Chapter 3 "And you are?"

Having just chopped up a good piece of the academy's money, and succeeding in dropping the jaws of two of the three other people in the courtyard, Nina Lowey did an amazing force jump to the catwalk above. She dropped her saber into her pants pocket instead of her belt, and walked straight toward Kyle, with a sadistically killer look in her eyes.

"Master Skywalker, is this man my new master?" The question gave Kyle an awkward grin, and Jaden an irritating tick.

"Sorry little missy, I've already had my apprentices. Maybe next time." Nina's face turned grim as he spoke.

"I'm no 'missy.' I'm thirteen years old and I'll have you remember such things in the future."

"Well, if we're going to start remembering things now, perhaps you will recall that it is polite to ask someone's name before you questioning them, but I'll overlook it. Let's start over. Hello, my name is Kyle Katarn, and you would by Nina, correct?" In seconds Nina's face turned pale, and her body stiffened, and it almost goes without saying that Luke and Jaden were starting to enjoy the show.

"M-m-m-Master Katarn! Forgive me! I meant no disrespect; I just didn't get an aura of class amongst……." She stood quiet, still in a bow.

"Now you're insulting my good looks? Honestly, how could you mess up that badly? We might have to make you repeat a few courses in behavior before you get a master."

"No, please Master Katarn, anything but that! Forgive me, I spoke out of turn, but please don't keep me here any longer!" Kyle sighed.

"She seems like a hot one Jaden, looks like you're going to have your hands full." Jaden chuckled and took a few steps forward from the railing he had been leaning on.

"She can't be any worse than me or Rosh, can she?" Nina turned her head, still in a bow, and saw the young man, standing above her, grinning. She blushed a light pink.

"Masters, is this man my new master?" Luke mentally rolled his eyes.

"Perhaps you should wait until we announce it, that way you don't have to keep asking. To answer though, yes. This is Jaden Korr, Jedi Master." In unison, both the master and the apprentice looked at looked in disbelief.

"Me/Him, a Jedi Master?!"

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