"Tonight, all roads lead to Sereitei Palace as Japan hosts the biggest Asian fashion event of the year! Top designers, super models and critiques all over the world will be gathered tonight to showcase their very best fashion offering for the year! We have heard that the Kuchiki empire princess will be coming tonight, fresh from her Manolo Blahnik pictorial in London, along with other personalities such as Super Model turned Fashion Editor, Shiounin Yourichi together with her long time partner – producer Urahara Kisuke.

In your screens now, wearing a champagne colored vintage Prada gown is the voluptuous Victoria's Secret Model, Rangiku Matsumoto. Coming in next is the owner of Fashion Today Magazine, Joushiro Ukitake together with Wine tycoon, Kyoraku Shunsui.

It has been announced that a lot more celebrities has confirmed their attendance for tonight, stay tuned here in Tokyo Entertainment News for more updates, this is your fashion correspondent Hinamori Momo, reporting.

"Now, now.. Hush my boy. This event wouldn't hurt at all! Maybe you could try to smile even just a tiny weeny bit.. come on, sweetie.. it won't hurt.." Shiounin Yourichi, the Former Super Model and Four-time "Sexiest Woman Alive" awardee fondly touches the scowling carrot head's cheeks as if forcing the man sitting across him to smile. This gesture has earned her another ton of death glare and a more permanent scowl now starting to show in his very handsome face.

"My, my, Youri-chan! I don't think Ichigo-san is in a very good mood today" commented the man sitting beside her with a smirk forming in the corner of his lips. Dressed in a crisp midnight blue tuxedo, Urahara Kisuke was able to maintain his cool casualness despite his formal get up.

Obviously unperturbed by the men's reactions, Yourichi continued to verbally torture the orange haired young man. "Ichigo-san, its the perfect time for you to finally come out and make your presence felt! And these people are the people to meet! Since you will be running your father's business now, you should..."

Covering his ears, Kurosaki Ichigo, the new COO of Japan's biggest televison network - Tokyo Televison finally spoke for the first time. "Yourichi-san, cut the crap! I'm here in your fucking car going to that godforsaken event! So for the life of me, Shut up!!"

"Oh my Kisuke, our little grandson is still having his tantrums at the age of 27!! Isn't he cute?!"

A frustrated scream from a certain orange haired televison tycoon could be heard from outside the sleek black limousine.


"Ow.. darn this gown!!" An annoyed Kuchiki Rukia exasperatedly examines the hem of her dark blue Versace gown.

"Having a garment problem, aren't we?!" A devastatingly handsome black haired man winked at the petite raven-haired girl.

"H-Hisagi!!" "W-what are you doing here?? I thought you were still in France! You just brought me in the airport yesterday!" Kuchiki Rukia blinked in apparent surprise.

"Oh.. I missed my cherie! I realized that Paris isn't as romantic when you're not there". Shuuhei Hisagi bowed to kiss Rukia's tiny fingers which are now curled in his hands.

"Paris or Tokyo, you never change Hisagi!" softly laughing at her close friend's romantic antics, Rukia hugs the taller guy and said her hellos. "I'm glad to see you here. Hiyori's driving me mad with all my scheduled appointments and new projects! And then there's Nii-sama.. Argh! I think I'm going to lose it!"

"Hush .. Now that I'm here, we'll going to make Tokyo as romantic as Paris ma cherie!" Hisagi chuckled as he fondly caresses Rukia's cheeks.

Kisuke Urahara, Shiuonin Yourichi and Kurosaki Ichigo arrived at the Sereitei Palace and was greeted by the press people, and a lot of old familiar faces – well atleast to these two old hogs, Kurosaki thought.

Ichigo silently scanned the place, he must admit that the place is not only big but is of good taste. From what he have heard, it was designed by a certain Toushiro Hitsugaya, the modern day architecture prodigy of Japan. He should really go back to check on this place again some other time, perhaps he can bring Karin and Yuzu – he smiled at this thought. No matter how stupid his father can be, his sisters are another story. He loves them with all his heart, and he would do anything just to make them happy. Happy. He quickly snapped out of his thoughts when an image of a certain girl began appearing on his mind.

"My, my, my godson! We are not planning to baby sit on you the whole evening, aren't we Yourichan?" Urahara said in his cool voice – too cool he noted, and somehow, Ichigo just knew that the old man is definitely up to no good.

"But ofcourse! I would love to have you ALONE for the night my love. You see, I've got former admirers, and you wouldn't want them hitting on me tonight, don't you?! Ichigo-san, please go around and enjoy yourself" teasingly, the lavander haired woman winked at the scowling Ichigo and smiled seductively to her grinning husband. "You won't mind, won't you little Ichigo?"

I am smelling something very fishy here. Ichigo thought as he turned his back from the two cuddling adults. "Whatever. Just tell me if we are leaving, - and I am telling you - the earlier the better!" He coldly retorted as he headed for the bar.

"Do you really think this little plan of yours will work?!" Yourichi whispered as they walk through the crowded ballroom.

"But Ofcourse! When did I ever fail you my Yourichan?" Urahara Kisuke beamed confidently as he nuzzled his nose to his wife's neck, which has earned him appreciative giggles from the darker woman.

I just can't believe they have dragged me into attending this! Damn, I should be home now. The young COO contemplated as he drank his second champagne glass. He was about to get his third glass when he caught a familiar girl standing close - somewhat too closely to a guy. "No friggin way she's here!".

Kurosaki Ichigo's world suddenly halted when the "familiar girl" turned around to whisper something to the guy she is holding hands with. "Rukia"

Kuchiki Rukia, is a well known figure in the country being the only and the younger sister of Kuchiki Byakuya – owner of the Kuchiki Enterprise – a conglomerate company servicing the Real Estate Industry and Transportation Industry in Japan. But her claim to fame and celebrity status is not solely because of their family businesses. Seven years ago, while working as a production assistant in a European Magazine, she became a replacement to a model who eloped the night before their scheduled pictorial. She ended up capturing photographers and critiques a like of her aristocratic innocence and frailty in less than a year, she became the most sought after Asian product model and endorser all throughout Europe. She was hero-worshipped in Japan for her accomplishments and had been Spokes Person to the United Nation from Japan.

Kuchiki Rukia was Kurosaki Ichigo's childhood friend. His father and her brother are fraternity brothers in college, they used to live in the same village and they used to have the same set of friends. They even went to the same school. Everything was going perfectly fine until that fateful day - eight years ago. They separated ways. And his world has never been the same again.

It has been eight years. Eight long damned years since he had last seen her. (Ofcourse, the magazines with her face plastered in the cover - his stupid father and conniving sisters regularly send him won't count) She is really here. In flesh and blood – just a few meters away from him. He drank the nearest glass he could reach and drained it in one gulp, realizing afterwards that its scotch. Great.

Kuchiki Rukia turned a little scarlet when Hisagi casually placed his arms around her tiny waist. It's not like she's inlove with the guy or something, Hisagi and her have been very close since she started modeling, although they never really had a formal romantic relationship. After all, Shunsui Hisagi is notorious for being a "lady's man". His gorgeousness is coupled by his highly artistic taste, he is not only a fashion model himself, but a very respected fashion photographer as well. They have maintained their friendship primarily because she never assumed nor demanded anything from him. Aside from his natural romantic gestures even in public, Hisagi never said anything to her. But tonight, somehow, she felt that there is something different with the way he is looking and holding her. And just like any typical girl, she can't help but feel excited and flattered.

If it was his third scotch or the fact that Rukia is practically being groped in front of him, he didn't know. What he knows though is that there was an unfamiliar screeching pain in his chest and a throbbing impulse to snatch Rukia away from that guy- and fast! He was never the possessive type, but somehow, tonight, he is having this inclination of kicking a certain black-haired guy's ass.

Rukia felt a burning sensation in her back, as if somebody is intently watching her. Thinking that it was just the press people wanting to know the "latest", she cheerfully turned, only to stiffen and felt the whole world crushing into her. "Y-Y..you..!!!"

"I can see that blue never fails to compliment you, …Rukia." Ichigo's amber eyes dangerously flickered as their gaze met.

"I-ichigo.." the raven haired super model blinked in apparent shock and disbelief, her expressive eyes widening. "No.. I must be dreaming…" she whispered as she disentangled her body from Hisagi.

"R-Rukia, ma cherie? Is there anything wrong? Y-you knew this guy?" Hisagi, obviously concerned moved his hands to her shoulders to caress her softly.

Flinching with the sight of Hisagi's hands in her oh-so-delectable shoulders the orange haired business tycoon decided to cut the contact by offering a firm handshake. "Kurosaki Ichigo, Rukia's childhood friend. Nice to meet you".

Hisagi accepted, although oblivious to the other man's deadly glare. "S-Same here.. Shunsei Hisagi, Rukia's….."

"C-can you please get me a glass of wine, Hisagi?" Rukia aws able to stop Hisagi before he could say anything. And what would he say? That he is my boyfriend? A close friend? Why would it even matter? This is just Ichigo for gods sake! Why am I panicking all of a sudden? Rukia confusedly asked her self. "..I.. I badly need a drink.. please". Her violent orbs pleading helplessly.

Leaving her alone with this guy isn't exactly what we wanted but Hisagi felt her need to be alone with him, sighing, he gave her a peck on the lips. "I'll be right back baby", he winked before turning his back to the couple.

As if on cue, Soi Fong, the party hostess appeared just before Hisagi reached the bar, and the poor model/photographer found himself being dragged at the farthest side of the ballroom, being introduced to all the VIPs present that night. Seeing this, Ichigo grabbed Rukia's arms and tugged her outside, away from everyone.

"GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME! … YOU.. YOU..!!" Rukia screamed as they reached the terrace.

"You what? –You handsome devil?" Ichigo menacingly smirked. "Ah Rukia, you never change. You are still as noisy as before.." he added as he intently looked at her.

Although she is used with this kind of scrutiny from the press and fashion photographers, it was Ichigo – and only Ichigo who can make her feel like this with just a mere glance. And now, Ichigo is looking at her so closely, she can hardly breath, she felt her knees swerving, her body trembling. God, after all these years, he can still affect me like this. She blinked, holding the metal railings to support her. Giving the coldest tone and emotionless face she could muster, she answered his stare. "You always enjoy teasing and tormenting me, don't you Kurosaki? After all these years, you haven't really changed."

Ichigo wasn't exactly listening to the words that she was saying but he cannot help but wince at the coldness of her voice. Despite her emotionless face, he is still mesmerized by her beauty. Yes, despite all these years, He – Kurosaki Ichigo has been and will always be captivated by her.

"We have nothing to talk about here Kurosaki-san, I should be going back inside, Hisagi must be looking for me." Ichigo's trance was cut with the mention of Hisagi's name. Could he possibly be? No.. but he called her cherie! And he kissed her right in front of her! Who the Fuck is that guy Rukia? Ichigo can only feel his rage surging.

Not receiving any reaction from Ichigo, Rukia turned her heels to go back inside the ballroom, but Ichigo was way faster-and stronger than she is. Before she could protest, she was already imprisoned in his chest, receiving a fierce kiss. A kiss full of questions, pain, loneliness.. and longing? A kiss, she must admit she missed all these years.


"Ichigo… who's your first kiss?" A beaming Rukia smiled expectantly at her friend who is currently reading his manga. They are in first year high school, and it is just one of those lazy afternoons that they just hang out at Ichigo's house.

"What the fuck are you talking about? Just draw Chappy and shut up! Idiot." An annoyed Ichigo answered, not even looking at her as he continued reading his manga.

"But.. but they are talking about it school.. and.. and.. Keigo asked me if I already have one.." Rukia looked away trying to hide her blushing cheeks.

Ichigo snapped upon hearing the name of his perverted friend. He knows that Keigo has a crush on Rukia, but he is not expecting him to make some moves on her.. Keigo must know that he will feel his wrath should he try to lay one finger at Rukia. "Did that idiot tried to kiss you???". Keigo is a dead man. As he sprinted to the door, preparing to beat the hell out of his 'former' friend.

"N-no! Ichigo! He did not- you dope! You seriously think I'd let him do THAT to me?!!" annoyed, Rukia pouted and crossed her arms across her chest. " I was just asking you because they said guys do it earlier!"

Now calming a bit, Ichigo returned to his "area" in his bed, as he starts to read his manga again. "What is it to you anyway?"

"I want to know!" Rukia moved closer to him still pouting her well defined lips. "I've known you since we were in diapers, and if you have kissed someone without my knowledge, then that means you have kept secrets from me!! So tell me! Have you kissed someone?? Who is she??!"

Ichigo rolled eyes and turned to face Rukia. "Do you really want to know?"

A wide smile appeared on her lips. "Very much!"

"Then.." Ichigo closed their gap and kissed Rukia on the lips. It was nothing deep, more of a slight brushing of their lips. Rukia felt her face burning but she must admit that she liked the warm feeling that Ichigo's lips is giving her. And as fast as the kiss have started, it has ended even before Rukia could muster anything.

"That Rukia, is my first kiss"

end of flash back

To be continued