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The Jedi Council is now in session...

Smoothing his robes as he stood, Mace Windu addressed the Jedi Council. Most were older, some were men, some were women, one was Anakin Skywalker, and all had just the slightest air of consternation about them. Master Windu began.

"Council members, you all know why we are here. With all that is going on with the war, the Separatists, the Senate, and this unknown Sith Lord, most other things have drifted off to the sidelines, outside of our scope of attention. However, I do not believe I am the only one here who has had run-ins with the problem we are here to discuss... and it has become a problem."

Various sounds of agreement could be heard from all around the council chamber, with expressions ranging from meditative serenity to the scowl on Anakin Skywalker's face. Mace Windu continued. "Our visions of the future had been shadowed enough, with the Dark Side of the Force being used to conceal Darth Sidious's plans, but with all this traveling back and forth in time, it's impossible to know what is real anymore, and what is fantasy."

One Jedi Master spoke up. "I, for one, have been unable to meditate with all these disturbances in the Force," he said, trying not to wring his hands. "It's been like that for nearly a month!" Other Jedi nodded, murmuring about their own reactions.

A Twi'lek female tilted her head. "I also have had difficulty in meditation. What is more, I have often times been asked to take on some of these future visitors as padawans, only to have them dissappear before the end of the week."

Obi-wan Kenobi nodded. "I also have experienced... hardships. Every now and then, my old master Qui-Gon will come back to life, having been Anakin's Master instead of me, and then he will dissappear, never having survived Darth Maul's attack," he said, exchanging a look with Anakin. "And Anakin and I are still getting over last week's... well... body switching incident..."

Anakin stirred uncomfortably, feeling the need to speak. "I keep getting these visions of the future, then forgetting them before I can tell anyone about them... " he murmured, looking as though he hadn't slept well in weeks.

Yoda nodded sagely. "Many visitors have I had in the middle of the night, claiming that to change history, their mission was," he said, "or that, their secret I must keep." The Jedi Master sighed. "Tired of lying to the council on their behalf, have I become..." The others nodded, sighing. It was obvious that many of them could all do with a good night's rest.

"I'm sorry, Masters, this is all my fault," Anakin Skywalker said, remorsefully. "Most of the time it's my descendants who are doing the travelling through time.." Not to mention himself, he thought, but did not want to think about that experience again.

Yoda narrowed his eyes. "Discuss the reason you even have descendants, we will not," he said, casting his stern look first at Anakin, then at any of the other Jedi who wished to debate this. "However, your fault this is not. On the shoulders of myself and Obi-wan Kenobi, the weight of this burden lies."

Obi-wan's eyes went wide. "Me? Master Yoda, I don't understand..."

Yoda grunted. "These visitors from the future, many times sent by our future selves, they were," he explained, which caused Obi-wan to scowl.

"We can't be blamed for the actions of our future selves, any more than Anakin can be blamed for the actions of Darth Vader!" he exclaimed, for the moment losing his grasp on his trademark Jedi calm.

Master Windu gave him a dark look. "We aren't supposed to know about Darth Vader yet, Obi-wan, not until after Anakin helps the Emperor kill me and massacres all the younglings here at the temple," he warned.

Anakin's hand hit his head. "Oh, yeah, that's what those visions were about... it all seems so simple until I... wait, what was I just saying?" he asked, a blank look on his face.

Master Windu shook his head, then turned his attention back to Obi-wan. "Master Kenobi, Master Yoda's right. While the two of you aren't the only cause of these disturbances, you are the main cause. Every time we get some Solo kid in here, he or she has some story to tell about how one of your ghosts from the future told them to come back and try to keep Anakin from turning to the Dark Side. Even Qui-Gon's ghost has been implicated a couple of times."

Anakin looked up. "Wait, I'm not going to turn to the Dark Side! What are you talking about?"

Ignoring him, Master Windu lifted his hands pleadingly to the council. "It's obvious that the only way to stop this incessant time-jumping is to make a rule not to command, help, or even allow, anyone to go back into the past, for any reason at all. Is this agreeed to by all?" he asked.

There was a pause, then one Jedi after another nodded his or her head, even Anakin and Obi-wan. Mace Windu smiled. "Good, it's settled. There will be no more-"

He was inturrupted by a disturbance in the Force, so strong everyone in the council could feel it, and suddenly, three young children appeared from thin air into the middle of the room. They all had lightsabers, and everyone in the council groaned audibly.

The kids looked at eachother, confused, then one of them spoke. "Hi, I'm Jacen-"

"We know," Master Windu cut in, sighing as he fell back into his seat in exhaustion. "We already know."

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