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"Edward…" I pleaded sadly. "Just change me, and we can be together forever, why is it so hard?"

The vampire in front of her took in a deep breath and let out a sigh. "I don't you to be damned to an eternal hell."

"What kind of eternal hell Edward Anthony? Of being with the person I love forever!" I couldn't help it as hot tears started to run down my eyes, and I hurried to wipe them away.

Edward reached up to wipe the liquid running down my face, and I shivered as his cold skin came in contact with my warm one. "Bella…I care about you. But I can't risk hurting you; it would pain me too much to do so."

"You won't hurt me! Just change me god dammit!" Never in such ways have I ever used that kind of language, but this person was just being so god damn stubborn!

"We're leaving…"

"What?" My eyes widened, was it that serious? Did he really think that my constant persistence for him to change me was something so serious that it would cause the Cullen's to leave? "Why?" I asked shockingly.

"So you can live a normal human life. And I do—" He stopped mid sentence. What was he trying to say? So many questions ran through my head and my heart beat faster and faster every second he didn't speak, so fast that I thought it would explode out my chest.

"I don't love you anymore."

And then, it felt as the whole world itself was falling apart right before my eyes, and my heart was being stomped on endlessly. Did Edward just say he don't love me anymore? The boy who promised that he'd love me forever?

So I did the only thing I could—I ran. Faster than I had ever run before, and surprisingly I didn't trip on anything. That's one good thing…

Tears ran endlessly down my face and I started to scream as I ran. The trees passed by in a dark blur, since it was night, and even though I had no clue where I was actually going, I still ran. I couldn't believe he actually said that to me. Was everything he ever said to me a lie? Was I living a hopeless fantasy when I was with him?

Too busy in my thoughts, and because of the darkness, I failed to notice that the ground had ended, and I was falling down—fast.

All I could really remember was feeling the cool air as it swept through me as I fell, and the hard rock that hit my head when I finally stopped falling.


Elizabeth walked slowly around the forest, taking her time to get home. She had just finished hunting and she wasn't intending to head home any time soon, she wanted to be alone.

She was a vampire and a very powerful one too, maybe even the strongest. Elizabeth didn't really understand why she was stronger than the average vampire, but all people told her was that it was because her parents, and that she never was once human.

Yup, she never was HUMAN. That race she seemed to dread so much. Her parents were both vampires, powerful ones. Someone had told her that her mom was once human though, and that she was pregnant while she was human, but then her dad had bitten and changed her. And then…Elizabeth was born.

The prized vampire. Pure vampires start out as a baby, and are able to choose which age they want to stay as for all eternity, and she chose 17.

Elizabeth was beautiful too, even in vampire standards. Her black hair cascaded down almost to her butt, and it was wavy. She had a body every girl would kill for and one that boys would love to fuck.

Though, the prized vampire tripped over something on the ground as she was lost in her thoughts. "What the he—" She said, rubbing her head where the nonexistent pain was.

Elizabeth looked down to see that RACE. A human, her head covered in blood, obviously dead. She was dead right?

The vampire stared at the human on the ground and sniffed the air. Nope, the girl was still alive. Not knowing why, Elizabeth felt a connection to this mysterious person, and was tempted to bite her, and drink the sweet blood.

So she did, she sank her fangs into the neck of the human, and drank the blood that tempted her such. But, she stopped just before she was about to kill the girl.

And then…the human was starting her transformation…of becoming…a living dead.


3 days later…


EPOV (Elizabeth)

The girl I had saved breathed heavily on the king-sized bed as the last seconds of the transformation completed. I stayed with her the full 3 days, not really knowing why, only aware of the fact that I felt a connection with her, one that I couldn't really comprehend.

The girl blinked, and stared at me with curious eyes. I laughed at her obvious reaction; everyone did that when they first saw me, even my own coven.

"Hi, I'm Elizabeth, and…well…I changed you."

The human's eyes widened and she shot straight up from the bed, looking at me. "You what?!" She found her voice.

"I ch-aaa-ng-ed you." I spoke in sarcasm.

"To a vampire?" Her ignorance was really getting on my nerves.

"No, to a werewolf." I laughed, trying to show her that I have indeed changed her into a vampire.

She mouthed an 'o' and fell back to the soft pillows, now staring at her feet. "I'm Isabella Swan. But, call me Bella."

Swan…why did that name sound so familiar?

I shrugged it off and responded back, "And again, I'm Elizabeth. Elizabeth Marino. Nice to meet you miss swan. But since now that you're a part of my coven, would you mind to change your last name to Marino?"

Bella nodded her head.




This vampire, Elizabeth, was so beautiful even though she was a vampire and I bet Rosalie would even be jealous. Elizabeth may even make Rosalie look ugly, but that's just my opinion.

But what shocked me more was that I, Isabella Swan, was now a vampire. Something I had longed Edward to change me into. Edward. I growled remembering his name, and Elizabeth laughed in front of me.

"See you like the growl," she said.

I laughed with her, but it soon faded away as I thought about the event that had happened only 3 nights ago. He doesn't love me anymore…

Forget him, forget all the Cullens. Edward hadn't come running after me when I ran away, and so that shows he really didn't love meanymore. Not even Alice with her seeing the future thing came running after me, and I was guessing that she would have had a vision about it too!

I felt the room shake as my thoughts consumed me, and I saw a black flame start to form around my body.

"Calm down there Bella, I see you're using your newly found powers. But, come one. Let's meet the coven now shall we?"

Elizabeth grabbed my hand before I could answer, and in an instant were in a large, white room. Several types of furniture were scattered around, fitting decoratively in their place. A large 60'' plasma TV was hung on the right wall, with 3 white leather couches facing it perfectly. A black grand piano was placed in the corner, and there was harp next to it too.

A love seat, and a couple of chairs were in another section of the room, where the fireplace was.

But what caught my eye was the 4 gorgeous vampires standing a few feet away from me and Elizabeth.

"Ok, Bella this is the coven, there's Vincent, Melody, Leonard, and Stephanie."

She pointed to each one, and I looked at them.

They all shook my hand and I studied them intently.

One of the guys, Vincent, was real tall. He was at least 6'2, I'm guessing, and had a build like Emmett, but was less bulgy.. His dirty blonde hair was like a broom mop on his head, but it still made him look amazingly beautiful. His eyes were perfectly gold, so they were vegetarians too, and when he flashed me a smile and I could see his perfect white teeth.

The girl, Melody, was like all of them, beautiful. Rosalie would definitely envy everyone in this coven. She looked about 5'4, with a body that even a model would be jealous of. Her dark brown hair was slightly curly, and fell all the way to mid-back.

Leonard was shorter than Vincent, but was still tall. He looked about 17-18 when he was first changed. He was 5'11, and was as muscular as that traitor Edward. His black hair was in a messy spike that made him look like a pretty bad boy. Kind of like those boys that rode motorcycles and were filthy rich. He smiled, and I felt an instant attraction to him. Was he taken? I laughed at my little question.

"No I'm not taken Bella." My eyes widened when he said this. Leonard laughed. "Yes, I read minds, and move things with my mind. I'm a telekinesis."

"Then—" I started.

"Vincent is my husband," Melody explained. "And Stephanie's well, um…" She looked nervously at the other female like she was asking her permission for something.

"My husband died," Stephanie said abruptly.

"I'm sorry," I said in my most sincere voice.

"Doesn't matter, I have all of eternity to find another husband."

Stephanie was a blonde, standing at 5'3. She looked to be about 16 when she was changed. Her wavy hair was too mid-back, and I'm guessing I don't have to explain the rest do I?

"You see Bella, Vincent and Melody are the only couple in the coven, surprisingly as that seems. But it's true. I really can't fall truly in love with someone, though, it doesn't really matter to me. I'm happy with my life, I have a family that loves me and that's all I could really ask for."

I admired Elizabeth, she wasn't obsessed with love. She didn't think that that was the only thing that could make her happy.

"Anyways, you'll be starting school with us tomorrow!" I stared at Elizabeth, who was smiling happily at me.

"But I've only been a vampire for a few minutes! What if I grow too tempted?"

"Don't worry, me and Melody will be there just incase you go berserk. And, we'll go hunting in a few hours so you won't be thirsty tomorrow."

I nodded my head and then finally asked a question that failed to come to my mind, no matter how important it seemed, "Um, where exactly are we?"


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