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The whole restaurant looked rather dim with soft music playing at the background. Dark velvet curtains hanging by the tinted windows, the walls were in deep brocade colours and a huge chandelier at the centre of the room. A small orchestra band was playing soothing Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, highlighting the romantic atmosphere of the restaurant.

Their table was a square table with maroon linen coverings and crystal wineglasses standing elegantly. A single pink rose and baby's breath decorated in a small crystal vase decorated the middle of their table as well as a small scented candle burning in the middle. The setting was simply too pretty to ignore.

Once the maitre'd left, Hinata turned to Hanabi and asked, "This is very lovely Hanabi-chan, but who are we waiting for?"

Hanabi grinned mischievously and winked at her sister.

"I think that would be me." A deep solemn voice said from behind Hinata. Hinata turned around and eyes widened…..she gasped in shock.



Hiashi was still fuming with anger when he finally completed his letter.

"Uncle? You sent for me?" Neji asked as he stepped into Hiashi's office and knelt on the tatami mat.

"Hn." Hiashi nodded as he burned a red candle-like stick and let it drip onto the envelope before putting the Hyuuga seal over it.

Neji knew it was a very important letter whenever his uncle used the seal.

"I want you to send this to that drunkard of a Hokage of yours, and make sure you deliver it by hand," Hiashi said, handing him the letter.

Neji sweat dropped.

Not because of the importance of the letter, but looking at the way his uncle grinning was creepy enough.

"Hai," Neji replied as he tucked the letter into the folds of his haori.

"And Neji," Hiashi said.

Neji turned around to face his uncle. "Hai?"

"Make sure you remember graphically the look on that old hag of a Hokage's face and report to me in…….detail?" Hiashi was smirking…….deviously.

Neji sweat-dropped, and then nodded his head nervously. Somehow, Neji had a bad premonition about handing the letter to Tsunade. And he got a feeling that it wasn't a love letter.


The Dew & Leaf Restaurant:

"Well, hello there ladies?" His tone was suave and definitely slick.

Hinata's pale eyes widened and she gasped in surprise.

Opposite to Hinata, Hanabi was fuming.

"What. The. Hell. Are. You. Doing. Here?" Hanabi muttered icily. With pure sarcasm laced at every word.

The auburn haired man just smirked and helping himself by taking a seat next to Hinata, ignoring Hanabi's intensive fiery glare.

"I thought I'd saw the two of you entering the restaurant," Kankurou grinned cheekily and winked at the radiant looking Hinata.

Hinata as usual, blushed at his flirtations.

Hanabi did not like it at all.

And she was obviously glaring at the auburn haired Suna nin.

Uchiha Sasuke…..if you don't get here in time, I won't be responsible for the future of your clan. Hanabi was mentally cursing Sasuke.

"What the hell are you doing here, make-up freak?" Hanabi asked, her arms crossed across her rather flat chest.

Kankurou twitched.

Hinata sweat dropped.

"Yes Sabaku, what the hell are you doing here?" Sasuke asked, dressed impeccably in a traditional male haori and hakama of dark blue, black and white with the symbolic Uchiha clan symbol draped at the back of his outfit. While the front, left women around drooling.

The neckline was left quite open, exposing the pale planes of his chest for women to ogle at. Sasuke knew he just oozes male appeal and uses it to the maximum!

Unlike Kankurou who dressed ruggedly in a modern suit. Black pants and white silk shirt opened up until his chest and it fit him very well that nobody could not notice the wide shoulders and rippling muscular arms as the sleeves were rolled up. His suit jacket was hanging by his fingers as his right forearm was left leaning casually on his right shoulders. On his wrists were leather wristbands, highlighting his ruggedness.

Kankurou narrowed his eyes at Sasuke's arrival and both men were glaring at each other in mutual dislike. Kankurou knew he was at the losing end when he could hear women around were sighing dreamily at the Uchiha.

Hanabi was grinning….madly. Well finally!!

Hinata sweatdropped….madly. Oh dear…

Hinata could sense killer intent radiating from Sasuke. She quickly stood up and pulled his arms aside.

"Sasuke-kun," Hinata murmured. "Please?"

Sasuke touched her hands and nodded softly before turning to glare at the frowning Kankurou.

"Emo Bastard One and Doll Fag Zero," Hanabi grinned happily only to have two pair of eyes glaring maliciously at her and one pair in despair.

"Hanabi-chan!" Hinata exclaimed shockingly at her sister's behavior.

"What?" Hanabi looked all innocent before adding, "Lets order now, I'm hungry!" Hanabi picked up the menu.

Sasuke pulled out cushioned seat for Hinata and dutifully sat beside her.

When Kankurou pulled a seat next to Hinata, Hanabi was about to say something nasty when Sasuke beat her to it.

"What the bloody hell you think you're doing, Puppet Boy?" Sasuke glared.

"Can't you see what I'm doing, Duck Ass? Getting. A. Seat. Besides, aren't you a little rude towards your elders?"

"First thing first. One, you're not sitting here. Two, just because you're some centuries older than I am doesn't mean that I have to respect you. And three, get lost," Sasuke muttered.

Hanabi and Hinata could see fire breathing through Kankurou's nostrils.

Hinata looked a little flustered as other patrons were glancing at their way and was about to do something when Hanabi's hand grasped onto her arms and shook her head seriously.

"It's a 'men thingy' so, let them deal it themselves," Hanabi explained.

Hinata looked at her sister curiously. Since when did her baby sister became such an expert in men??


Neji ran for his life.

He knew something was so deadly wrong when his uncle gave that devious look on his face. It was the same look that Hanabi always have whenever she was plotting something. Like father, like daughter.

Neji continue to run.

He remembered the way the Hokage's face turned purple in fury and her golden amber eyes were glaring balefully at him. It was a scary looking face. And now he knows why Jiraiya and Naruto would always shiver whenever Tsunade gave them THAT look….

It was a look that could scare off demons…..

That was probably why Orochimaru left Konoha…..

Neji shivered, running for his dear dear life.


Shizune was trembling, holding up the door behind her with five masked ANBUs, fortifying the door and walls with immense chakra, waiting for Ibiki's arrival.

"What happened now?" Morino Ibiki asked, sighing deeply.

"She threw a tantrum."

"That is nothing new, Shizune. Just give her back her sake and everything will be alright."

"Well, that's the whole problem, Ibiki," Shizune bit her lower lip and the door rattled again. "She's threw the sake bottle out of the window when I offered it to her. And the next thing I know, she started to throw things against the walls and particularly out of the window!"

"Who stepped on her tails now?" Ibiki looked slightly shaken. Tsunade never ever rejects an offer for sake. This was the first time Morino Ibiki has heard such a thing. It almost borders to sacrilegious defilement when Tsunade refuses sake!

"It all started after Tsunade-sama had gotten a reply letter from Hyuuga Hiashi," Shizune added.

Hyuuga… I should've known…. Ibiki rolled his eyes upwards in understanding.

"Apparently Hiashi-sama sent a letter through Hyuuga Neji, and after reading the letter, Tsunade-sama…well, you know what happened after that."

"How long?"

"Ten minutes have gone, and I guess she's running out of furniture to destroy and I'm afraid she's going to start on people soon."

Ibiki gulped nervously.

"IBIKI!! GET YOUR UGLY ASS IN HERE!!" Tsunade thundered out loud. Shizune bet everyone in Konoha would've heard that by now.

Oh Kami-sama, I hope You're not too busy up there now….. Ibiki prayed silently.

Ibiki knocked on the door and entered the room.

Everything looked pretty chaotic. Papers were all strewn everywhere and furnitures were all badly damaged and he noticed that the huge sofa setting was not around the room.

Oh Kami-sama….now would be a good time…… Ibiki gulped nervously. He has met many adversaries before, but none were like Tsunade.

Hell hath known no fury than a fury of a woman scorned…. Probably that is why I will never get married…. Ibiki thought seriously.

"Yes Hokage-sama?" Ibiki put on a straight face.

Tsunade was red-faced and Ibiki could see her nose flaring angrily. Tsunade sat on the window sill whilst puffing a loose strand of hair away from her face.

"Get me some paper and writing stationaries." Tsunade's tone was cold and emotionless.

Ibiki raised an eyebrow. "Is that all, Hokage-sama?"

"Of course that's all! If I need something else, I'd bloody let you know!"

"Hai, Hokage-sama," Ibiki quickly turned around and leave the office.

"What does she want?"

"Papers and pen! Hurry the fuck up!" Ibiki barked his orders.


Half an hour later:

"Send this directly to the pole-up-in-the-ass Hyuuga Hiashi," Tsunade practically spat out the words, handing the scroll over to Ibiki.


"Yes you."

"Is this considered a mission?"

"Of course it is."

"But I am ANBU Commander."

"I. Know. That." Tsunade gave him an icy glare that could only interpreted as Are-you-gonna-question-me-any-further look.

Ibiki knew better than to aggravate a woman on menopause. Sighing deeply, he left the Hokage Tower and headed towards the Hyuuga Compound, unknowingly it was going to be a shit rotten day he'll ever endure.

Tsunade turned and looked at the offending letter Hiashi sent, her eyes willing it to burn, but unfortunately, she wasn't born with any kekkai genkai that had to do with burning letter documents using special eye jutsu. If she did, she would gladly used it on a special Hyuuga Head.

Picking up the offending letter, Tsunade smirked, "I hope your eyeballs popped out when you read my reply you Hyuuga sodobitch."


The Dew & Leaf Restaurant:

"My, my, my, what do we have here?" Temari said, sauntering towards their table. Impeccably dressed in a red and yellow chiffon toga dress.

"You looked very….beautiful, Temari-chan!" Hinata smiled softly.

"Hina-chan!" Temari jumped at the Hyuuga Heiress and snuggled the young woman. "You looked so ka-wa-ii!!"

"What are you doing here, Temari?" Kankurou looked at her drily.

"Yeah, what are you doing here?" Hanabi asked.

Sasuke was frowning. He doesn't like crowds and especially when they came from Suna. Then Gaara appeared behind Temari.

Hinata and Hanabi both gaped at him in awe.

Sabaku no Gaara was dressed in a three-piece suit??

Has the world come to an end? Hanabi whistled. He looked so…..HAWT!!

Gaara wore a three-piece suit of black ebony with a matching black satin vest and a blood red silk shirt with a sleek black silk tie. It made Gaara looked more slender and dangerously handsome. A number of female patrons were starring at their table, admiring the modern and handsome looking Gaara who just oozes in charm while women were also drooling at the sight of Sasuke dressed in the traditional garb, exposing a huge part of his sleek muscular chest that just screams 'sex appeal'.

"Uchiha," Gaara looked impassive.

"Sabaku," Sasuke replied back without much indifference.

Great! Now everything is going downhill from here! I've got to get Nee-chan and that stupid Uchiha out here before anything else goes wrong. And this calls for Hanabi's Plan B! Hanabi muttered.

Hanabi bit her lower lip and practically dragged her sister away.

"Oi! Where you're going?" Kankurou asked. "We haven't ordered anything yet."

"We're going to the washroom," Hanabi replied darkly while pulling her sister.

"But I don't want to go, Hanabi," Hinata disagreed.

"But I wanna go!!" Hanabi whined, still pulling her sister.

Hinata sighed in frustration and allowed herself. She gave an apologetic look to the Sabaku siblings and to Sasuke.

Now, what is that little twerp is doing? Sasuke wondered.

Gaara's aquamarine pools looked at the retreating figures and noted how elegant the Konoha Ambassador looked in a kimono, and gave a small smile in return.

"What are you doing here, Sabaku?" Sasuke asked coldly, folding his arms across his shoulder.

Gaara looked at him calmly.

"We're here having dinner, Sasuke-kun and its our last night here at Konoha," Temari chirped.

"How troublesome," Shikamaru said, scratching his head as he joined them. "Hey Sasuke," he greeted Sasuke, while taking a seat next to Temari.

"You're late Shika-kun," Temari grinned and pecked her boyfriend's cheeks.

"Its funny how we all gathered here today, hn?" Kankurou glared at the brown-haired Konoha jounin.

"Ahh," Shikamaru nodded his head.

"Is there a reason for us to gather here?" Kankurou asked again.

"This is not my party, so I guess I might take a leave," Sasuke said as he begin to stand up but Shikamaru intervened.

"I think you better stay for this," Shikamaru said coolly.

Sasuke frowned a little.

"I wonder where is Hanabi and Hinata?" Temari asked.

"Hanabi and Hinata were here?" Shikamaru looked slightly surprised.

Gaara didn't like the look on Shikamaru's face and asked, "Why are you nervous, Nara-san?"

"Eh?" Shikamaru replied in surprise. Everyone turned their attention to Gaara. Gaara's cool gaze never left Shikamaru's face.

"You called us here, and there must be a reason," Gaara said.

"We're back!" Hanabi exclaimed, pulling Hinata and pushed her towards Sasuke's side. Everyone could not help how lovely Hinata and Sasuke looked. Both wearing traditional attires like a couple, Temari giggled.

"You looked really nice, Hinata-chan!" Temari grinned. "And I can't help noticing how you and Sasuke-kun looked so cute together in your traditional garb."

Hanabi smirked.

"Eehh??" Hinata exclaimed. She didn't notice that everyone at the table wore modern clothing except she and Sasuke…..and also Hanabi.

"And what about you little shrimp?" Kankurou looked at Hanabi. "You're a boy or girl?"

Hanabi twitches.

"What. Did. You. Say?" Hanabi demanded.

Kankurou grinned. "You're wearing boys' clothing. Why can't you be as elegant as your nee-chan?"

Hanabi twitches again.

Nobody notices how Gaara looked at Hinata. He kept on staring at Hinata's lovely features. She wasn't as bright as Sakura or as exotic as Ino, but she had that definitive glow about her.

Something soft…gentle…..and soothing…..

Gaara didn't know why, but he couldn't take his eyes off her until Hanabi and Kankurou's argument went another notch up in pitch and volume.

"Its none of your business Make-up Lover!" Hanabi ignored him.

It was Kankurou's turn to twitch.

"What did you say again you Shrimp?" Kankurou glared at Hanabi.

"Please!" Hinata tried to calm things down but Hanabi and Kankurou proved too much for her to handle.

Gaara looked irritated. He doesn't like noises, especially loud noises. And it amuses him to see how Hinata handle situations such as this.

"Shut up!" Temari demanded, slamming a smaller version of her fan on the table.

Everyone sweatdropped.

Just how many sizes of fans she has? Was running through Hanabi, Hinata, Sasuke and Shikamaru's mind.

"I think I'll take over from here," Shikamaru sweatdropped. "Before that, I'd like to make a toast," he called for a champagne to be served and since Hinata is alcohol intolerant, and Hanabi was underage, both had juices.

Much to Hanabi's disappointment.

"I would really like to try champagne," Hinata said, envying the rest who had their poured by the waiters.

"NO!" Gaara exclaimed. His eyes looked a little wild and…..scary.

"Nee-chan…" Hanabi hid herself in her sister's arms.

Everyone looked at him in surprise……including Sasuke.

"She can't…..drink," Gaara replied coolly, trying to remain in control.

"Oh yeah!" Temari laughed. "I remembered! Gaara had to carry her back that day!"

Sasuke and Kankurou glared at Gaara.

"Why….you never told me about it, Otouto," Kankurou muttered, disliking every bit that both his brother and arch-rival had close encounters with Hinata but himself.

I wanna touch her too!! Kankurou whined to himself.

Sasuke frowned. Hating the perverted thoughts he knew that was running around in Kankurou's perversed mind.

"It was a coincidence, and it was the Hokage who coerced her to drink a cup of sake," Gaara replied, clearly unaffected by the stares and glares. "And the effects were…..dreadfully….appalling."

"What do you mean by that?" Sasuke smirked at Hinata's direction, enjoying how Hinata was squirming in her own seat.

Gaara looked at the blushing and squirming Hinata and added, "She was….singing."

"SINGING??" Everyone looked at Hinata, who covered her face with her hands.

"Kazekage-sama!" Hinata shook her head.

"Nee-chan singing??" Hanabi giggled. "I know Nee-chan can't sing and she won't sing in public not even for her life!"

"Hanabi!" Hinata looked flustered when her sister spilled out the beans about her singing in public.

Sasuke bear in mind about Hinata's alcohol tolerance. It'll be nice to see what she can do when she's drunk….Hmm….I wonder how can I get her drunk?

Hanabi saw the look on Sasuke's face. Brilliant! He's getting on to it! Good for ya, Uchiha! Now, when Plan B is going to take off??

All of a sudden, a messenger arrived, handing a note to Hinata and Hanabi.

Hanabi read the letter from her sister's shoulder and quickly muttered a quick apology.

"Gomen-ne!" Hanabi apologised. "I'm afraid that something has come up and we have to leave. So, don't worry about us," she turned and looked at Sasuke. "If you don't mind Uchiha-san, to accompany us young ladies back?"

Sasuke raised an eyebrow and Hanabi raised hers as well.

"Hn," Sasuke nodded his head and bowed slightly to the others.

Hanabi quickly pulled her sister away before Kankurou acts.

"Hinata-sama," Gaara called out to her.

Damnit! What does he want now?? Hanabi obviously looked irritated.

"Don't forget…..tomorrow?" Gaara reminded.

Hinata smiled slightly and bowed gently, "I won't, Kazekage-sama."

Gaara nodded his head, as if showing that he allowed them to leave.

Sasuke didn't say much but he knew something was definitely off and shifted his glance at the smaller Hyuuga.

Hanabi pursed her lips for a moment before dragging her sister away.

Shikamaru grinned knowingly what Hanabi was planning and shakes his head. "This is just so troublesome."

"What is it, Shika?" Temari asked.

"Oh nothing," Shikamaru replied.

Gaara looked impassively at the hurrying figure of the Hyuuga sisters and gave a final nod at Sasuke who left the table, leaving Kankurou jaw dropped.

"I wonder if Sasuke knew about Hinata's leaving?" Shikamaru wondered.

"Why is that, Nara?" Gaara asked.

"Hinata is his personal nurse and the only person besides Tsunade that he could tolerate with. And I'm surprised at how calm he is around Hinata," Shikamaru explained.

"Well Kanky," Temari grinned. "It seemed that you have a competition there."

Kankurou growled.

"But I like to see how riled up Hanabi-chan made you! The two of you do look cute together you know," Temari laughed.

Kankurou looked at her in horror. "I'm not a fuckin' paedophile, Temari!"

"I know you aren't, but give or take a couple more years, I'm sure she'll turn out fine," Temari snickered.

Damnit Uchiha! Kankurou cursed. Too bad that little shrimp is on your side! But I'm sure Hiashi-sama is on mine…..


"Owww!! What the hell was that for!" Kankurou rubbed his head.

"Pay attention, Kankurou!" Temari twitched. "It looked as if you had something on your mind and its usually something perverted!"

Shikamaru glanced slightly at Kankurou and then at Gaara.

"What is it, Nara?" Gaara asked, picking up his champagne glass. "Is there something that you wish to say or…..announce to us?"

Shikamaru sighed, cursing at Gaara's sharp observance, "I guess its about time."

He stood up and motioned his hands towards two figures approaching their table. The Sabaku Siblings could of course identify the man and woman because Shikamaru clearly resembles the man before them.

"Gaara, Kankurou, please meet my parents," Shikamaru introduced. "Nara Shikaku and Nara Yoshino."

Oh crap…. Kankurou muttered, giving a dark look at Gaara.

This is going to be a long night…. Gaara thought, his icy cool stares directed towards the smiling Shikamaru who was holding his blushing sister's hands.

Gaara growled.

"Hello there!" Shikamaru's mother beamed excitedly. "Its so nice to meet you all!"

"Troublesome," both Nara males muttered to themselves.

"What. Did. You. Say?" Nara Yoshino gave them a death glare.

Damnit….. Both Gaara and Kankurou swore under their breath.

"Its bad we have Temari, now we're gonna have another emotionally moody woman indirectly related to us," Kankurou whispered to Gaara.

Gaara frowned lightly.


Hyuuga Household:

Hiashi looked grim.

"I am afraid, Baki-san that I may have to decline the offer for my eldest's daughter," Hiashi bowed politely.

Baki remained solemn.

"I understand that Hiashi-sama," Baki replied. "But I may need some reasons for your rejection to Kankurou's proposal."

Hiashi sighed softly. "It is not my intentions to reject, but I left the option up to my daughter to choose, and she chose to be with her family, Baki-san. Hinata is an adult and she's my heir, and I want my daughter to be happy. You see, all her childhood, she was miserable and I was a part of that, and now, all I want is to see her smile."

"I guess this is it then?"

"Hai," Hiashi said. "I am sorry you have to come all the way from Suna, arriving a few hours ago just to confirm Kankurou-sama's request."

"Hmm….actually, I received his letter yesterday morning requesting my presence for this occasion."

"I understand you were like a father to the said young man?"

"Hai," Baki replied. "No doubt he is the son of the previous kazekage, but I can assure you, he is none like his father."


"Like Gaara-sama himself as well."

"That is very interesting."

"Gaara-sama by far is the best kazekage that Suna has ever had and because of that, we are indebted to him."

"I also find something interesting about the Kazekage, Baki-san."


"I found out some nights ago that he inquire about my eldest child as well."

Baki sweatdropped. Okay…..that one eluded me…..

"May I know as to how you acquire such information, Hiashi-sama?" Baki wondered. "Because in all the years I have raised and taught Gaara-sama, he has never shown much interest to the opposite gender."

"That is why I am asking you now, Baki-san." Hiashi said. "Why is Gaara-sama taking an interest on my daughter?"

"That is one question I cannot answer you, Hiashi-sama," Baki raised a hand before Hiashi could interfere. "Not that I do not want to answer your question, but to be honest," he sighed. "I myself do not even know about this."

"Well," Hiashi grinned mischievously. "It is nice to know that my daughter is pretty much sought-after, but if it is the Kazekage-sama, I cannot help but wonder why." Hiashi's tone turned a little chilly.

"I can't agree more with you, Hiashi-sama," Baki smiled. "Gaara-sama works mysteriously, even I, once his teacher, could not comprehend what he is doing or thinking."

"Then I appreciate your understanding in this matter, since my daughter will depart with the delegations tomorrow as our ambassador."

"I find it indeed an honour to be able to escort the Hyuuga Heiress to Sunagakure, Hiashi-sama."

"Thank you, Baki-san," Hiashi replied grimly. His impassive exterior returned.

"Hiashi-sama," a female Hyuuga maid called out to Hiashi, bowing before him and Baki.


"There's a messenger here from Hokage-sama."

"A messenger?"

"Hai, it is Ibiki-san."

"Morino Ibiki?"


"Send him in."

"Understood," the maid left.

"Baki-san, I hope you excuse me but I have another appointment," Hiashi apologized as both men stood up from their seat.

"It is understandable, Hiashi-sama," Baki replied as the both of them met Ibiki who was escorted by the Hyuuga maid.

"Baki," Ibiki glared at the Suna's Head of Intelligence.

"Morino," Baki glared back to Konoha's Head of ANBU.

Ibiki turned to face Hiashi and handed him a scroll. "From Tsunade-sama."

Hiashi's eyes darkened. "Follow me."

"Hai," Ibiki nodded as his icy glare never left Baki's face as he followed Hiashi to his office.


Ibiki was running for his life.

He should have known that Tsunade sent him on a suicidal mission.

He knew something was so wrong when Tsunade handed him the scroll.

What the hell was in the scroll, he didn't know. But one thing though, Hyuuga Hiashi was indeed a very very very scary man. Now he knows why suitors for Hinata's hand always left in a hurry after approaching Hyuuga Hiashi.

Ibiki was running like he has never run before.

Nothing could compare to what he had witnessed. Who would've known what the Byakugan could actually do besides looking and seeing through things?

Electricity seemed to be a scary tool.

Hmmm…..not a bad idea. Thought Ibiki. I might use this idea the next time for interrogation purposes.

Thunder roared up in the sky, causing Ibiki to pumped more charka into his feet and ran.

Shit! Don't tell me he could do that! Ibiki cursed in various languages. I can't die now! I'm not married yet!

Ibiki run like he has never run before……running for his life……



A/N: I know there's not much GaaHina yet, but it'll come in due time…..but right now, its more Sasuhina….and yeah, this is just the filler before the next one….coz the next chapter would show Hinata's departure and what Sasuke is gonna do about it…..

Yeah, I'm just leaving it like that…..and here's the letter Hiashi replied to Tsunade in regards to Hinata gotten drunk…


Hiashi's letter to Tsunade:

Dear Old Hokage Baa-san,

To my utter disgust and horror have I found what happened to my precious daughter and I cannot believe someone as old and archaic as YOU would submit the Hyuuga Heiress into the realms of drunken madness!

Well, I can understand your need for getting yourself drunk because of your inability to even get yourself laid, but it is rather unprofessional of you trying to get a young and virginal woman such as my daughter to stoop to your debauched level, Hokage Baa-san.

As it also came to my knowledge that such behavior is definitely not of exemplary to the younger Konohan generations, but knowing of your lecherous desire in getting yourself obscenely drunk, I suggest your attendance in a rehab programme. If you find it is not to your satisfactory, I am certain that our herbalist may be of help to your filthy addiction.

And we all know what menopausal could do to women, but Hokage Baa-san, do not be shy and admit that it is becoming a problem to your declining feminity. If you have ANY need (not that you need it) or desire to be laid, let me know, I'll send for my herdsmen to see whether I could find some poor beast outside of Konoha to satisfy your aging libido.

In hope that you will not engage my daughter to any of your depraved arts of drunken perverseness, I suggest you act your age…..Granny!

Thank you for your kind attention.

Hyuuga Hiashi

Head of the Estimable Hyuuga Clan

President of the Konoha Chamber of Commerce

Chairman of the Konoha's Clan Association

p/s: Note the term of endearment at the beginning of the letter, it will be your permanent referral the next time we meet….