Chapter 16- Departing for a New Life

The next day Darin and Melody woke up and went down to the throne room. When they got there they saw Ariel and Eric and they went over to them and said, "Good morning. So what are going to do today?"

"Well, Melody, Darin we were just talking and we think that it is time for me and your father to get back. We have a job as being the king and queen. So we are going to leave now."

"We will go with you up to the surface."

So King Triton, Melody, Darin, Ariel and Eric swam up to the surface when they got there Ariel and Eric swam up onto the beach and then King Triton blasted them with the trident and they turned back into humans.

They got up and before they went off Melody said, "We will visit you often and I love you."

"I love you Melody and I love you all. I will miss you all a lot." So Ariel and Eric took hands and walked back to the castle and King Triton, Melody and Darin turned back and went back to the kingdom. Now Melody and Darin were going to start a new life and and be together forever.