Prophecies, Love and the Ancient Magic

By The Haydster

Disclaimer: The characters in this story are not mine. They belong to JK Rowling.

Warning. This story will contain slash (gay love), and is set in Harry's 7th year. This story does not comply with Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

Chapter 1: Arrival at Hogwarts

Harry sat, looking wistfully out of the window as the Hogwarts Express steamed on to it's destination. Within a week of him arriving at the Dursleys the previous summer, Tonks had turned up at 4 Privet Drive, dressed in robes with bright pink hair (She later explained that this was purely to annoy the Dursleys). She informed Harry that war had been officially declared, and that underage wizards were cleared to use magic at any time. She also mentioned that Harry was not to leave 4 Privet Drive under any circumstances whatsoever until he had to go back to Hogwarts, when the Order would escort him to platform nine and three quarters. Tonks also had informed the Dursleys that she would throw them to the Dementors if they so much as touched Harry or attempted to put him out the door. The Dursleys were suitably cowed by this (after recalling the state Dudley had been in, without being Kissed by the Dementors), and they left Harry alone.

Harry looked across the compartment at Ron and Hermione, wondering if they would survive the coming war. He knew that they would be in danger because of him, and he would never forgive himself if anything happened to them because of him.

"Harry, are you all right" Hermione asked him, looking concerned.

"I'm fine" he replied, "Just wondering what this year will bring."

"Yeah, wonder what You-Know-Who will do now that everyone knows he's back" Ron put in

"Ron, when will you learn to call him Voldemort?" Hermoine told him, ignoring Ron's shudder at the name. The food trolley turned up then, and then Harry and Ron started talking about Quidditch, while Hermione immersed herself in The Standard Book Of Spells, Grade 7.

Once the Hogwarts Express finally arrived at Hogwarts station, they dismounted. Hagrid was there with his lantern, calling all the first years for their boat ride across the lake to Hogwarts. The night was clear, and the moon shone down upon all of them. Thankfully, the full moon had passed. Once the werewolves had joined Voldemort, everyone was on edge during the full moon. The thestral-drawn carriages were waiting for them; the reptilian-like horses a grim reminder of the people that had died during the war. Many people started, seeing them for the first time.

The trio hopped into the last carriage in the line, and just as it was about to move off a silver haired boy jumped in, at the last minute.

"Malfoy! Can't you keep away from us until at least the first class?" Ron exploded.

"Sorry" the boy mumbled, bowing his head. There large bruise forming on his right eye. At Hermione's gasp he quickly raised his hood, hiding his face. The ride to the castle was silent.


Sorry this chapter is so short, but I wanted to get a start on the story. Please tell me what you think.