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Chapter 4

Dean had been running his butt off since Morgan tossed him the apron. The bunch from Bear Creek turned out to be thirteen guys with big appetites, big mouths and no idea how to tip. In fact there didn't seem to be much tipping going on, aside from beer bottles. Dean worked hard to keep up and Morgan wasn't yelling at him anymore.

Before long Lisa, Jan and Marion came in for their nightly bitch and beer session. Lisa made it a point to sit towards the end of the bar that Dean was manning.

"What will it be ladies?" Dean said as he wiped the bar, set out napkins and a fresh bowl of pretzels.

"Dean," Lisa purred, "I'd just love a Screaming Orgasm. Do you think you could take care of me?"

"Sure, no problem, Lisa. Just give me a minute to get you going," Dean said with a killer smile, as he reached for the blender.

"Let me tell you now it's going to take a lot longer that than a minute to get me going," Lisa shot back as she studied her nails.

"Lisa, you know the rules. Dean's off limits as long as he's working for me! I won't have you harassing the help," Morgan said as she passed by.

"Who the hell do you think you are, Morgan?" Lisa carped. "You certainly aren't the moral majority or the keeper of the key to my chastity belt."

"My God, Lisa just stop it," Jan with growing concern for her two friends. "You and Morgan have been at each other for years."

"Lisa, my bar my rules," Morgan said as she planted herself next to Dean. "Leave my bartender alone!"

"What was that about a chastity belt?" Dean asked with an innocent smile and a flourish Dean poured the drink and set it in front of Lisa. "Jan, Marion, what can I get for you?"

"Beer is fine for us, Dean," Marion said as she turned on the barstool to watch the news update on the situation at the library.

"This just in from our reporter in the field, Andrea what's the latest?" the news anchor asked as she turned to the stage left camera.

"Thank you, Jackie. We're outside the library where just minutes ago one of the co-eds using the facility was allegedly attacked. The victim was whisked away before this reporter could obtain a statement. Back to you in the studio, Jackie."

"Oh, shit! Sammy." Dean exclaimed as he ran to grab his cell phone. "Where are you little brother?" Flipping the cell open it began to chirp, indicating a missed call, it was Sam.

"Dean, I've got an ID and a back way in. Libby was attacked by the ghost, I've taken her home. Call me. Oh, and Libby is ok just shaken up."

"Morgan, I've got to go make a call. I'll be right back," Dean said as he strode out of the bar, unaware of the hungry look in Lisa's eyes.

"Damn it, Dean get back here," Morgan yelled with a stamp of her foot as she hurled a wet bar towel at Dean's retreating back. "You've got a job to do and I need you here!"

"Morgan, give the guy a break. He said he'd be back." Reaching across the bar to grab Morgan before she stalked off Marion said, "Girl you need to chill out, your customers will wait. These guys won't leave for a couple hours."


"Sam, where are you?" Dean said with more than a little concern. Working in the bar with Morgan he hadn't realized how much time had passed.

"I'm at Libby's house, I told you that in my message. Where have you been? You were supposed to pick me up over four hours ago and I called you about two hours ago. Where are you?"

"I'm at the bar. Morgan needed help and I figured we could use the money. I've been trying to get more information on our ghost. "

"You're working for Morgan? Yeah, right," Sam said with an incredulous tone. "Look, Dean we can get into the library. We just have to find out where the old girl is hiding. I've been talking to Libby's Great Aunt Jennie and I think she may be able to help. Any chance you'll come back to the motel tonight, or are you going home with Morgan?" Sam asked sarcastically.

"Dude, I'm not sure how late I'll be but I'll be back," Dean said scathingly. "Can you get a ride back to the motel? Maybe Libby could give you a lift. I'll meet you there, don't wait up."

"Yeah, don't worry about me, Dean. I'll get a ride or walk it's not far from Libby's to the motel. Don't you worry your pretty little head. You go back to work, I'll see what else I can find out about our ghost," Sam said with an accusatory tone.

Dean hung up, thrust the phone into his pocket and returned to the bar. Gone was the friendly banter. In its place was a sullen Dean.

Morgan tried to ignore the change but it soon became evident that if she didn't do something all hell was going to break lose and from the look on Dean face he wouldn't be acting in the best interest of her bar.

"Hey, Dean would you mind taking out the garbage before it starts to overflow? While you're at it why don't you take a break, I may not pay much but even slaves deserve a rest period," Morgan said with a jovial tone.

Dean did as Morgan asked, gathered all the trash and took tossed it to the dumpster. As he turned to close the gate he was caught squarely on the jaw by a mean right hook. Before he could recover from the first blow he was struck again in the stomach.

"Get up an' fight! You think you can come inta this bar, take my money an' get away wif it?" Tony slurred as he rubbed his knuckles. "You're wrong!"

Dean shook his head to clear the stars as he rubbed his jaw, "What the hell are you talking about?"

"Las' night you took my money an' tonight I wan' it back," Tony stated as he swayed slightly.

"Last night we played pool for cash. You lost, I won the money," Dean said as he checked out the competition. "If you couldn't afford the loss you shouldn't gamble," Dean said as he continued to goad the drunk in front of him. The other two guys with Tony didn't seem too interested in participating in the fight so Dean focused on drawing the big guy out. It might not be smart and it could get ugly, but right now ugly was looking pretty good.

"You took my money an' I wan' it back!" Tony repeated as he clenched his fists and stepped closer to Dean.

"If you think you can take the money from me then go ahead and try," Dean said menacingly, changing into a fighting stance.

Tony rushed at Dean trying to knock him off his feet.

Dean easily side-stepped the rushing bull. As Tony passed, Dean turned to deliver a kick to the big man's backside.

As Tony fell against the dumpster his two friends joined the fray. With one driving his fists into Dean's stomach as the other grabbed Dean from behind, pinning his arms to his sides.

Using the weight of Mike, the guy holding Dean from behind, as a counter balance Dean lifted his legs to kick Ray as he approached. When Dean was again supporting his own weight he slammed his head back causing Mike to loosen his grip.

Tony came charging back with arms swinging catching Dean behind the ear. Stars exploded in his brain as he crumpled to the ground losing consciousness.

Tony bent down to rifle through Dean's pockets, looking for the money he had lost the previous evening. Finding only $40 Tony straightened up to pocket the money when he heard the distinct click of the hammer of a gun being pulled back.

"I'll take that, Tony," came the controlled voice of Morgan from behind Tony. "Hand the money over and the three of you get out of here. If Dean decides to press charges I fully intend to provide the police with complete descriptions of you as well as your vehicles." The quiet rage in her voice caused Mike and Ray to back away from Tony leaving him to deal the enraged bartender.

Tony glared at Morgan as he passed the money to her. "It's obvious he got into your pants and turned your brain to shit. You'll regret this, bitch."

"The only thing I regret is not getting out here sooner looks like Dean needed a little help to even the odds. NOW get out of here! And don't come back. I won't have you beating my employees."

As Tony got into his car and tore out of the parking lot Morgan knelt to check Dean's injuries. Pulling the lid back on his right eye she checked to see if it was reactive to light. As she reached for the left eye lid Dean came to slapping her hand away.

"Just relax a minute Dean. You took quite a blow to the head." Morgan's voice was tight with adrenaline. "What the hell were you doing taking on all three of them like that? I sent you out here to cool off. I don't know what set you off but you were positively spoiling for a fight." Standing up Morgan extended her hand to help Dean get up, which he pointedly ignored. 'Idiot, stupid, proud male', Morgan thought as she watched Dean struggle to his feet.

Getting up slowly Dean grabbed the chain link fence until he was sure he could stand on his own. Nausea roiled through his system, 'hold on to your cookies' Dean thought. 'Don't go and puke now or she'll go all soft. No on second thought it will probably just piss her off.'

"Take it easy, Dean. My guess is you've got a concussion, is there someone one can call?"

"Yeah, my brother, his number is in my cell. I'll be okay. It takes more than a sucker punch to take me out," Dean quipped still trying to hold onto the contents of his stomach. Letting go of the fence Dean stood for a few seconds before heading back into the bar. He had only taken a few steps when his knees buckled.

Morgan was there before he could drop to the ground. Getting her shoulder under his arm and wrapping her arm around his solid middle, she helped support his weight as they slowly made their way inside the bar. Once inside Morgan deposited Dean in her office.

Why don't you rest a few minutes, call your brother and then get out of here. I don't want you here at closing. You never know Tony might come back to try and finish the job. Oh yeah," she said reaching into the front pocket of her snug fitting jeans pulling out the $40 and tossing it to Dean. "Tony took this from you, thought you might want it back," she said with a shrug as she went to check on the bar.


Sam rejoined Libby and her family for dinner after taking Dean's call. After all Dean was tied up with Morgan at the bar and would be there for a few more hours. Now it was even more important to find out as much as he could from Great Aunt Jennie.

Dinner conversation covered all the bases. The kids' day, the wondrous things they found while playing upstairs. The adventures planned for tomorrow and the type of cookies that would be waiting when Libby got home from work.

"Come on kids, it's time for your bath. We've got to scrub hard to get the stink off you," Libby said as she reached up to hold her nose. "Phew. I don't know how you two did it. You're so little to stink so much."

"I don't stink so much, Momma," Michael whined. "You can wash Rachel an' I'll stay with Sam. It would be rude to leave him alone."

"Really, come here and let me check," Libby said as she crouched down and with fingers poised to tickle grabbed for Michael.

Easily dodging his mother's grasp Michael ran behind Sam's chair. Peeking around Sam's broad shoulders Michael let out a loud squeal as his mother came around the other side of the table. Snatching Michael into her arms Libby lifted his arms and made a big show of checking his stinky pits.

"Beeeeeeeep! Oh Michael, the stink-o-meter is off the charts so you'll have to take a bath. I'm sure Aunt Jennie will keep Sam company. Come on you two let's go get cleaned up."

Rachel asked as she took her mother's hand to go up stairs, "Sam, will you be here after our bath? Mommy always reads a story before we go to bed."

"I sure will, Rachel, you call down when you're finished with your bath and I'll come right up," Sam said as he thought back to the times Dean had done this for him growing up.

Before climbing the stairs Rachel ran to Sam and gave him a big hug, "I'll call when I'm ready for your story. Clasping her hands in a prayerful gesture, "Please, please, please make it long story. I don't want to go to bed like a baby."


"Would you like coffee while we wait for Libby?" Aunt Jennie said as she finished clearing the table.

"If it's no trouble," Sam said following her into the kitchen. "It's a wonderful thing you're doing helping Libby."

"Oh, she helps me much more than I help her. After I fell, the doctors said I should think about moving into an assisted living facility to recuperate," Jennie said as she set the coffee on to brew. "I was afraid once I moved in I'd have to sell the house and stay. I just wasn't ready to live with a bunch on old people."

Sam chuckled and said, "So did you ask Libby to come here from Colorado?"

"She told you about leaving Colorado?" Jennie said over her shoulder as she set the tray for coffee.

"Libby mentioned that you needed help and she needed to get out of Denver. She didn't give any specifics, sounded to me like she was running from Denver," Sam said with a quizzical raise of the eyebrow.

"Well, that's more than she has told most people, but it's her story to tell. I have to respect that."

"So, Jennie, tell me your story. Libby told me you've lived in the valley all your life and that you grew up in this house," he turned as the sound of the coffee pot went from perk to boil over. 'She also told me that you knew the librarian, Mrs. Bedoin. Could you tell me about her?"

"It sounds like Libby has been talking way too much to strangers. I need to sit that girl down and talk about 'Stranger danger,' I'll have to include the twins it that conversation too," Jennie poured the coffee into a carafe, set it on the tray and signaled for Sam to follow her. "We'll take coffee in the front room."

As they moved to the front room Sam heard squeals of laughter and water splashing from upstairs. Smiling at the image of Rachel and Michael and what they were doing to their mother brought a chuckle deep from Sam's chest.

"Libby's a good mother, full of love and fun but stern when she needs to be." Jennie said as she set the tray down and poured the coffee. "What do you want to know about my life? You've got the basics, I grew up here, knew Mrs. Bedoin, before she died, and heard about her as a ghost. I never saw the ghost that was reserved for the children."

"What do you mean reserved for the children?" Sam asked as he leaned forward with his elbows resting on his knees.

"Most of the sightings in the library have been children telling about the story lady. She loved children, always there with a smile, hug and a story. She spent most of her time reading to the children. In fact, after she died some people were saying, "Now that Mrs. Bedoin is gone you can actually get help from the library staff." Mrs. Bedoin's focus was entirely on the children. She didn't have any children of her own so she spent all her time in the library in the children's section. I remember her reading to a group of us girls from 'Through the Looking Glass' it was her personal favorite. She said to our group that if she could have only one book for the rest of her life it would be the 'Through the Looking Glass'.

Sam listened carefully as Aunt Jennie told her story, only asking infrequent questions to guide her. "If I remember my research Mrs. Bedoin actually died in the library. Do you remember what happened to her?" Sam asked gently.

"Well, I was in my early twenties when she died, it was spring of 1950. The newspaper reported that she was killed, we didn't have a TV back then. If memory serves me she was stabbed and robbed just before the library closed for the day. A "hobo," using the vernacular of the day, was caught and convicted. You know nowadays the news would have called him a transient or homeless person.

"I remember going back to the library, to the children's section after the funeral to pray for her. It seemed to be the most fitting place to pray and say goodbye. As I prayed I felt her presence, I asked God to give her one book for eternity. I asked that she have Lewis Carroll's "Through the Looking Glass." I feeling silly telling you this, it seems strange to me now that I would do that but at the time it was right."

"When the ghost was first reported in the library I felt guilty – you know maybe it was my fault. I even went to talk to my priest and confessed what I had done and he told me that God didn't work that way. For a long time I felt responsible for trapping her here. You know, what if my prayer for her to have her most loved book kept her from moving on."

Sam reached over to cover Aunt Jennies hand and in a reassuring tone said, "You aren't responsible for the ghost. What a thoughtful young woman you were remembering the librarians favorite book and wishing her the comfort of having it for eternity."

"I thought I came to terms with the guilt I felt. Now more than fifty years the ghost of Mrs. Bedoin has started hurting people, including my Libby," shuddering as if from cold Jennie reached her the warmth of her coffee cup as tears welled and slowly trailed down her cheeks.

Sam moved to sit next to Jennie on the couch, "All that happened at the old Carnegie library. How did she move to the new location, Jennie?"

"This sounds bizarre, Sam but I think I moved her. If I really wished her into the book then I moved her to the new location. On April 4th 2007, the library held a ceremonial book brigade with 92 books, one for each year the library was open. I carried an early edition of Lewis Carroll's "Through the Looking Glass" to the new library."

The moment was interrupted when Rachel called down to Sam, "Sam we're ready for a story. Please come save us of from Momma. She wants to read a Dick and Jane tonight. Please Sam save us!!"

Sam got up from the couch, laid his hand on Jennie's shoulder gave it a gentle squeeze, "I'll be back in a bit. I'd like to talk some more."


Sam jogged up the stairs, following the sounds of chatter and laughter. Turning into the room shared by the twins Sam knocked before entering.

"Sam, you can sit with me," Rachel said as she patted her bed and moved over to make room for him.

Before Sam sat on the bed he pulled the covers up and tucked Rachel in, then turned to Michael to provide the same service. Taking a book from the shelf he turned to sit on Rachel's bed only to see that the book he grabbed was "Through the Looking Glass." Turning to Chapter Two he began:

I should see the garden far better,' said Alice to herself, if I could get to the top of that hill: and here's a path that leads straight to it -- at least, no, it doesn't do that -- ' (after going a few yards along the path, and turning several sharp corners), but I suppose it will at last. But how curiously it twists! It's more like a corkscrew than a path! Well, this turn goes to the hill, I suppose -- no, it doesn't! This goes straight back to the house! Well then, I'll try it the other way.'

Sam continued reading until both children had fallen asleep. Turning the light off, he checked to make sure both Rachel and Michael were securely tucked in, bending to kiss the forehead of each in turn. Sam closed the door to the bedroom and walked quietly downstairs to join Libby and Jennie.


When Sam entered the front room Libby and Jennie were on the couch talking quietly about the attack. "She had grabbed me by the arms and she screamed, 'Where are the children? What have you done with them? Why have you taken them from me?' I swung my backpack and it just passed through her. Aunt Jennie, I was so scared, all I could think about was getting away from her and getting home to the kids. I ran out of the library and had stepped into traffic when Sam pulled me out of traffic. Then I guess a passed out cause when I came to I was back in the library, in the security office."

Sam cleared his throat from the doorway to the living room, "I hope I'm not interrupting. The kids are out for the count. Thanks for letting me put them to bed, Libby."

"It's my pleasure, they both wanted you to. Rachel is just better at asking for what she wants."

"Well, I really enjoyed the experience. Your kids a great! Jennie, you might find it interesting, I tucked the kids in, grabbed a book from the shelf and found I had 'Through the Looking Glass' in my hands."

"That is Rachel's favorite book." Libby glanced from Aunt Jennie to Sam, wondering what connection they had to the book.

Jennie, seeing the question on Libby's face said, "It seems the ghost is attached to 'Through the Looking Glass' at the library."

Sam's cell rang just then, excusing himself he stepped out onto the porch.

"Sammy, could you come by the bar and pick me up?"

"Sure, what's going on?"

"Long story short, Morgan is sending me home, she doesn't seem to think I should drive."

"I'll by right there. What's the address?" After taking down the address Sam went back into the house to thank Libby and Jennie for their hospitality. Sam picked up his backpack, left the house on Oakdale and jogged to the Trophy Club to get dean and the Impala. They had the information needed to go after Mrs. Bedoin.

With any luck he and Dean would be going to the library tonight to take care of Mrs. Bedoin.