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Chapter 6

"Father, wake up!!!" someone exclaimed early in the morning.

Loki struggled up lazily, opened his eyes slowly and, instead of seeing Hel in front of him, he saw Mayura instead. "Why are you calling me father, Mayura…?" Loki asked sleepily.

"Mou…don't you remember? You agreed to be my godfather yesterday, didn't you, Loki…" Mayura explained.

"Oh…ya…" Loki said as he knocked his head against the wall, unintentionally waking a certain purple haired guy up.

"Hey Loki, WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING? I WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF A GOOD DREAM!!!" Heimdall exclaimed angrily.

"Oops, sorry" Loki said, then continued "What dream was that anyway?"

"A dream that is about you finally admitted defeat to me!!!" Heimdall exclaimed, Loki sweat dropped and sighed.

Someone knocked on the door again; Loki opened it and realized that it was none other than Freyr.

"Out of the way Loki, I want to talk to Yamato Nadeshiko" Freyr said, looking at Mayura.

"What is it, Mr. Phantom thief?" Mayura asked curiously.

"Co-could you go out with me to-today!?" Freyr stammered.

"I'd be glad to, Mr. Phantom thief!" Mayura said as she stepped out of the door, she turned to Loki and Heimdall and said "I'll see you two later then!" After that, she left with Freyr.

Loki and Heimdall looked at each other in confusion.

"How dare Freyr leave me with this dangerous fellow…?" Heimdall growled angrily.

"You are the dangerous one…" Loki said, looking at Heimdall with shifty eyes.]

"No you are the dangerous one! You almost raped me the other day!" Heimdall exclaimed.

"Who wants to rape you anyway…? I'm not gay!" Loki said angrily.

Just then, the doorbell rang again. Loki opened the door and saw nothing but a parcel. He took the parcel and said "I wonder what this is?"

"Who sent this to you anyway...?" Heimdall said.

Loki shrugged and opened the parcel curiously. In it, he saw nothing but a microphone inside.

"What is it?" Heimdall said as he walked over to Loki.

"It's a…microphone…" Loki said as he took out the microphone to show Heimdall "But this seems really familiar…"

Heimdall froze when he saw that microphone, not THAT microphone…before anything happens…I'd better…Heimdall thought as he made his way to the exit, saying "I'd better ask Verdandi about it…"

"WAIT!" Loki shouted out. Heimdall froze and turned around slowly. Loki walked towards Heimdall and pushed him away from the door and towards the wall. "Don't even think of escaping from my concert!" Loki said seriously as he tied Heimdall up.

*Note to non-manga readers: The microphone was used on Loki by Heimdall. Heimdall thought that it would be easy to defeat Loki if he made Loki drunk. But he could not stand Loki's singing and he ran away. The effect of the microphone was that, the more the user sings with it, the more drunk the user would be.


-To Mayura and Freyr-

Mayura and Freyr were having a lot of fun in the amusement park sited in the chalet grounds.

"Yamato Nadeshiko, Freyr is really happy to hath this opportunity to go to the amusement park with you!" Freyr said happily.

Mayura smiled and looked at the rollercoaster. "Let's go on this ride next!" She exclaimed as she pulled Freyr towards the counter there.


-Back to Loki and Heimdall-

Loki has just finished 7 of his favourite songs and they were all sang totally off-tune. Heimdall was becoming paler and paler by the second, but he had no chance of getting himself out of the ropes as Loki is also looking at him every second, even when he's busy singing.

Loki's face is becoming redder and redder due to the effect of the microphone on his body. Heimdall is getting really worried about it.

All of a sudden, Loki stopped singing and moved towards Heimdall. He looked at Heimdall with his really deep eyes. Heimdall closed his eyes but Loki pulled them open and forced Heimdall to look at him.

"Heimdall…you know something, I did not want to take your right eye, but I couldn't really ignore Odin's orders could I?" Loki said, still drunk.

"Lo…Loki…you mean…" Heimdall stammered.

"Believe me Heimdall, if I had your right eye, I would've returned it to you, but it's with Odin…So I could not return it to you…" Loki said and hiccupped.

"Are you really serious about this?" Heimdall asked, still looking at Loki's eyes. Loki doesn't look like he's lying at all.

As Heimdall began to ponder on whether he should believe Loki, he was caught off-guard immediately as he felt Loki's lips on his. Heimdall tried pushing Loki off but it was of no avail.

Loki broke off the kiss, looked at Heimdall and said "I love you, Heimdall…please accept my true feelings…"

Heimdall thought, He's just drunk, and crazy!!! But then, he continued thinking, Loki he…meant no harm after all…

He was caught off-guard again as Loki once again kissed him. But this time, Heimdall felt himself unable to resist it. Did the idol of Asgard attract him as well? He didn't know that, all he knew was that Loki was not actually a bad person.

Just then, the kiss was broke off as the door opened.

"Father, Kazumi! I'm back from a fun time with Mr. Phantom thief!!!" Mayura exclaimed.

"That's good, isn't it, Mayura" Loki said as he tucked himself in bed "I'm rather sleepy now, let me sleep for the day" He continued and closed his eyes.

Mayura looked confused, but guessed that the boys might be having a fun time as well. Seeing Heimdall being tied up, she guessed that Loki might have been playing a prank on him again. She untied Heimdall and asked "Are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm okay…" Heimdall said as he walked towards Loki. He looked at the sleeping Loki and said "Hey Mayura, could you see if Loki is drunk or something?"

Mayura looked at Loki and said "He doesn't look drunk to me…has he been drinking just now?"

"No, it's just…nothing…" Heimdall said. In his mind, he thought, was that the drunk or the real Loki just now?

Soon, Mayura realized that it was late and went to sleep as well. Heimdall could not sleep; his feelings were mixed up due to that incident that happened hours ago. He finally managed to sleep though, but he was still thinking of that incident in his mind.


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