Part 3B

Sam has never wanted anything more than he wants Dean. Not that that's anything new, Sam always wants Dean, practically every time he gets a glimpse of his brother shirtless, his balls twitch and he'll take a moment to step back and admire Dean's raw beauty. Sam's feelings had only intensified since that time in the impala. He never knew anything as wonderful as Dean's kiss, as hot as Dean's breath on his neck, or as intoxicating as Dean's touch. He hungered for his brother more than anything else. Dean's touch was like wild fire, Dean took everything Sam offered, he did things to Sam that made him blush scarlet when he awoke the next morning to find Dean grinning at him devilishly and commenting on how Sam had reacted; because Sam never at any time had control when Dean's hands were on him. And Sammy, as it turned out, was a screamer. It took all of his will power and Dean's awareness and mouth to stop Sam from crying out to his brother when Dad was in the vicinity.

Sam and Dean were addicted to each other. Every time they had available they ate each other alive, like god damn newlyweds. Usually when Sam finished school, Dean would wait for him out front with the impala. The other students would flock to him as usual, but Dean just pushed them aside when Sam came out to meet him. Sam would grin smugly and touch Dean in some way, graze of hands, bumping shoulders…discreet grasp of Dean's perfect ass, to let Dean know just how much he had missed him and needed him. Then Dean would drive until they had reached a secluded area, or seemingly deserted highway, and he would pull over. Sam practically threw himself into his brothers arms then there would be heat and tongue and skin on skin, needy hands and desperate touching. Sam loved it when Dean finally allowed his hand to grasp Sam's aching hard cock and tease and pump and caress him while Sam clutched onto Dean's shoulders or hair or back and cry out with abandon.

Sam especially loved it when Dean would give him that gorgeous smirk and slowly move down Sam's body, or move so damn quickly that Sam didn't even realise it until Dean had his hot wet mouth on Sam's cock. Last night had been particularly spectacular. When Dean was sucking everything out of him and Sam was digging his claws into the upholstery, Dean had slipped his saliva soaked fingers inside of Sam and brushed across something wonderful. They had never gone the entire way before but Sam was turning 16 this week. He had finally grown into himself and it was if Dean were recognising that Sam wasn't a kid anymore, that Sam was becoming a man. And men could do certain things kids couldn't. It was if Dean were giving him an initiation and Sam had wanted Dean deep inside him. He told Dean so and Dean was halfway out of his pants when some fucking asshole had fallen asleep at the wheel and crashed into the back of the impala. Luckily the guy was barely doing 10km/h, so there was really no harm done. Just damage to Dad's gorgeous car. So naturally, Dean was punished to fix up the car himself, spending the better part of both his and Sam's supposed day together to work on the impala in Bobby's garage, whom they were currently staying with… for a few months at least. Which was just so unfair. Sam had been looking forward to the sex. Dean wasn't very happy either. Sometimes it was like their Dad knew exactly what they were planning and deliberately jammed that spanner in the works.

Sam was so horny and really missed his brother. This was supposed to be their day and he was going to be spending it alone. Sam ran into the kitchen and grabbed the shirt Dean thrown into the hamper the night before, he had been wearing it yesterday and a few days before (Dean believed in getting good mileage out of his clothes before he gave them up to be washed) and shoved it on. Immediately filing his senses with the delicious smell of Dean. Just the sweet smell of his brother made him so damn hard. Sam breathed it in deep and ran his hand over his bare erection and groaned deep in his throat. He began to pump himself and imagined Dean's hot breath on his ear and Dean's deep voice whispering delicious dirty words. Sam spread his legs that little bit wider and began to speed up. Sam remembered the taste of Dean's cock and groaned at the memory of when they had sixty-nine'd on the desk of the principal of the school they had attended to finish Dean's senior year. It had been Dean's way of celebrating graduation and god did they. It had been so fucking good. One of Sam's favourite 'Deancest' encounters, as he liked to call them.

The taste of Dean was scorched on his tongue forever. Strong, salty and slightly bitter, but still Dean, Sam couldn't get enough of it and the thought of sucking his brother's dick always got him off. Sam's eyes rolled back into his head, so horny, so unfair. Dean should have fucked the living hell out of him at least twice by now, instead he was left with an old shirt and his hand. Sam stopped his actions and huffed. He ran back over to his underwear and jeans, slipped them back on, grabbed a couple of beers from the fridge and raced from the apartment. He was going to go pay Dean a visit.

Sam wisely decided to peer through the window rather than go obeying his cock and running straight in, slamming his brother against the wall and ravishing the hell out of him. However, the sight that greeted Sam made him regret not making that decision. Bobby was working in the corner of the rundown yet still functioning garage. Dean…Dean was shirtless and sweating from the midafternoon sunny, summer heat. Car grease stained his muscular chest, shoulders and hands. Dean's trousers were lying tauntingly low on his hips, showing off that dark trail disappearing under the trousers and that delicious groove Sam absolutely loved to thrust against. Sam's already painfully aroused member twitched at the sight of his half naked, sweaty and filthy brother. Sam wanted those dirty hands on him so badly.

Sam had always wanted Dean to be his first, always wanted his brother to be the one whispering encouraging words into his ear as he eased himself inside of Sam, to gaze into Sam's eyes and make love to him gently…but the sight Sam was faced with, inspired lust moreso than love, Dean's greased and brown skin and muscles and wild hair and muscles and sweat and muscles…Sam turned and entered through the wide open doors of the garage. Bobby looked up as he entered and smiled welcomely.

'Hey there Sam, what you doing here?' Bobby asked.

'It's a hot one, thought I'd bring you two a beer? Sam asked 'Since you've been working all day,'

Dean turned around and their eyes met. Dean's jaw clenched and his hand fisted, undeniable lust showed in his brother's face and Sam's knees nearly gave out at the sight.

'Sure thing, but none of that shit your Daddy buys, it's Budweiser or bust for me, I'll just go get one from my mini fridge, and join you boys for a breather,'

Bobby turned and disappeared out of sight and Sam pressed his body against Dean, rubbing his erection against Dean's thigh.

'God I need you so much,' Sam groaned, Dean's arms automatically locked around him and began running patterns on his back. Sam leaned down and brushed his lips across Dean's neck.

'Missed you, needed you so much and you weren't there,' Sam breathed.

'Oh god Sammy, missed you too. I've been hard all damn week thinking about what I was going to do to you today. Wanted it to be special, got candles and strawberries. I'm so sorry, stupid Dad, I wanted it to be special,'

Sam's heart practically tore.

'Don't need special, just you Dean. Always you,' Sam leaned further into Dean's neck and breathed in the smell of oil, engine, sweat and Dean.

'Can't now Sammy. Bobby'll be back any second,' Dean

'I want you to fuck me Dean,' Sam spoke plainly.

'Son of a bitch' Dean groaned and pulled Sam back from him at arms length, 'Want to, and I will Sammy just not now,'

Bobby walked in with his Budweiser and gestured toward the back of the junk yard.

'Found some meat patties in the fridge from last week, chucked em on the barbeque out back, boys wanna join me for some lunch?' Bobby asked.

'Sounds great,' Dean pulled his arms away from his brother sharply 'I'll go get some buns from the kitchen,'

Dean turned and walked through the side door connecting to the house. Bobby turned and looked at Sam.

'I'll go get the ketchup,' Sam took off after his brother.

Dean was digging through the cupboard when Sam came in.

'What you doing Sammy?' Dean asked.

Sam moved up to his brother, slid one hand on Dean's thigh, as he reached over him, pressing his chest against his brother's side to pick up the bottle of ketchup from the shelf above before stepping back and grinning broadly with ketchup bottle in hand. Dean's jaw clenched.

'You're the biggest god damn tease I know,' he hissed.

'Tease means to never follow through, I'm trying to do jut the opposite…inspiring you to take action,'

'You're trying to seduce me?' Dean asked with laughter in his voice.

'Well it's working isn't it?' Sam smirked.

'Huh,' Dean shook his head grabbed the bread rolls and held them up in front of Sam.

'Come on, let's go grab some grub.' The boys opened the screen door and it screeched as it shut behind them. They walked out under the hot sun over toward the grill where Bobby was, in the middle of the junkyard, a few feet from what appeared to be a stolen park table and bench on both sides.

'You know you don't need to seduce me Sammy,' Dean spoke beside him 'Hell if anyone should be doing any seducing it's me, you're the innocent young virgin here,'

'Oh please Dean I'm hardly innocent,' Sam rolled his eyes.

'Sure you are, you delicate little flower you,' Dean smirked.

'Oh shut up, I'm not an innocent flower, and no one should know that better than you,' Sam pointed out 'Considering you're the one that taught me everything I know, in the car, in the house, in school, I mean jesus Dean you're the one that sucked me off on a swing set. If that's not the image of taking innocence I don't know what is,'

Dean adjusted himself at the memory. He discreetly admired Sammy realising just how much he wanted his brother when he realised something else.

'Hey is that my shirt?'

Sam looked down with a obviously faked expression of 'oh what this?'

'Sam I've worn that for five days straight, including training yesterday, it must stink dude!'

'I know, that's why I wore it. So I could smell you on me while I waking off in the house.' Sam grinned wickedly and Dean froze where he stood. Sam kept walking toward the barbeque however shouted over his shoulder 'Inspired to action yet Dean?'

Dean slumped down next to Sammy with an incredibly large hard on and burger in hand.

'I just love meat, know what I mean Dean?' Sam asked. While Bobby brought over the last of the burgers. Dean had had enough really and knew the only way to shut his brother up. To give him exactly what he wanted. Dean discreetly had his left hand vanish from the table and place it on Sam's knee. Sam looked at Dean out of the corner of his eye and bit into his burger. Dean began to run his touch up and down the inside of Sammy's leg. Bobby sighed and took a large chunk out of his own.

'Too bad your daddy ain't here. Loves home grilled burgers, and I think I even got some hot dogs in the freezer,' Bobby remarked.

'Yeah, too bad,' Dean spoke and moved his hand up to Sammy's thigh.

'So Sammy final year of school this year, looking forward to it?' Bobby asked.

'Yeah,' Dean took great pride in the waver in his brother's voice at that moment, it was also the same moment Dean pressed his palm against Sam's dick. He began to rub and took another big bite out of his burger.

'I was catain of the football team in my senior year. Made things hell of a lot easier for me, back in ancient times that meant I could get away with anything, pass every class, and have my choice of the cheerleaders,' Bobby grinned at the memories.

'It still does,' Sam said 'But Dad doesn't let us join school teams,'

'No point since we leave the school in a couple months anyway,' Dean pointed out and unzipped his brothers pants, covering up the sound with a belch.

'Good burgers Bobby,' Dean saluted the food with a skull of one of Bobby's Budweiser's. Sam bit his lip and choked back a moan when Dean's hand slid into the front of his pants.

'For the best I guess, I'm sure you'll have no troubles with school anyways Sammy,' Bobby smiled 'I gotta get back to work, you can take off now Dean, go spend the day with your brother being sixteen is something to celebrate. Just don't do anything I wouldn't….don't do anything that will land you boys in trouble,'

'Aww Bobby come on, you know what they say "a friend will always try to talk you out of trouble but a true friend will supply the bail money!"' Dean grinned.

'That's "A friend will bring bail money, but a true friend will be in the cell sitting beside you saying "man we really screwed up"' Sam corrected. Dean squeezed Sam's cock in reply and made the younger whimper.

When Bobby was out of eye and hearing range Sam hoped up and stradeled Dean's lap, grasping Dean's hair and yanking back his brother's head to lick his way into his brother's mouth. Dean parted his lips for him, and tongues met and slid against each other. Sam began humping against his brother and whined low in his throat. All thoughts of romance out the window and only wanting more of Dean.

'Want you to fuck me Dean, fuck me in your shirt,' Sam whispered.

'Later, not now, for the first time you're going to be completely naked. Now take off the clothes,' Dean ordered. Sam shivered and raised the shirt up and over his head, and shimmied the already undone pants off his hips, leaving him in his tighty whities. They pressed their chests together, Dean's still slicked with sweat and smeared with car grease. Dean stood and sat Sam down on the edge of the table and got to work on his own pants. They slid off and Sam groaned at the sight of his fully naked and golden brother, who just had to be designed for sex. Dean pushed his brother back on the table and climbed up after him. Sam grasped him and thrust up into him.

'Easy there tiger, we're gonna take this slow, want the first time to last, so you've got lots to remember,' Dean spoke. Sam nodded and forced himself to calm down. Dean smiled down at him and ran his hands over his brother's body, making Sam whimper and moan and cry out for 'more oh god yes DEAN'.

Dean was sucking all of Sam out through his dick. Sam arched up to his brother and clutched to the sides of the table, his breathing ecstatic, his chest heaving as Dean took more and more into his mouth.

'Taste so good Sammy,'

Dean always got carried away sucking Sam's cock, sometimes he'd just spend hours down there tasting and smelling and licking, nothing of Sam was hidden from Dean. Dean sucked every inch of Sam's cock, ran his tongue over his balls and behind them to his ass. Dean had seen and tasted all of Sammy and it made him feel so exposed, so tainted and exploited, Sam loved every second of it. Dean tongued the slit and Sammy spread his legs wider, arching and crying out in the junkyard. He was so close, Dean offered his fingers up to Sammy who sucked them into his mouth eagerly, he tongued them and sucked them and bit them, before Dean had to tear them away from his mouth and place them at Sam's entrance. Sam felt them enter press further into him, he shuddered and bit his lip as Dean sucked and stretched and scissored and sucked and stretched. Sam was shaking with it all, he had never felt like this, so out of control, Dean was owning him. This was ownership. Sam had wanted it for so long tears fell from his eyes.


Dean pulled his fingers out from his brother and licked the tears from his brother's face.

'It's okay Sammy, it's alright. I'm not going to hurt you. Gonna make you mine, always going to take care of you. Promise,' Dean whispered.

Sam nodded. Dean seemed to pluck a condom from the air, but Sam grabbed his wrist and shook his head.

'Only you,' Sam whispered. Dean's dick twitched and he nodded.

'You ready?' Dean asked. Sam spread his legs wide in front of Dean, exposing everything to his brother. Dean growled and eased himself inside his brother. When Dean reached halfway Sam whimpered in pain and Dean forced himself to stop. Sam was panting and looked up at his brother in surprise.

'Why did you stop?' Sam asked.

'Not going to hurt you Sammy,'

'It's my first time Dean, no matter what you do it's going to hurt,'

'Not if I-,' Dean was cut off when Sam impaled himself of Dean's cock, forcing all of Dean inside him. Dean cried out in pure pleasure as he slid home.

'Oh god!' Dean cried and rested his forehead on Sam's chest.

'Sammy, your….so tight, hot…finally in you…so good,' Dean looked up at his brother's face and knew this was what Sam had wanted from him, the pleasure was a bonus, what Sam had always wanted was this, the intimacy of having Dean inside him. Of being truly being connected with each other, the closest two people can get. Two lovers can get.

'You're always going to be a part of me now Dean,' Sam whispered.

Dean bent down and pulled Sammy in for a soul searing kiss.

'Love you Sammy,'

Tears fell with those words, Dean had never spoken before. Sammy pulled him closer.

'You too Dean,'

Dean looked into Sam's eyes, and hoisted one of his brother's legs over his shoulder and began to move. He started carefully, slowly and gently thrusting in and hot of his hot little brother's arse. Teasing his brother's prostate until Sam had to scream for Dean to go harder. Dean let loose then, he began to pound his brother into the table. Their kisses became all tongues, Sam wrapped his legs like a vice around his brother, crying out with abandon as Dean lost all control hearing the sinful noises coming from his little brother in mixes of 'Ah, ah, ah, ah oh god, hard, more, don't stop, crap DEAN' Sam came without Dean laying a hand on his cock. Dean spilled himself inside his brother and collapsed. He awoke to feelings of his hair being stroked, and looked up to Sam's gorgeous eyes starring into his.

'You passed out,' Sam stated the obvious.

'Yeah, never happened to me before,' Dean sat up and ran a hand up and down Sam's side, a habit he had gotten into.

'It was good?' Sam asked.

'Mind blowing Sammy, you were mind blowing,' Dean smirked.

'I barely did anything,' Sam pointed out.

'You didn't have you, just having you was more than enough, but don't worry, with all the mind blowing amazing sex we'll be having your bound to pick up a few things,' Dean bent down and licked the remaining cum off Sam's chest, another habit he had gotten into.

'God I love it when you do that,' Sam groaned. The sound of something crashing brought them back to earth and Dean jumped off the table to get back into his jeans.

'Could be Bobby,' Dean spoke. Sam nodded and slid off the table to do the same, wincing slightly as he did so.

'You alright?' Dean asked.

'Yeah, just hurts a bit, which is to expected after what we just did I suppose?' Sam grinned.

'Kinda like a hangover, the well worth downside of a great time,' Dean smirked.

Bobby reappeared just when the boys got their pants back on. Bobby saw them and froze, before blushing a little and placing a package on the table.

'I ahh got you a present Sammy, happy birthday,' Bobby spoke.

'Thanks Bobby,' Sam smiled.

'Ahh sure…don't mention it…gonna get to work now…see ya,' Bobby turned and practically tore out of there.

'Oh god he knows,' Sam bit his lip and turned to Dean 'Do you think we were too loud?'

Dean turned to Sam and gave a laugh before pressing his lips together and choking it off.

'What? What is it?' Sam asked.

'Guess I should have washed all that grease off my hands beforehand huh?' Dean chuckeled.

Sam frowned and looked down. Dean's black hand prints and smears of grease covered Sam's chest, and even lead down underneath the waistband of little brother's pants. Sam looked up and grinned brightly.

'Guess you left your mark here, may as well have written Dean fucked me across my forehead,' Sam picked up Dean's smelly hamper shirt.

'Yeah well I like to mark my property,' Dean grinned.

'Your property huh?'

'Or territory whichever you'd like to think of it as, either way your mine now Sammy,' Dean grinned.

'Yeah well, I guess the grease will have to do for now,' Sammy sighed 'Until I'm allowed to get your name tattooed on my arse, something to look forward to on my eighteenth huh?'

Dean growled at the thought and palmed his already half hard dick. Sam shoved on Dean's shirt and grinned

'Let's head back to the house, you did promise to fuck me in your shirt remember?'

'Screw the house, the impala's closer,'