The Real Ending to the Little Mermaid 2

Author's Note

This story begins with Melody swimming outside the wall and Sabatison telling her that she should not be disobeying her mom's rules.

There will be one new character that will be mine. The rest are not mine, but I wish they were. The other character will be Darin a merboy and you will find out what role he plays in the story soon. So enjoy and please review. I love comments. That's what makes me a better writer and now on to the story.

Chapter 1- The New Arrival

"Melody come back here. You know you are not aloud to be swimming out here, if your mom found out she would be furious with you," said Sabatison. "Oh Sabatison let me have some fun. I can't help it if I love the sea. It is if it is calling to me to come out to it." And before Sabatison could say anything Melody dived back into the water.

And all the time this was going on a merboy named Darin was watching her from afar. He new he was not suppose to be near a human. He didn't care he new there was something special about that girl and he had to find out one way or the other.

So he started to swim towards the beach, towards Melody and Sabatison. He swam as fast as he could to get to her, but then when he got close to Melody he stopped. He thought, "Will she like me as seeing that I am a merboy? Wait I can give her the necklace of change. Then she can see if she likes me."

So Darin went home and got the necklace and came back the next day to meet the girl of his dreams with her brown hair and beautiful brown eyes.

He came up to the surface and popped his head out and looked into the face of Melody. She saw him and screamed and backed away. "Who are you?" said Melody. Darin said, "Hi, my name is Darin. What is your name?" "My name is Melody. What are your doing out therein the water, come out so we can talk." "I can't come out. I live in the water." Darin pulled his tale out of the water and showed it to Melody, who was not taken back by his tale. "Mermaids and merboys are real?" "Yes, they are real. We don't like to talk to humans anymore." "Oh, you are so lucky. I have always wished to be a mermaid and live in the sea that I love." Melody was thinking to herself, wow he is cute with his short brown hair, brown eyes, strong muscules and beautiful tale that I would loveto have. Then Darin started talking which brought her out of her thoughts. "I can make your wish come true with the necklace of change." "What is the necklace of change?" "The necklace is a golden locket that when you put it on it lets out a light that surrounds you and transforms you." "So the necklace can do that? That would be the greatest thing in the world. When can I become a mermaid?" "Any time you like." "Lets do it now."