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Gaara – 22

Hinata – 21

Kankurou – 24

Temari – 25


Three years later:

His aquamarine eyes was filled with worry. Its been four hours since they brought her in and he's never felt this kind of emotions before. He couldn't understand the feeling of turmoil that beat and tossed around in his heart.

Heart. He humphed as he thought of that word. Unconsciously touching the red kanji on his left forehead.

If I have a heart, she wouldn't be like this. Gaara, you're truly a monster. He said to himself. Unable to comprehend his situation right now. It all felt alien to him. What are these feelings? He kept questioning himself.

Anger? Frustration? Sadness?

It is nothing compared to……..Regrets.

Yup, that is what he is feeling right now. Regret.

If love is the greatest feeling in the world, then regret is its polar opposite. The worst feelings one could imagine. It will not only hound you everyday, but throughout all your lifetime. Until the day you breathe your last breath, it will still hound you.

After news reached to him about the truth, it took a lot of Temari and Kankurou's part in convincing him to go look for her. And it took quite some time for him to find her too. If only he had known much earlier…..she wouldn't have to suffer so much. The feeling and torture of going through everything….alone. Like he was, before.

Gaara beat his hands against the wall. His heart felt heavy and a burning sensation at the pit of his stomach was swirling with extreme nervousness. Then, he put his hand in his right pocket. He felt it there. A small black velvet box.

Gaara took the box out from his pocket and looked at it. He didn't want to open it, not yet and he was supposed to give it to her, which was long overdue. He gulped nervously.

Then, he felt a touch on his shoulders.

"Don't worry, she'll be fine," a blonde woman with four pigtails in her hair said to him. Her chocolate brown eyes looked at him sadly. It was obviously puffy and red after all the tearing and crying.

He didn't know what to say. It was like his mouth was filled with chalk and coal.

"Hn," was all he could managed to force out himself to say.

She walked back to her seat and hugged to herself.

"How is he?" the purple painted face man said to her. He too wore the same expression as she did. Worry.

"I think he'll be fine," Temari said, and it didn't sound that convincing either. Only that the both of them did not want to lose hope – that fast.

"I do hope she will, if not, I….I…don't know what to do," Kankurou looked sad. The last time he was this sad when old Grandma Chiyo sacrificed her life to save his brother's life.

Realising something is amiss, he looked at his sister. "Where is Shikamaru?"

"Oh, he'll be arriving soon. He's brought Shoza to Konoha to see his grandparents, and also to tell….tell…the…others about…Hinata-chan."

Kankurou looked at Gaara then back at his sister.

"You know what they'll do when they find out about this?" he demanded of Temari.

"I know," Temari's eyes were still puffy and red.

"They're not going to let him go off that easily, Temari," Kankurou said. "Especially that psychotic cousin of hers, her crazy sister, the obssesive ex-boyfriend and the whole freaking friends of hers in Konoha and not to mention the whole Hyuuga army will be marching at our borders. Great! I can't wait for the next war to come knocking on our doors."

Kankurou sighed. "Hanabi-chan is going to….murder me. I'm sure of it."

"We'll just have….to…explain….to them what really happened," Temari replied. Both of them looked at their youngest sibling. Refusing to contemplate what the worst could happen.

"How can you explain to a bunch of lunatics who thinks abandoning and turning one's own back on a helpless young woman who happens to be their good friend and family, who just so happens to be the kazekage's lover who also happens to be….with child….is justified??" Kankurou was still emotional out of all this.

Temari knew Kankurou was right – this time. It is going to take a little bit more than explaining to the hotheads. And she can imagine their faces now. All those who cared and loved Hinata would come hounding after Gaara and his blood after what they will find out. That was why she'd let Shikamaru to handle the more sensitive details after he had the opportunity to punch Gaara in the face with his fist.

Temari has never seen the 'other' side of her husband before. And for him to lose his temper out on Gaara like that, it must've been bad. She shudder to think what the rest will do to him when they find out.

Gaara couldn't stand the suspense waiting in front of the operations theatre and walked towards the open window and looked outside.

All the leaves have turned orange and red. It was already autumn. Gaara still remembered the time they parted. It was autumn. He hated autumn. Especially the memories of it. But, it was also autumn that brought her to him and him to her.

And he remembered what she said about autumn. "Autumn is all about departing. A farewell."

NO!! I will NOT lose her! Gaara's eyes widened in anger…..and fear. He was angry, not only to her, but to himself. He didn't give her the chance to explain, and he…..turned her….away.

The thought of remembering how he denied her and turned his back away from her was just too much for him. Putting his right arm against the window sill, he leaned his tired head against it and closed his eyes. He was tired, as guilt was eating all its way into his system.

Gaara was too busy thinking about how he was going to apologise to the woman he loves and feeling the consequences of remorse that he did to her, he not hear the footsteps coming towards him.

"Kazekage-sama," the doctor who came out from the operation theatre said to him.

Gaara turned towards him immediately. By then, both Temari and Kankurou were already by his side.

For the first time, everyone could see how concerned their kazekage was towards this woman. He looked incredibly deadbeat, as if he hadn't eaten or drank anything for days. His eyes were also bloodshot over the worries when he brought her to the hospital. And everyone concluded that he truly cares.

"How is she, Doctor?" Temari asked, knowing that words cannot seem to flow out from Gaara at this moment. It was too much for him to handle.

The aged grey-haired doctor sighed and looked at the three Sabaku. He knew how to say it many a times when this situation arises. True, the doctor was a little bit more nervous than usual because the situation is slightly different. Very different. Its the Kazekage and his family for crying out loud! Who wouldn't be nervous to break the news to the Beast of Suna??

Oh shit!! Both Temari and Kankurou were thinking the same thing when they saw THAT expression coming out from the doctor.

Gaara was keeping his emotions in check. Trying very very hard not to let that feeling to get through him. It was the hardest thing to do since .

"We have a good news and a bad news," the doctor said.



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