Selina: Let me put you three together at the same room in the chalet ok? (Looks over at Loki, Mayura and Heimdall)

Loki: Hey wait…why is Heim here?

Heimdall: WHAT!? Why is Loki here!?

Mayura: Wow! Loki and Kazumi are here! Yay!

Chapter 1, the beginning

One day, in Enjaku Detective agency, Mayura was talking to Loki as usual. Suddenly, a portal opened up and sucked Loki, Mayura, Fenrir, Ecchan and Yamino in.

They soon reached the other side of the portal; Mayura got excited at once and started looking around. Loki stayed calm but he knew in his mind that this was a well known chalet, in Asgard. Loki did not want to startle Mayura by letting her know where she was.

Suddenly, a familiar bell rang. Loki, Mayura and Ecchan suddenly disappeared. Yamino and Fenrir turned around in surprise. Suddenly, a bolt of light covered them and they disappeared from the place too.

Loki, Mayura and Ecchan were transported into one of the chalet rooms in the chalet. Mayura got even more excited and Loki decided to stay calm. But he was not calm for long because he saw a certain purple hair boy in the same room as he is.

"HEIM!? Why are YOU here?" Loki asked in disbelief, but deep inside he's thinking, maybe Heimdall was the one who started all this transporting…

"Ah! Hi Kazumi, you're here too?" Mayura asked. Heimdall nodded. "Loki, I need to talk to you…" Heimdall said, Loki nodded and both of them went in a room leaving Mayura 'dangerously' alone.

"Loki, are you involved in this?" Heimdall asked.

"I think I should be the one to ask you that" Loki answered. That familiar bell rang again and a girl with long black hair appeared, it was Verdandi.

"Master Loki, Master Heimdall, I have to apologist to you two about something…" She said, Loki and Heimdall looked at her.

"Well…the truth is…I wanted to book the whole chalet for me and my sisters for two weeks to enjoy but…I ended up putting your names in there and that's why you guys ended here…" Verdandi explained.

"But you do not need to put Loki/Heimdall and I in the same room do you!" Loki and Heimdall said together and looked at each other.

"I just wrote all of your names, the manager was the one who decided on the rooms…" Verdandi explained.

"But Verdandi, Mayura is here too. How are we supposed to keep this 'god' secret from her…?" Loki asked.

"Now that you mentioned it…" Heimdall agreed. A cold wind suddenly blew past everyone.

"Huh? What did you say? Oh ya, I should be going now! See you two later, hohohohoho" Verdandi said and disappeared. Loki and Heimdall sweat dropped.

"She knows what I mean…" Loki sighed, Heimdall nodded in agreement.

"So Loki, what are we going to do now?" Heimdall asked.

"Let's just try our best to keep it from Mayura…" Loki said and walked out of the room, Heimdall followed too.

"Hey Loki, Kazumi, do you know where this place is?" Mayura finally asked when she saw Loki and Heimdall walking out of the room.

"Mayura, this is actually a chalet room…" Loki said in an unsure tone.

"That's right Miss Mayura, one of me and Loki's friends decided to book the whole chalet for all of us and we ended up in the same room!" Heimdall continued.

"Oh! Who's that friend of yours?" Mayura asked.

"Oh, it's Verdandi; you know the one with long black hair? She was at the resort Koutaro invited us to last summer remember?" Loki said.

"Oh! Miss Verdandi! I remember her!" Mayura exclaimed.

"Yup, that's her" Heimdall said.

Loki thought. It's going to be a long two weeks for me…I hope everything turn out fine…

Selina: Well, that's for the first chapter

Loki: Heimdall, you better keep your eye to yourself!

Heimdall: Hey! You were the one that's with MY eye! Not me!

Loki: I do NOT have your idiotic eye you hear!

Heimdall: My eye is NOT idiotic!

Selina: If you two keep on arguing about eyes, Mayura will soon find out about you two…

(Loki and Heimdall froze immediately)