Woe to all who enter!



"Kusanagi!" Shizuma's manager called in a gruff tone.

Shizuma sighed. Ever since his girlfriend became pregnant, he just HAD to take up his job as a warehouse worker. It wasn't exactly high paying (it was just over 5000 yen, a wee bit more then minimum wage), but it was an honest living.

"Yes, Mr. Wantabe?" Shizuma asked, hoping to hear the words, "Kusanagi, I'm promoting you to Assistant Manager" or something along those lines.

"You have to stop working overtime. You're KILLING yourself!" his manager scolded.

"Why not? I'm earning double pay when I do, right?" was Shizuma's retort.

"Yes, but-"

"So, lemme continue doing so."

"But you don't understand! The company can not cover you if you're injured by working overtime!"

"I still earn double pay."

"That's not the point, Kusanagi!"

"The company still covers me when I'm working overtime."


Here Wantabe was stumped. He had faulted. He said the company didn't cover Shizuma if Shizuma worked overtime, but here he had CLEARLY been mistaken. The company DID cover Kusanagi, even during overtime.

"Never mind, Kusanagi," Wantabe hissed, "get back to work."

"Thank you," Shizuma replied in mock courtesy, and then got back to lifting crates filled with sushi and rice.

Not together, of course.

After work (and overtime), Shizuma headed back to his apartment.

Whoa! Ryoko lives here too! He scolded himself as he unlocked the door.

As he opened the door, Ryoko (of course) was already home.

Shizuma took note of the time on his watch.

2155 (9:55 PM).

Not bad.

"Hi, honey!" Ryoko called from the kitchen area, making dinner.

"Hey," Shizuma answered, coming through the door way.

Ryoko stopped for a moment, and then continued mixing dinner.

What was dinner, you ask?

Pork stew with chicken cutlets and rice.

Shizuma licked his lips in hunger. He couldn't wait for dinner!

Tonight was the night.

What was so important about tonight, you ask?

Tonight was the night he would propose to Ryoko.

When, you ask?

After dinner, before bed.

Tonight was the night.

He was SURE of it.

A/N: And so ends chapter two!