It was the third day of Temari's PMS.

No one had been killed yet.


The two younger brothers of Temari had figured out, very early, about what turned on that little button inside of her hormone-infested mind with the label 'commence mindless violence'.

Others, either luckily, or unluckily, did not have the experiences of these boys, and thus, put themselves into mortal danger whenever they were in a forty-seven kilometer radius of the blonde female.

One thing that slammed down that little button in her mind immediately after it is stated, is, just simply; stating the obvious.

Gaara learnt this one very, very quickly.

Unfortunately, the person who had decided to pop over and visit... didn't.

Gaara sat on one of the recliners in the sitting-room, a glass of crushed ice and a little bit of apple-juice cupped in his hands, cooling his fingers. Naruto sat on the recliner opposite him, one leg thrown over the side of it, and a glass of water in his hand.

The blonde boy babbled on about things that had been happening in Konoha, waving a hand in the air when it seemed to make whatever he was speaking about more important. He spoke of Konohamamu's apparent crush on Moegi –whoever those two were–, about some new pubs that were getting built for the Hokage, and was about to go on about someone called 'Erro Sennin' who, apparently, had asked the Hokage to marry him– when Temari walked in.

Temari stood in the doorway, looking, for all the world, like the undead. Her face was chalky-pale, she had dark shadows under her eyes, her hair was a tangled mess, and she seemed to be slouching more than usual.

Gaara promptly fixed his eyes on the floor and scooped some crushed ice into his mouth with a spoon.

Naruto, being the brainless ninja he was, looked up. "Hi, Temari," he chirped. "How are you?"

The boy had become a regular in Gaara's home. Somehow, the blonde would just walk in, plop himself down, and even take up residence in the spare room whenever it fitted him. Gaara never really told the blonde to bugger off, because, he owed everything to him. Naruto didn't seem to notice, and just took it for Gaara being nice.

"Shitty," answered Temari, skulking past the two boys and toward the kitchen.

The red-head crunched on the ice without a word.

Naruto nodded brightly. "Yeah, but, it's a nice day, though!"

Gaara choked.

A low sound, almost like an angry cat floated into Naruto's ears. The blonde blinked and looked around. Gaara only had an octopus, and Kyo the cat was outside. What was making that sound, then?

Slowly, a shadow fell over Naruto, and the young blonde boy looked up: to see Temari towering over him, the air around her, seeming to crackle and hiss.

The female blonde slowly raised a hand, before she slapped Naruto strait across the cheek, breaking the sound-barrior, and making the young boy fly across the room and slam into one of the bookcases of the opposite wall, loose pages fluttering down around him.

Turning and stomping off, Temari left Naruto to blink at her back with his mouth hanging open.

After a moment of hesitation, Gaara shuffled over, kneeling beside the blonde boy and looking at the large, bright red hand-mark sprawled across his left cheek. Deciding to be helpful for once, the red-head raised his glass of crushed ice and placed it's calming chill against Naruto's rapidly-going-purple cheek.

Naruto gaped openly at Gaara, since Temari had disappeared from the scene a while ago.

Gaara blinked at Naruto in questioning.

"What did I do?" Naruto squeaked tearfully.

((TBC. Thought I'd write another chapter for this. They're getting a bit too long for my taste, though. Argh. Anyway, a thing I loathe during my own PMS, is, of course, someone stating the obvious, or something I already know. So, I decided to write a drabble about it. This chapter has a small homage to my Kazekage Misadventures drabblefic, just because I wanted to put it in there for fun. Please enjoy, and, no Narutos were harmed in the making of this drabble.))