Chapter 1 intros

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Sakura lived now in Japan tokyo with her friends Ino, Hinata, Tenten, and Temari.They all lived in a mansion.The group here was a band.They played at races that Sakura's boyfriend and the other's boyfriends raced at they were known all over Japan about there races.The boyfriends were Sasuke for Sakura, Naruto for Hinata, Shikamaru for InoNeji for Tenten and btw Temari is single in this story.Sakura and Hinata were the main singers in the band.Tenten played bass along with Ino.Temari played the drums in the background.The boys were all young hot and were to die for.Every girl in Japan wanted them but they knew that they had gfs and they know this cause after they each won a race the guys would like grab there gfs by the waist and give a kiss on the lip to there gf right in front of everyone.Anyway one day when the bfs were raceing the foreigners who were Gaara, Kakashi, Oruchimaru, and Itachi.The leader was Itachi.

The race was intense.The matches were

Itachi vs. Sasuke

Naruto vs. Oruchimaru

Gaara vs. Neji

Shikamaru vs. Kakashi

Itachi pulled a couple of tricks during the race he bumped Sasuke many times but Sasuke avoided amny of the bumps

Naruto was having problems cause Oruchimaruy was useing his bad magic to affect Narutos car but naruto used his 6 tail of his 9 tailed fox to get rid of the bad magic

Neji had to avoid many of Gaara's sand waves ,etc.Neji created a shield to protect him of the sand though

Shikamaru had to deal with Kakashi's basic attacks and clones but Shikamaru managed to dodge them

but wht will happen next? r and r to find out