Making My Way to You

Part 1

Sam's Pov

They had been in and out of so many different schools, yet always it remained the same. Dean was the hot, bad ass, muscular senior who didn't give a shit about anything; the girls flocked to him like he was made of 100 chocolate. And Sam was Dean's little brother. Sam had friends, sure, but they were always the geeky nerdy type. He had tried to fit in, but to become a "social elite" one was required to other play a rugged manly sport, and play it well, or else like his brother, piss on the rules and anyone else who abides by them. Sam walked out of the school building, pack slung over one shoulder walking beside the latest loser who clung to Sam like he was the only chance of friendship this kid was ever gonna get. Dean had skipped school that day, Sam knew because Dean had dropped him off that morning told him to 'have fun learning his ABC's and try not to bore himself to death' before driving off, no doubt to meet some hot older college babe and ad another notch to his bed post.

So when Dean showed up to pick up Sam after school, after obviously wagging, leaning on the side of the impala borrowed from his father, the entire school stood to notice. The senior girls were standing around him, with knees cocked and twiddling long hair in their fingers, guys gathered, laughing and taking the shit out of other guys seeking for Dean's approval. Sam stopped and just stood to watch his brother and the groupies. For a long time Sam didn't understand what was so damn interesting about his brother. He was a pain in the arse, he teased, and ridiculed and played his music too loudly, he was always making crude jokes, mucking up Sam's hair or picking fights which resulted in wrestling and mucking about which always got them into trouble. As Sam got older he realised that there were other things about his brother too, the way Dean constantly looked out for him, if there were bullies (which there usually were) that selected Sam as a prime target, they suffered extreme role reversal when Dean was through with them. Dean never yelled at him for no reason or left him out, hell Dean was always encouraging Sam to go with him to parties or stuff like that.

Then Sam even began to like the other stuff too, the wrestling became more playful and enjoyable, the teasing worked both ways, crude jokes were…well there were still crude jokes (which bordered closely on innuendo, but Sam would never ask Dean of that), he didn't even mind it when they both got into trouble. They'd serve out their punishments with shit eating grins on their faces. Sam would have been perfectly happy for his admiration to end there, for him to always see his big brother as that, his hero and best friend, but nnnoooo. Stupid bloody hormones. Sam began to notice other things about Dean. His freckles for one, they went from being annoying things Sam had to look at when Dean had him pinned and tickling the crap out of him, to really cute dots that danced around his brother's gorgeous green eyes. Sam also began to notice the golden tan of Dean's skin, the way, when Dean was working out, the sun would hit his wet skin and he would seem to glow, Sam would find himself starring and strangely parched. Speaking of shirtless Dean, his muscles? Far more attractive than any pair of tits Sam had ever seen.

Oh god, and Dean's lips, every time Dean drank from a bottle, or licked sauce or ice-cream or any god damn thing off his lips Sam would stare completely captivated and think how wonderfully soft those lips would be, but forceful too, since everything that was Dean was a tad aggressive. And that ass!...well you get the point, Sam had gone from simple admiration (coughs hero worship), to a school girl crush, to full blown boners, that refuse to go down without certain attention, lust for his own big brother.Naturally this had freaked him out and caused a long grief period about how sick he was that he wanted his brother. Before finally giving up, not being able to stand jacking off to thoughts of his brother and pretending it was because he looked like some actress he saw in a magazine…not that Sam reads ladies magazines…at all.

Beside him the geek boy is still yabbering in his ear about something…satellite's orbiting Jupiter or whatever and Sam's still watching the his brother swarmed by admirers. Dean finally looked up and laid his eyes on Sam. He face lit up and he raised up his hand
'Sammy! Hey Sammy come on man!' Dean shouted across the square.
Sam blushed at the childhood nickname and tried to ignore the snickers and laughs of Dean's groupies. Sam readjusted the pack on his shoulder, said good-bye to Jupiter boy and walked over to Dean.
'Hey Sammy, how was school?' Dean asked in front of his "friends".
'It's Sam,' he grumbled and the senior's laughed.
'Check out the big man,' one of the guys said 'Wants to ditch the potty and piss standing up like the rest of us,'
The group laughed and Sam ducked his head.
'Aww he's so cute!' one of the girls said knocked him with her shoulder 'How can you stand not just gobbling him up Dean?'
'With all the will power I can muster' Dean didn't take his eyes away from Sam's and smirked. Sam blushed to the roots of his hair, damn puberty, turning every damn thing into sexual innuendo. Then again Dean could say 'hairy mole' and still sound sexy as hell.
'He doesn't look much like you,' another girl said 'are you sure he's your brother?'
Dean's eyes darkened but hid his anger well.
'Of course he's my brother, never leave home without him, right Sammy boy?' Dean grinned at him 'Beside's in some ways he's a lot like me,'
'He doesn't have your looks though does he Dean?' one of the girls said and touched Dean's arm. Sam clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.
'He may not look like me, but he's gonna be a looker, it's in the genes,' Dean stated 'Neways, we gotta take off, come on Sammy,'
'Yeah you don't wanna miss the kids bedtime' one smart arse said. Sam opened the passenger's door and climbed in. Dean sat in the drivers seat, started up the engine and tore out of there, revving up the engine a little more than was necessary. Sam slouched down into his chair and stared out the window.
'Aw come on Sammy, don't pout, they were only kidding around,' Dean excused.
'No Dean, they were right,' Sam argued.
'What do you mean?'
'I'm not like you, we're completely different,' Sam pointed out.
'Nah, don't be stupid,'
'I'm not Dean! I'm absolutely nothing like you. I'm some geeky kid, and your…they're right, it's hard to believe we're brothers,' Sam scowled.
'That's a loud of crap Sam. You're a lot like me, your stubborn as all hell, you got a killer left hook, you're smart, fun…when you want to be…sometimes,'
'Dean I'm serious!'
'So am I,'
'But look at us Dean, you're all calm and funny and laid back and cool. I'm some geeky kid who's uptight and too shy to function, nobody gives a shit about me, and everyone likes you' Sam grumbled.
'Ah, so that's what this is all about. Don't worry Sammy, you'll find a girl, you just gotta score one of those hot math babes,'
'That's not what I'm talking about Dean,'
'So this isn't about attracting someone pretty?' Dean asked unconvinced. Sam bit his lip and looked at his hands folded in his lap.
'Well…kinda…but there's no way I can measure up to them,' Sam sighed.
'That's a load of crap, trust me Sammy. You got this whole pretty boy puppy dog eyes thing going for you, if you wanted to you could make 'em melt,' Dean clarified.
'It's impossible,' Sam shook his head and sighed.
'How's that?'
'Cause the person…this person is, well…they're really hot,' Sam blushed.
'Yeah? What else Sammy?' Dean asked with a huge smirk on his face.
'They're tanned and tall and beautiful, everyone is attracted to…this person, with the most perfect body on the planet…salivatingly sexy,' Sam ducked his head unable to meet his brothers gaze and pretended to stare out the window ' everyone sees it, but they don't see what I see, they see lips and butt and muscles and eyes and yeah that's a big part of it but they don't see what elese makes them so….great. They're funny, and fun and they make me laugh, and they care about me, watch over me…not in the way I'd like them to though, that could never happen but…I just can't help it. They just…I really like…-,'

'Sam,' Dean spoke. Sam looked up in shock, unaware that somewhere amongst all that they had pulled over, and oh god, Dean was looking at him like he was in pain. Dean knew, and now he hated him and…oh god what had he done. Tears stung Sam's eyes and he ducked his head desperately trying to keep them all back.
'I'm sorry Dean, I didn't mean it, just forget it,' Sam clenched his fists in his jeans and bit his lip. 'I didn't say anything, please Dean. I'm so sorry don't hate me,'
'Look at me Sammy,' Dean instructed.
Sam lifted his head and reluctantly opened his eyes. Dean raised a hand and whipped away one the tear trails with his thumb, before trailing it down and running it over Sam's lips.
'What I'm going to give to you now is for today and today only. This can never go on beyond this, because it's wrong and we can get into a lot of trouble. Dad can never know about it, it'll just be between you and me. Okay Sammy?' Dean asked.

Sam nodded, absentmindedly before Dean leant forward and brushed his lips delicately against Sam's, who gasped at the surprising actions of his brother. Dean ran his tongue over Sam's bottom lip before taking it between his lips and sucking gently. Sam shut his eyes and gave himself over to the sensation, and oh god, it felt so perfect, only hotter, because it was Dean, Dean was kissing him and he knew his cheeks would be so damn red right now, but then Dean parted Sam's lips and swept his tongue inside and Sam couldn't care. When Dean's tongue brushed Sam's both of them physically jolted and moaned into the kiss. Sam opened his mouth eagerly for Dean to taste all he wanted. They both moved, getting closer and closer to each other until they were bodily pressed up against one another, hands clasping and t-shirts and backs. Mouths meeting eagerly tongues tasting desperately, there was so much heat, Dean's touch was so hot, so fierce. Dean rested his hand on Sam's thigh and the younger boy thrust, eagerly desperate for that hand to go lower. That's when Dean, pulled away and rested his forehead against Sam's. They both sat there, sharing hot breath and trying desperately to calm down.

'That's it Sam, we can never do this again,' Dean clarified. Sam nodded, but he knew, that this one time would never be enough. He needed more of his brother, and now he know Dean wanted that too. He really loved his brother, knew him better than any one else, that's how he knew, even though Dean made it perfectly clear that it would never happen again. It was only a matter of time before it did.

A/N: YAY! my first wincest fic! I LOVE supernatural, and i cannot live without wincest, so this story is a long time coming, but finally i wrote one and being the sick pervert that i am i wrote an underage sam/dean fic hehehe, love it, now to go read more wincest tralalallaala