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It wasn't an intimate kiss by any means, but it sure made the feelings inside me jumble together like some tangled slinky. When we reached the hotel I had instantly sat myself near the large window and tried to collect my thoughts. Edward…the man I had loved with all my heart. The same man who also broke it.

Leonard, the one who could read my mind. Wow, such a nice statement. The question still remains a mystery to all of us, how could he read my thoughts when Edward couldn't. And frankly, it's at the bottom of my 'What's my concerns' list right now, given my current situation.

As the annoying non-digital clock in the room constantly ticked with each passing second, I kept telling myself that I kissed Leonard on impulse, that I wanted him to be jealous.

But that still doesn't explain the feeling I had in my heart when my lips touched his. The same feeling you get when you're about to give an oral report in front of your class and maybe similar to the one when you're dropping faster than gravity on the Tower of Terror.

Groaning, I placed my head in between my legs, as if that would help me think better. Bella Swan, how did you ever end up with such a messed up life? Sometimes I wonder if someone is behind all of this, like they have the ability to write out a person's life, and they decided they were going to screw over mine by giving me problem after problem.

I stood up from my position and walked passed Stephanie who was watching a late night showing of Wheel of Fortune, and eagerly trying to guess the phrase. When I closed the door, her shouting out, "It's Harry Potter!" echoed throughout the silent hallway.

I made my way down to the little sitting area near the elevators and as luck would have it, he was also there. Now I'm starting to think he's stalking me or something.

My mind started to have a lively debate whether to just turn away and leave, or sit down…as far as possible without giving him the impression that I don't want to be near him.

Of course, the side that proposed: Sit down, don't be rude, won. I placed myself on an armchair that looked like it belonged in a grandmother's house or some cheesy garage sale. He sat a few feet away, looking as beautiful as ever.

And staring…at me.

"Do you love him?"

The question hit my hard, like a sack of potatos. Ok, maybe not literatly sack of potatos but you get what I mean.

"Excuse me?" I retorted.

"That guy with the fish. Do you love him?" He asked more sternly, his eyes looking at me as if they were trying to burn a hole through my head. Those golden eyes that I used to always find myself mesmerized in.

"I-" Did I love Leonard? Well of course I do, but do I love him? I struggled to find words that matched exactly how I was feeling. Though, I couldn't find any, it was as if a dictionary filled with every word in existence couldn't help me to describe my emotions.

And before I could think any further, I was suddenly lifted of f my feet and crushed into the marble chest of none other than Edward Cullen.


Silence blessed us and I was given the time to try to sort out my thoughts. Then it started. Flashbacks of all the happy memories I spent with Edward and the conflicting emotions I had with Jacob started to play across my mind like a movie.

Some like short video clips and others still pictures displaying a life-affecting moment.

Like those times I had kissed Jacob, and found out that I did love him. Yet, I still chose Edward because I had felt that I couldn't live without him. Nonetheless, I found myself slowly melting into the embrace of his equally cold arms.

Even as I kept telling myself that he broke my heart, that I made a promise to never crawl back to him, I still couldn't help as all the love and feelings of the past started to fill me again.

As much as I didn't want it to.

I swear if I could cry I would be crying an ocean right now. None of us said anything the whole time since Edward out of the blue hugged me. For the most part I enjoyed the comfortable silence, but another part of me had so many questions just waiting to be answered.

Yet, I couldn't get my mouth open enough to say anything, and I still hadn't pulled away from the embrace. My arms stayed lifeless at my side and his were still around my neck. "Edward…" I finally got out.


"Mmm," his voice was muffled as he buried his face in my mane of brown hair. I started to lean in more to his hold, pressing my cheek against his marble hard chest. Like I was trying to hear the nonexistent beat of his dead heart. Edward held me tighter, his hands clutching the back of my shirt with a hold that was gentle, yet I knew that if I tried to move away, that he could pull me back easily by my shirt.

"Why did you leave me?" I had finally got out the million dollar question. His answer, the one I've been waiting for over a decade. The one little occurrence that caused my entire life to take a totally different road than the one I had planned.

The question haunted me even when I was with my family. What was so horrible that Edward and all of the Cullens had to leave? And without me?

I pulled away, so I could look directly into his topaz eyes, which looked at me in such a way that made my heart clench. Edward turned from my eye contact, and clenched his hands the way he did the first time we were in the science room.

He appeared as though he was debating with himself inside his mind, whether to tell me the reason had left or just to leave it a secret.

"I…" As Edward was about to say something, the elevator next to us opened, revealing a group of three boys and two girls staring at us with curious eyes. They walked by us, there eyes wandering side-ways to catch even a little glimpse of us.

"You were saying?" I said.

And in a low, somewhat strained voice he said, "I killed someone."


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