Prophecies, Love and the Ancient Magic

By TheHaydster

Chapter 23 – More Diplomacy

Harry looked out the window of the jet as it landed. There were 2 dragon transports waiting, looking like detached cablecars. The dragons that had carried them there were snoozing nearby. They both ignored the plane landing. One of the transports had the Red Cross insignia on it, and the other one held the IAA crest with the words "Diplomatic Corps" underneath it. There were men outside both.

"Everyone, listen up" Collins said as the plane taxied to the transports. "Draco will be taken off first, as he still needs medical attention. Harry may go with him, but we can only allow one person. Everyone else will need to come with me to headquarters so we can sort out this mess. Sirius, will you take care of Dolores, please?" Sirius nodded his assent. As soon as the plane's hatch was fully open two men rushed into the plane. They were wearing green jumpsuits with a Red Cross on the right breast. They both rushed to Draco and checked his vital signs. "Still alive but very weak. we need to transport now" one of them stated. "I'm coming with you" Harry put in. "OK. Follow us but don't get in the way" the other medic replied. The two medics levitated Draco's stretcher and took him out of the plane. As they exited the plane one of them gave a loud whistle. One of the dragons perked up at the whistle and was in the air and hovering over the Red Cross transport in seconds. As soon as the four of them were in the transport, one of the medics slammed the door, the dragon picked up the transport and they were off at an incredibly fast speed, headed toward the IAA hospital.

As everyone else deplaned (Sirius levitating an unconscious Umbridge), two gentlemen in white linen suits with the IAA insignia neatly embroidered in black on the breast greeted them. One man looked to be in his 50s, with greying hair, while his companion was about 20 years younger with his black hair in a crew cut.

The senior man addressed Collins jovially. "Ben, good to see you. What's the latest mess for us to sort out?"

"Nice to see you too, Steven. At the moment we have Dolores Umbridge, Great Britain Acting Minister for Magic in custody. The mission did not go smoothly. We have had one of our rescue targets injured enough to require the use of unicorn blood, injury at the hands of Dolores. We also had to outrun RAF jets that were trying to force us down. It looks like there may be a big stink over this"

"Ah well, that's why we are here. Let's get to my office and try and straighten this out." Everyone boarded the other dragon transport. Once they were in the remaining dragon picked them up gently and started to fly them leisurely across the Australian desert in the same direction as the original dragon had taken Harry and Draco.

Within 5 minutes of takeoff, the dragon transport containing Draco was landing at the IAA hospital. The medics had messaged ahead with his status and a team were waiting for them at the landing site. Draco was rushed into the emergency room and the doctors started casting spells to diagnose exactly what Avada Kedavra had done to him. Numbers and letters flashed in the air above Draco, quickly replaced by other ones as the doctors worked on him.

"He's got severe magical core depletion, we'll need more unicorn blood. His minor injuries are pulling magic from his core, we need to heal them now!". Almost instantly a ball of fire appeared in the emergency room and Fawkes flew down and cried over Draco's injuries, healing them in a flash. Draco was quickly injected with a serum made from unicorn blood and was taken to the intensive care unit. Harry sat by his bedside.

While Draco was being treated at the IAA hospital, everyone else was arriving at the IAA offices building, where the raid on the ministry was originally planned. James, Lily, Sirius and Bellatrix were invited to wait in a room off the reception area, and were offered refreshments while Dumbledore, Collins and the IAA diplomats went into an office. Umbridge was taken to a holding cell, where she would be revived and checked to make sure that she was not injured.

Once the four men were seated inside the office, the older man spoke. "Professor Dumbledore, I am Steven Johns of the IAA Diplomatic Corps, my colleague is Chris Underhill. We have been briefed on the raid by the IAA forces that accompanied you on the operation". He turned to Collins. "You will be pleased to know that there were no serious casualties on our side, or on the side of the Ministry. They have, however, kicked up a major stink about this issue, as expected. As they class what we did as a covert operation. the wizarding section of MI6 has been involved, which has drawn ASIO (Australian espionage) into it. We have a meeting with officials from both agencies along with an elder of the Uluru aborigines who is an authority on the Uluru-Stonehenge treaty."

Within an hour, they were all seated in a conference room. Harvey Stone, the MI6 officer, a slim man with brown hair was trying to look impassive, but he was failing miserably, as it was apparent to everyone that he was angry with the turn of events. In contrast, the ASIO officer, a tall woman by then name of Sylvia Martin looked entirely unconcerned. Representing the Uluru aborigines was Elder Wujunti who looked like he had the wisdom of the ages and his looks showed his heritage clearly.

Stone stood up and spoke in a clipped tone, infused with suppressed rage. "Your agents have kidnapped our magical head of state and have caused several prisoners to escape. Give me one good reason not to have you all extradited to Great Britain immediately and Kissed". He didn't raise his voice, but he was shaking with anger.

Collins got to his feet, but before he could say anything Elder Wujunti spoke in a calm, deep voice. "Stone, Collins, sit down. Stone, if you will remain calm everything will be explained to you." It became instantly clear that he had assumed control of the meeting. "Johns, go over what has happened to ensure that we are all on the same page" Johns went over the operations of the raid, while Stone turned redder and redder, and by the time Johns sat down, he was entirely red with anger.

"This..." he started shouting, and then continued shouting in silence as Elder Wujunti waved his hand, and Stone found his voice gone and his arms and legs immobile. "Do not shout, Mr. Stone. You need to listen. The actions have been explained, but the reasons behind them have not." he said, supremely unruffled. Once Stone had stopped trying to shout, he was able to sit down, angry but silent.

The meeting progressed, with Dumbledore explaining why the raid was conducted, and how they had tried to solve the issue without violence. "Now, you may speak, Stone." Wujunti said. Stone was still red, but not as red as he was.

"You have explained your reasons, but you have no authority to do the raid. I know the Uluru-Stonehenge treaty gives you certain powers, but interfering with the course of British justice is not one of them. You will still have to face the Wizengamot."

"Stop being a disgruntled bureaucrat, Stone." Wununti put in, calm as ever. "You know as well as I do that your recommendation will decide what happens."

"Be that as it may, I will recommend that they stand trial! They have broken into the Ministry of Magic, kidnapped the minister and freed prisoners!"

"You have heard for yourself, they had no choice. The minister, who was arrested, not kidnapped, was going to pervert the course of justice by convicting people to what is, essentially, the death penalty without a trial."

"That doesn't matter, they broke the law!"

Wujunti gave a long-suffering sigh. "I was hoping it wouldn't come to this." He pushed a small wallet across the desk to Stone. It bore the Ministry Of Magic seal, as well as a seal showing Stonehenge, with Uluru in the middle. It looked very old, but in pristine condition.

"What's this?" Stone asked.

"This is the authority under which I may overrule the Ministry Of Magic" Wujunti replied.

That seems like a good place to end a chapter. I'm sorry that it is taking so very long to write the chapters. I only write well when I am traveling on a long distance train or on a plane. That doesn't happen very often, so I don't write very often either.