CLUBS!"Sakura said quickly.

Sasuke cheered.

Sakura smirked. "I kick more ass than you."She muttered to Itachi.

Itachi rolled his eyes.

"What classes are you taking Sasuke?" Temari asked.

"...I don't know. What I'm assigned!"Little Sasuke said proudly.

Temari fell over.



"When they called to leave the message he deleted the call."Itachi

replied to Temari.

"That was a fun game! Answer the phone and tell of the screaming

mans phone call and then delete it!"Little Sasuke declared happily.

Temari sweatdropped.

"Hopefully he won't be one of your teachers, or else your doomed."

Temari said logically.

"Why is it that your the only intelluctal one in the group?"Sakura


Temari shrugged.

"Become like us! United idiots stand!"Sakura said throwing her fist

in the air.

"Uh...I'd rather not. I want to still have my sanity."Temari said.

Itachi smirked. " said that your the only intullectual

one in the group..."Itachi thought.

Temari was smirking.

"I'm not stupid!"Itachi declared.

"Skittles."Sakura whistled. Itachi glared at her.

"Well why we were discussing your 'club' we arrived!"Temari

informed them.

Everyone looked up it was exactly as Itachi and Sakura remebered.

"Sakura!"Someone called from behind they turned.

Ino,Hinata, and TenTen came running up.

Ino was with Little Shikamaru, Tenten with Little Neji, and Hinata

with her littlier self.

Ino ran up.

"I missed you!"She yelled and glomped Sakura.

"Get off pig! I can't breathe!"Sakura told her.

"Sorry!"Ino said she stopped hugging her and looked behind her.

"Everyone's here. Remind you of something? Like oh say the

Chunnin exams?"Ino said whispering the last part.

Sakura stiffend.

"Shutup."She said harshly.

Ino rolled her eyes.

Little Shikamaru walked up behing Ino.

"No fat ladys here unlike her."Little Shikamaru said innocently pointing towards Ino.

A anger mark formed on her head.

"He's just a kid let him live!"Sakura said holding Ino back.



Little Shikamaru walked up to Temari.

She looked down with a questioning look.

"No fat or ugly lady!"Little Shikamaru said pointing to Temari.

Temari turned away and blushed.

Now Ino was really pissed.


"Ino! Calm down! Your making a scene!"Sakura hissed.

She calmed down.

"Alright but ONE more fat comment and he's DEAD."Ino hissed back.

Sakura sighed.

While they were all looking at Ino a figure creeped up behind


"HINATAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!"The voice yelled.

Older Hinata was tackled to the ground while Little Hinata watched.

Little Naruto was glued to her.

Naruto turned his head to Little Hinata.

His eyes widenned.

"KAWAII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"He yelled tackling little Hinata to the ground.

'I'm being outshined by my littier self...'Older Hinata thought.

Sakura sweatdropped. A voice boomed.

"Class is beginning! All students into the building! NOW."The voice


"Bye guys!"Sakura said waving off all the little kids.

"AWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Aren't they so cute?"TenTen asked.

"Yeah and TenTen?"Sakura asked.

"Yeah?"She replied.

"What was it like living with Neji?"Sakura asked.

TenTen choked.

"IT'S WANT'T LIKE THAT!"She yelled defending herself.

All the others had sly smirks.

Even Itachi was smirking thinking of what would happen if it were

like that with him and Sakura.

"Well, uh...we better get going right!"TenTen said hurriedly.

"BYE! I'll see you later!"TenTen yelled running back to the

Hyuga estate.

Hinata smirked.

"I'll give you the details later!"Hinata yelled catching up to


"Let me guess secret relationship right?"Itachi asked.

Sakura smirked. "Yeah..We're just waiting for it to happen."

Ino on the other hand was trembling.

"Ino???"Sakura asked.

"Bye Sakura I have PLANS to make."Ino said omniously.

Sakura sweatdropped.

She knew Ino would somehow make the couple happen.

Sakura remmebered the time Ino had made it that Sasuke openly

gave her a hug. SASUKE. Alright that was practically impossible.

'Well I don't want a stupid flashback.'Sakura thought blushing.

Itachi peered at her face.

"Are you thinking about our future?"Itach asked slyly.

Sakura snapped out of her trance.

"Wha?"Sakura asked.

"It's okay babe we'll take it slow so we can relish the time

together!"Itachi declared throwing his arm around Sakura.

"If you don't remove that arm your going to wake up in the morning

in another village not knowing how you got there or what

happened."Sakura said venoumously.

Itachi removed his arm quickly.

"Uh...How about we head back to the house?"Itachi asked.

Sakura sighed.

"Fine."She said.

They walked back in silence. Peaceful silence.

Sakura was deep in thought.

Itachi was staring ahead and stealing gances at Sakura when she

wasn't looking (becasue she probably would of kicked his ass).

They arrived back at the house.


Later That Night (I'm too lazy too write about what happened after

school :)):

Little Sasuke was chatting happily saying how awesome his school

was. About everything.

Like how he was confused all the girls always stared at him.

How the lunch tasted like crap but was still lunch.

How training was fun. Also about how Little Naruto came up

to his face and called him a rivial.

Also how much fun it was to sit next to this one girl that reminded

him of Sakura. Itachi's head perked at this but he just

shook his head and continued thinking.

Sakura though was listing intenly.

She wasn't going to ask about the little girl becasue

with Itachi in the room that would probably

ruin everything and everything would be discovered.

Sakura couldn't risk that.

"Well everyone I'm going to go to sleep now."Sakura siad fakely.

Temari perked her eyebrow but understood.

"Well goodnight Catman, spaz, and Temari."Sakura bid goodnight,

waving her hand.

Itachi nodded his head, still thinking.

Little Sasuke yelled out various things and ways of saying

goodnight while jumping up and down in his chair.

Temari got up.

"Goodnight."She said quickly and head up stairs.

Itachi perked a eyebrow but didn't ask. Little Sasuke went even

more into spaz mode.


Where The Bedrooms Are:

Temari walked down the hall hearing a noise.

She walked towards where the noise was.

Inside of Sakura's room.

She perked her head in Sakura's room.

"Sakura?"She asked.

Sakura was trembling with fear, or anxiety, or both? Temari

couldn't tell.

Sakura turned towards Temari.

Sakura held out a litte paper still shaking.

"'s Sasuke, the guys. There coming from Suna to Konoha."

Sakura said some tears fell from her cheeks.

Temari eyes narrowed. She yanked the paper out of Sakura's

hands before she could protest.

Temari's eyes quickly scanned the paper.

It was true Sasuke and the others were coming, all of them.

'Shit. This is going to cause problems in Itachi and Sakura's

relationship.'Temari thought.

She sighed.

"Sakura it's going to be all right."Temari said have true half


Sakura shook her head a few tears falling.

"No it's not! Sasuke's coming back! It's not okay!"Sakura

whispered. Temari looked at her sadly knowing she was right.

Sakura shook her head, and wiped her face clear of tears.

"Whats going to happen?"Sakura asked sadly.


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