Three Ain't a Crowd

Chapter 1

By: Dbzf

Jack: Hey Mr. Furley.
Mr. Furley: Oh hello, is there something I can do for you?
Jack: Is my old Apartment rented?
Mr. Furley: No not yet.
Jack: Oh good.
Mr. Furley: Oh that's great.
Jack: Ok then goodbye. They hung up the phone.
Mr. Furley: LARRY!!, LARRY!!! He ran up to Larry's apartment. He banged and banged on the door.
Larry: What's wrong Mr. Furley.
Larry: Whoa really?
Mr. Furley: Well we better start a party. Meanwhile back at Jack's resturant.
Jack: So Janet were going back to our apartment.
Janet: Yeah but do you think it will be the same, you know with out Chrissy, Cindy, or Terri. They soon got there things and drove to the apartment. They walked up to Furley's door. They knocked.
Jack: I guess he's not there. They walked up the stairs with there heavy luggage.
Jack: (Moan)…This is so heavy! What did you put in here an iron!
Janet: Yeah, and some cloths.
Jack: I expect that from Chrissy. (Crowd laughs)
Janet: Well….They opened the door and found that the lights were still off.
Jack: I'd expect Furley to at least fix something in here.
Jack: Huh!
Mr. Furley: Oh I mean.
Everyone: SURPRISE!!!!! There Furley, Larry, Chrissy, Terri, and Cindy jumped out.
Jack: This is so great!
Janet: Yeah all our friends together again. But I have one question.
Mr. Furley: what is it?
Janet: How did you all fine the time to get down here?
Chrissy: Janet don't be stupid, we drove. (Crowd laughs)
Terri: And were all moving back in.
Janet: How is that going to be possible?
Mr. Furley: Well there's another apartment that has a big bedroom. So I could probably get some new beds and put them in the room.
Janet: Okay kind of confusing but ok. So after the confusing move they all got settled once again. The next few days Jack and everyone else were just relaxing. Janet walked into the living room and she seen Jack doing taxes.
Janet: Why don't you have a professional do that for you?
Jack: Because when I asked Larry he said no.
Janet: Well what do you expect with Larry the only thing he cares about is woman and money.
Jack: I know.
Janet: Jack you know my birthday is coming up? You remembered didn't you?
Jack: Um….yeah, yeah I remembered.
Janet: OK Jack. She walked out of the room. Shortly after Terri came into the room. He quickly stopped.
Jack: Terri I need you to hide this diamond necklace and diamond ring in the hall closet.
Terri: Jack it's beautiful what girl is it for?
Jack: Janet...