"Hello there!

I'm not really sure how to beat around the bush on a subject like this, so I'll just jump straight to the point. I received a message recently from a reader of my joint fic 'Dramatic Differences'. It's been a long time since I wrote or worked on that fic at all. It was quite a surprise therefore to receive a note from somebody, and I don't plan on naming names, telling me that I owed it to my readers to post the second and third parts of that series. Many of you won't even know what I'm talking about as I'm not 'widely known' for my fanfiction on this website and so feel free to stop reading now.

So, where to begin with this? You might wonder why I'm doing it publicly and the answer is so that if anybody should stumble onto my profile looking for the same answers, they will find it here once and for all. It's surprising how often this kind of thing is happening to me since the fic is SO old now. Usually the inquiries are polite and courteous, but every now and again you get one like today that just makes your blood boil.

I'm very sorry to say that Dramatic Differences will never be finished. It was almost fully written many years ago, however ~zolo-plushie-chick, my co-writer and I have since had a fallout and are no longer in contact. I tried to explain this to the individual who took it upon themselves to note me the demand, however they were quite rude about my excuses. When they were unhappy with my response they got their friends to note me too, which is really quite immature. They are all now safely blocked from my dA and hopefully won't be bothering me again.

It's nobody's business what happened between us concerning why we fell out of contact, people fall out every day. We were awesome friends for ages and that's all that really matters. right? We made an awesome fic together that lots of people loved! I don't know if she'd be okay with me posting a journal like this and since we're not in contact I can't really ask, but really I think it's necessary to set the story straight for anybody who is still waiting for that story.

I'd like to apologise to anybody that is still waiting. I know there are many people that waited a long time quietly hoping it would be continued one day, but I'm afraid that's just not the case. Not only have we both grown apart, but we've both grown up and with that our interests and even our writing styles have matured and developed. Even if by some miracle, we got in contact and said 'Hey! Let's go write that fic!' our writing has just changed so much that it wouldn't be possible. Unfortunately I can't even give you an idea of how the story was supposed end up. Through several moves and several laptop failures, all the chapters and notes have gone missing for me and I don't expect Plushie has them either.

Concerning my relationship with Plush, I don't plan to stir things up or draw a line and demand people take sides since those who know she and I tend to be mutual friends. I'm hoping she's happy in her endeavours and I'm focussing on bettering my life and self in general each day so please refrain from acting like a total douche like the individual who decided to note me and tell me what I should and shouldn't feel and do. It's just a fanfiction at the end of the day! Let's all be amicable about this.

The main thing I wanted to breach here was the simple fact that no matter how badly anybody may want it, Dramatic Differences is officially dead. I'm glad so many found enjoyment in the story, but if I'm honest it was an angst drenched OOC story written by two teenagers. I had fun working with it but I'm a different person now and working with new projects and fandoms. Thank you so much to all who shared their views on our writing. It was so great to hear peoples feedback and to learn from the process of creating that fic. I'd be very grateful now if we could close the book on that chapter of our lives and leave it be. Just enjoy it for what it was and create your own ending with your imagination :) I know it's not the answer everybody wants to hear but it's what it is and nothing will change it. "

A direct quote from Clarobell.

As for my say on this subject, people change. I think it's disgraceful to be so damn rude about something you love so much. It reminds me of the review I received in regards to Night Vigil. No. Swearing at me or demanding something of me isn't going to make me want to write anything more on something (and I'm sure Clarobell feels the same here), it just makes me want to NOT complete it even more.

Dramatic Differences will never be completed. Thank you everyone for your support and reviews and love of this story. As Clarobell said, let your imaginations run wild. : )