By Anna Potter Black

Prologue 1: Where to go, Who to trust

She ran from the man who was her father. Her green eyes were sparkling with fear as she held the two day old baby boy to her chest with her backpack, wand, and her baby's things.

She was alone in the world without her one true love. It was ten hours later that she walked into the park and sat down on the swing set, her baby still close to her chest.

Just mindless swinging, she thought as she pumped her legs until she felt hands on her back, pushing her. She turned her head to look and a smile spread across her face.

"James!" she whispered, her throat was dry and cracked. James Potter stared at her, his eyes were staring into hers curiously.

"Darling, what are you doing out here at...ten at night?" he asked through a yawn. She closed her eyes and whispered, "He was beating me."

That got his attention. "Did your brothers or your father hit you?" his voice was strained.

She nodded. "Mitchell hit me in my abdomen, Mike tried to slash me but then settled for punching me many times in my arms and Derin kicked me five times where Mitchell hit me." she showed him the bruises, gently lifting her baby out of the way.

He knew that her father Mitchell Evans abused her as were her elder brothers, 18 year old Micheal or Mike Evans and 19 year old Derin Evans.

"Your baby?" he couldn't look at her while he said that. She giggled and whispered, "Look at him and tell me what you see?"

He looked at her confused until she handed him the baby. He held him until it registered that he was looking at his son-who looked just like him except he had his girlfriend and his baby's mother's Lily Evans' nose.

But everything else was him. The hair, cheek bones, basically everything was the same as him.

But he didn't know about the eyes. He turned to look at her.

She smiled at him, her cheeks turning red.

"How old is my son?" She gave a grin.

"He just turned two days today." He nodded and helped her off the swing set. She looked up at him, curious as a cat.

"Where are we going to go?" He chuckled at her. He leaned in and whispered in her ear, "My Manor House." and took her hand, and led her to where a limo was awaiting for him.

The chauffer gulped at the state Lily was in. Her eyes were blackened and bruises appeared on her neck and arms and legs. He helped her in as well as James and the baby in his arms and got into the driver's seat, closing the door.

"Milord Potter, why are you holding a baby?" he asked. James grinned.

"Meet my son, William." he said happily. William smirked.

"What is your son's name?" James stared at Lily.

"His name is James Antonio Evans Potter." she replied. William chuckled.

"He has an interesting name, milord, milady." he added and he didn't say another word to them as he drove them.


Baby James smiled at the man holding him. James Potter smirked.

"He likes me!" he said happily to Lily who was smiling.

"He does." she noted watching her son's eyes light up at her and James. "You can call him Jamie or Mini-Me if you want." she added as her eyes closed. James sn. grinned and kissed her forehead and eyelids.

"Goodnight, angel mine." he whispered. She smiled and snuggled into him.


When they got to Potter Manor, James had two problems.

One was that his two day old son was sleeping on him and James didn't want to wake him and two...

Two was Lily was also sleeping on him and he didn't want to wake her up. William looked at James sn and smiled.

"Shall I get Lord Black?" James sn nodded.

"Tell him to get his white butt out here now."


Sirius Black stared at James. He got the message to go to the Limo and help James out.

But when he got out there, James smiled and asked, "Can you hold Jamie here? He won't bite you-just two days old."

"You have a son? With Lily?" he managed to get out. James nodded smiling.

"Yes I do." his voice was gruff and hopeful that his friend won't abandon him. Sirius grinned.

"Congrats." then he turned serious. "What are we going to tell her about Dumbledore's evil and his manipulations?"

"The 'her' has a name," they looked to see that Lily's eyes were opened. "And I know that. My family was well paid by Dumbledore who told them to do whatever it takes to follow him or slowly rely on him. When I found out after my son was born that someone put illegal memory charms on me-I asked them to take it off and I discovered that most of my severe beatings were caused by not only Dumbledore, but McGonagall, Slughorn and most of the teachers there have found ways of beating me up." her eyes were soft and she didn't see the anger riding off the two sixteen year olds at all. "I don't want to go back to Hogwarts at all."

"We won't." James told her. Sirius nodded. After running away from his family, James adopted him as a brother. "We'll leave, run away. Go wherever you want."

"We will. We'll pack everything and go to wherever in the world you want to go to."

Her eyes sparkled. "New York. Preferably New York City. I always wanted to live there."

James smiled. "We will go there first and then to wherever we want."


Remus Lupin stared at James Potter and Sirius Black. They and Lily Evans asked him to meet them at a muggle cafe. When Remus got there, he noticed that Lily Evans who would want nothing with James Potter was sitting next to James who was holding something and Sirius Black was to his left, staring at the muggle waitresses.

"Lily! Prongs, Padfoot!" he called to them. Lily smiled as did James and Sirius.

"Moony, sit and chat with us for a while." Sirius said, pulling up a chair for him. Remus nodded and as he sat down, he asked them, "What's going on? I read in the Prophet that your mother, James, was shot in the forehead with a muggle weapon of some kind."

"A gun, Remus." James whispered quietly. Remus breathed deeply and sadly.

"I'm sorry," he whispered. James shook his head.

"She died for me and what she believes in." he told him. "That's why we called you here...we want to leave and would like to see you come with us. It would be good for you-your dad's always complaining that you are worthless-"

Remus cut him off. "Because of what I am and Dumbledore paying him to raise me. I overheard a conversation between them and that they beat up a muggle born...they beat up Lily." his eyes trailed over to her and she gave a weak smile.

"My boyfriend/fiancee fixed me up well now, didn't he?" she asked him, smiling as she gave James a short kiss on the lips. Sirius shook his head.

"Jamie here." he reminded them. When they did pull away, James unhid Jamie and said, "My son-I'm leaving with him, his gorgeous mother and his uncle or uncles."

"I'll go." he had everything packed in a duffle bag which he hid under the table.

Together, the four friends decided that night to leave for New York...they will return in nineteen years...

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A/N: James' mother believed in the Dark Lord who killed her husband and in turn-the Dark Lord killed her.