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Bunnies, Hitsugaya concluded, are evil creatures; sure they looked cute, but inwardly they were plotting the destruction of the universe, oh yes, he was on to them; perhaps if he had never been bitten by one as a child he wouldn't be so paranoid.


Sake, Hitsugaya knew, was Matsumoto's favourite drink, and he could live with that; he just wished she didn't drink it while she still had work to do.


Sometimes, the worst scars are those left on the heart, the ones no one will ever see, and the only one who knows they are there is the one that got hurt; because Hinamori would never love him like she loved her Captain, a new scar appeared each day.


He would get a nervous flutter in his stomach every time she was near, and every time she touched him it turned into an uncomfortable twist.


Hitsugaya still remembered the first time he saw Mastsumoto Rangiku; he had frightened the poor woman by sneaking up on her, thereby resulting in her breasts spilling out of her top, needless to say the poor boy had wished he was blind so that he didn't have to suffer the embarrassment.


Hitsugaya had always been in control, but with the chaotic nature of his vice captain, he found it to be slipping quite often.


Blazing wings of ice formed on his back, as he readied his attack on the traitorous captain Aizen, the man who made Hinamori bleed.


In a rare act of childish mischief, Hitsugaya sat back in his chair smiling, waiting for Matsumoto to wake up; he wanted to see how loud she'd scream once she saw the centipede he put on her face.


Perhaps the greatest sin he ever committed, was not telling her that he loved her when he had the chance.


"The moon is pretty tonight, isn't it Shiro-chan?"


Sprawled out on the grass, underneath the blazing sun, a snowy-haired captain and his busty vice-captain relaxed in a rare moment of peace – getting Hitsugaya drunk in order to do it was an added bonus.


"Ne, Taicho, have you seen my thong around here?"


A loud wail of despair could be heard for miles around from the 10 Division building; everyone knew who it was and what had caused it.


Vanilla had to be her favourite scent, it was rich and pleasant, and very soothing, and apparently puts her captain in very good mood.


Giving her captain coffee was definitely not one of her brighter ideas; the little brat kept flash-stepping everywhere and scaring the hell out of her – her boobs nearly spilled out five times today!


Poking the gelatinous substance that was placed in front of him, he wondered how the hell humans could eat something that jiggled.


Humming lightly to himself, he tried to remember the next note to the lullaby Hinamori used to sing to him at night.


Hitsugaya never really liked cherries as a child, because the first time he had ever tasted anything with that flavour, it was unfortunately cherry flavoured cough syrup.


He would never admit it out loud, but Matsumoto's boobs scared him; he had the misfortune of nearly being suffocated by them the first time she drunkenly hugged him.


Hitsugaya's first impression of Byakuya was that he was a vampire, which was quite understandable as the stoic noble was deathly pale, silent, emotionless, and just as socially inept.

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