Though I'm more of a Sesshomaru fan than an Inuyasha fan, I found that this poem really brought out my talents! It's a poem explaining Inuyasha's life, so to speak. Really heart-touching! Please enjoy!

He Was Loved

He was loved

In your mind turn back the hands of time

To get a better picture of what I see in mine,

A boy not nine

And he was loved

A boy so young where "Sticks and stones may break

My bones but words will never hurt me"

Too young to see their invalidity

And the true pain that those words would bring

...Like the first time he was called a half-breed

But he was loved

By a mother who cried tears when he came

To her with that name, it'd be his "fame"

And when she died, his tears the rain

Condemned because he was born, not slain

Yet he was loved

When a random act of kindness led him to a priestess

(Who's name for hearts' sake will remain nameless)

A relationship developed from this likeness

Until fate destroyed it...but love is timeless

So he was loved

Years later a girl was to find

Him in a trance, her mind the only key to break this bind

And he would find that despite his short-comings

She remained by his side

Yes, he was loved

And he learned to love as he gained more friends

An interesting group of mixed blend, for them he defends

Who knew such a blessing the heavens could send?

How he was loved

So after losing his whole family

No father or mother, rejected by his own older brother!

This nobody boy, a half-breed

Had what could be considered a family

So he could always be loved

Don't lose hope cause of what people say

They'll try to bring you down any given day

But he had something they couldn't take away: love

He was loved

Okay, so cute, if I do say so myself! Another serious peice from someone who's known for comedy! But anyways, please review and tell me if you liked it!