Prophecies, Love and the Ancient Magic

By The Haydster

Disclaimer: The characters in this story are not mine, except the IAA members. They belong to JK Rowling.

Warning. This story will contain slash (gay love), and is set in Harry's 7th year. This story does not comply with Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.


Chapter 21 – The Raid

From Chapter 20:

"John, contact the Governor-General and alert Covert Ops" Commander Collins said to Major Tanner. "We're going to have to perform a raid on the British Ministry of Magic."

Within an hour, Dumbledore and Harry were seated at a table along with a number of IAA officers and an elderly gentleman, who was introduced as His Excellency, Sir Richard Anderson, the Governor-General. Commander Collins had explained that the Governor-General is the head of the armed forces, so they need his authority to perform any major operations.

Commander Collins spoke first. "We have spoken with the elders of the Uluru aborigines. Under the Uluru-Stonehenge treaty of 125AD, the earth magic and the powers of the Uluru elders and the Council of Magical Chieftains, predecessor to the Ministry are linked. This treaty gives us authority to perform the raid without committing an act of war"

After Commander Collins had explained the situation he sat down and a woman in her 40s stood up. She was rather tall and heavy-set, with dark skin and jet black hair. She spoke in a no-nonsense tone of voice.

A blueprint appeared on the table along with photos showing Sirius, Draco, Bella, Lily and James.

"Intelligence has informed us that all 5 of our primary targets are in holding cells within the Ministry. They will be transported directly to Azkaban tomorrow morning. The dungeon area is warded against portkeys and all other forms of transportation, with the exception of the Azkaban transfer room. Earth warded portkeys should be able to bypass the wards there. Although Ministry Aurors are aware of the Uluru-Stonehenge treaty there are a number of highly trained wizards on patrol in the areas in the manner of a private security force. They are likely to be our main problem."

"Our secondary target", the figures disappeared to be replaced with a picture of Dolores Umbridge, and a blueprint of the area around the minister's office, "is more difficult to get to. Getting out will be easy, as the area is only warded against entry. There are only two ways in, through the outer office, or via floo from the Auror department." She sat down.

Sir Anderson addressed them all. "In view of the circumstances, I will authorise this operation", he rumbled. "However, you must go via the Atrium in, and use your diplomatic powers where possible. I have contacted the Home Secretary in London and have a warrant for the arrest of Dolores Umbridge. The charge is Attempting to Pervert the Course of Justice. Mr Dumbledore, I believe you have papers authorising the release of the 5 people held in custody?"

"I do" Dumbledore replied.

Commander Collins stood up. "We need a squad of 20 for this operation. 10 for the primary objective, 10 for the secondary. We will also require a floo deactivation team and a camouflaged anti-apparition team. We will exit via the Atrium. Civilians are not usually involved in operations, as they are a liability, but Mr. Dumbledore must accompany us, as we cannot serve papers for the release of the 5 in custody. may accompany us too, as he has shown himself not to be a liability, and his celebrity status may be of assistance." Addressing Harry and Dumbledore directly, he continued "However, you must obey any orders given by other members of the team instantly and without argument. Is that understood?" He told them, not unkindly but firmly. They both agreed.

Soon they were dressed in IAA diplomatic attire, which consisted of Muggle button-down shirts and longs, along with black shoes (they looked like dress shoes, but were designed not to impede movement). A small IAA logo was embroidered in gold on the right breast of the shirt. In the event of conflict, the clothes would turn into standard battle dress. They were escorted to a large room, where 20 other IAA soldiers and Commander Collins were waiting. They all wore the same clothes as Harry and Dumbldore. They were directed to place a hand on a phoenix statue. As soon as everyone was touching it, Harry felt a tug below his navel as the Portkey activated.

They landed with a thump in an unfamiliar room. One of the soldiers quickly grabbed Harry's arm to prevent him from falling. "We are now at IAA London headquarters" Commander Collins said. "Form up behind me with Dumbledore and Potter, followed by team A, team B behind them. Harry and Dumbledore ended up standing behind Commander Collins, and all the other soldiers formed 2 lines behind them, their wands in wrist holsters. "Apparition positions", Collins called, and took hold of Harry's hand. Harry held Dumbledore's hand, whose other hand was seized by one of the soldiers. They all apparated as one to the Atrium in the Ministry of Magic.

All heads turned towards them as they arrived. Seeing 23 people apparate in unison, all dressed the same was definitely cause for comment. Flashing a diplomatic pass at the surprised guard, they all walked straight past him and towards the main stairs. Without saying a word, the back ten soldiers strode up the stairs, while Collins lead the rest of them down three levels, to the level below the courtrooms. There was a large steel door with a sign reading "Ministry holding cells – Authorised personnel only". Commander Collins knocked on the door. The door opened and Dumbledore spoke up. "Hello Dawlish" he said calmly.

Auror Dawlish looked astounded, confronted with Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and 11 other people turning up outside the holding cells. "Dumbledore, what are you doing here?" he asked, bewildered. "May we come in?" Dumbledore replied. He opened the door, and they entered a chamber about the size of Dumbledore's office. There was a desk full of papers to the right side of the room, and a steel door labelled "Cells" opposite. Harry itched to run for that door and get everyone out as soon as possible.

Dumbledore handed Dawlish a number of papers "These are orders for the release of Draco Malfoy, Bellatrix Lestrange, Sirius Black, Lily Potter and James Potter, who are currently held here." Dawlish started to look through the papers when both doors glowed red. His head snapped up and he drew his wand. Umbridge's voice rang through the room. "Ministry to lockdown, Aurors to Minister's office and holding cells!" As her voice rang through the room, all the black clothes changed to IAA battle dress. All the soldiers were also wearing medallions with "OZ" carved into them. Dawlish never stood a chance. He was stunned within a second. Five of the soldiers started to work on the wards blocking the cell door, as Collins and the other 5 soldiers worked on sealing the outer door.

Collins' communications radio crackled. "Collins, Umbridge got cot the security forces on us, she's on her way via the internal prisoner transfer system". Collins swore, then swung round and yelled to the men working on the door "No time to dismantle, blast it open!".

They conjured up a clear shield that divided the room in half from the floor to the ceiling, leaving only a small gap, wide enough for a man to get through. They quickly spread a gel over the door and in the gap between the door and the frame. They put a small box with a timer in the centre of the door and ran back behind the shield.

Ten seconds later the room shook and the door was reduced to splinters. They quickly vanished the shield and ran towards the cells, Harry and Dumbledore following them, just as the outer door started to shake as the security forces tried to get in.

"They'll be through in a minute, non-lethal force only" Collins yelled. 8 of the men faced the door while 2, along with Harry and Dumbledore started blasting the cell doors open. Lily and James were in a cell together, dirty but otherwise unharmed. Sirius was in the cell next to them, nursing a number of bruises. Three cells down they found Bellatrix. She was in far worse shape. She had a large amount of hex damage and it looked like the Aurors had been taking out their anger towards Voldemort on her. She was still able to walk, luckily.

Harry was in the process of blasting open a particularly stubborn door when he heard a shout. He turned and barely had time to duck as a sickly green light flashed past him. It barely touched the door, yet it exploded inwards. Looking up he saw Umbridge running towards him, a crazed look in her eyes.

Harry started casting stunners at her, but she deflected them. She stopped at a cell 10 doors away from Harry. Harry reached her just in time to see her cast Avada Kedavra at Draco, huddled in the corner of the cell.

Harry screamed. His magic flew out and Umbridge never stood a chance. She flew across the cell and smashed into the wall, unconscious. Harry rushed to Draco and cradled him in his arms. "Draco? Draco?" he sobbed, not wanting to believe it. Then he felt it, a heartbeat. It was faint, but his heart was still beating. One of the IAA officers arrived on the scene within seconds and put Draco into magical stasis. It would keep him alive for half an hour, but no longer.s

The cell shook while a loud blast echoed down the corridor. Spells started flying. "Team, begin retreat" Collins' voice shouted. "Back up to the Azkaban Transfer Room!" Harry and the IAA officer floated Draco and Umbridge out of the cell and down the corridor. Everyone else was on their way to the room, with the IAA men fighting a rearguard action. As Harry passed Collins, he spoke into his radio "Team 2, objective obtained by team 1, begin retreat. Base, secure Azkaban and have Elpheba ready for emergency evac to Woomera".

As he spoke, IAA soldiers apparated into Azkaban and they began battling the guards. As they duelled,a small jet aircraft landed on the ocean, and taxied to the dock. Once anti-apparition wards were up, they radioed the ministry team, telling them Azkaban was ready.

The Azkaban Transfer Room was a round chamber about 10 metres in diameter, with a stone pedestal in the middle, once they were all in it, they slammed the door and Collins hit the pedestal with his wand. Harry felt a tug just below his navel and the world was swept up in a whirl of colour, as they raced towards Azkaban.

They arrived at Azkaban in a whirl of colour. Harry stumbled but his arm was grabbed by Dumbledore before he could fall. They saw the flashes of spells while another IAA team were battling the Azkaban guards. They quickly rushed towards the dock, Draco and Umbridge floating ahead of them. Harry vaguely thought that the battle looked a bit like a Muggle fireworks display. He was quickly brought back to reality when a spell flew their way. "Concentrate on the plane" one of the Azkaban guards shouted. Spells hit the amphibious jet and rebounded off. The guards promptly directed their attack on Harry and Dumbledore's party. The other IAA unit started firing spells at the guards and provided enough covering fire for them to board the jet.

Once aboard the jet accelerated and took off, headed south-east from England, towards IAA headquarters in Woomera, Australia.