Dark and disturbing chapter. Happens somewhere after OVA "Alchemists VS Homunculi". You don't have to watch it to understand this though. Thank you for reviews once again:



Who am I?

"You're a human, Roy! Useless and selfish being who is trying to survive own mistakes and gain some high reputation."

Cold hand reaches for pale cheek.


Soft chuckle tickles his ears when shadow leans closer to his body and opens eyes.

Violet pair stares at Colonel with lust. Sadistic mind this creature have.

And you?

"Mistakes you can't fix."

Is that bad?

"No. In fact, I should reward you, Mustang. You are lucky."

I am?

And winter wraps its wings around his waste. His blank eyes glance with emptiness at this person, this creature. Savior? Or killer?

Pieces of Colonel's memory were lost after fight with one of these creatures. And this one, so called Envy, has promised to help him.

"Perfect."-Envy's voice whispers-"I couldn't wish for more."

Roy remains silent. He was sure that Envy knows what he's doing.

Then, wings of winter changes into snakes, and they crawl to Roy's shirt.

It was ripped in no time. Followed with his pants and boxers.

Pure as a dove from the outside, but black as a crow within heart.

Why am I naked?

"There is no other way, Mustang. Lay back on bed!"

Roy crawls back on bed and spreads when shadow appears above him.

Long dark hair, like whips, tickles his chest until wet and cold lips touches one of nipples and he gasps.

"Does it feel good?"

Envy, I don't like this!

"I'm just starting."

And this creature died as a human and arose a sin. With conception of killing his past.

Bittersweet being even angels are afraid of. Enemy of God and son of Demons.

Tongue licked and sucked on mortal skin while hot breath made Colonel uncomfortable.

Sin with ability to change its form into a female and bring death, to make Lilith jealous.

Sin with ability that even Lucifer can't beat.

Roy was looking in the eyes of death.

Then, those snakes moves down, to his erection and grab it.


But Envy ignores his yelping. He meets with snakes and takes Roy's shaft in own mouth.

That's when Roy screams louder.

Envy sucks and licks shaft, using tongue as an expert. He would make long and hard trace down shaft but short and light lick on tip.

Roy's body trembles in pleasure and he spreads legs wider.

Human with no motivation, only dreams.

Living in the world of alcohol and fire he creates. But naked, without his alchemy, his source, he is nothing.

That's how God made him, to be nothing.

Envy, I can't wait much longer…

And mouth leaves his shaft.

"Then, I guess you're ready?"

And he was flipped on his chest, ass lifted and face buried into pillows, like a dog sniffing ground.

With quick and unexpected move, Envy's shaft slams into Roy.

He didn't know what hurts more, this or fire burns. Because both burn his skin, and make him scream loud.

But screaming in pain to Envy was like music, like doggerel or simple nonsense.
Envy liked it.

And Sin fucked his victim, faster and harder, to scream and cry. To suffer and slowly die.

Human and fire are alike, both can die and turn into ashes.

Blood was nowhere to be seen, but Envy had a plan.

A knife on a small table, then cut on Roy's back.

What are you doing?


With quick flip, he was back on chest. And blade of kitchen knife disappears before his eyes. Then appears again, but silver with red flowers. Like roses but liquid with smell like iron.


And then it was gone. Everything was gone. Just blackness and pain didn't leave suffering human.

Who am I? I know now…

And Lucifer will tremble again, for the envious sin wasn't alone anymore. Followed with younger, his student, his toy.

Envy will teach this being of beauty of death…..