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Great! Another lousy morning! At least it's Friday. Prue thought as she lay in bed. She hadn't been getting much sleep lately and when she did, she still felt tired, so she was grouchy in the morning. She didn't want to get out of bed, but she knew she had to, because she needed to make money so the sisters could pay thier bills. She got up and walked over to her closet, but before she could pull out an outfit, she was hit with nausea and ran to the bathroom to throw up. She brushed her teeth, and went back to her room. Just as she was stepping into her outfit, Piper knocked on her door. "Come in!" She yelled.

"Hey." Piper said, "Are you okay honey? I saw you rush into the bathroom. It sounded like you were throwing up."

"Yeah. It was nothing. I feel fine now." Prue tried to assuage her younger sister's worry.

"Okay. You're sure?" Piper asked.

"Yes." Prue zipped her boots then asked, "Is the coffee ready? I'm running late, so I'll just take a cup with me."

"Yup, all ready."

"Thanks Piper, see you tonight." Prue said before rushing down the stairs. Piper went to wake up Phoebe. When both were seated in the kitchen Phoebe noticed Piper was very quiet. "Piper." she called her older sister. When Piper didn't respond Phoebe raised her voice and repeated herself, "Piper! Piper!"

"Oh! Sorry, what?" Piper said after being startled by Phoebe's yelling.

"You've been quiet all morning. What's the matter?" Phoebe questioned.

"Nothing. Well... I just hope Prue isn't sick. She was in the bathroom this morning, throwing up."

"Oh. No, that wouldn't be good. Are you sure that's all? You're not thinking she could be pregnant?! Because you and I both know how responsible she is. Prue would never risk it. Come on, Piper, people get sick once in a while." Phoebe tried to convince Piper.

"Its just that I've only heard Prue throw up twice in my life. There are basically three reasons to throw up: pregnancy, sickness, or you've drunk too much. Prue hardly gets sick, and even though she's been a little tipsy a few times she's never drunk to the point of throwing up. But you're right - it has to be the sickness. Everyone gets sick sometimes, and Prue just is too responsible." Piper responded.

"That's it. You just worry so much, Piper. You're going to be a great mom someday."

"Thanks Phoebe."

"Well, I have to go get the groceries, and you'd better get to work. See you later!" Piper watched Phoebe leave the room, heard the front door open and close. Piper sat in the kitchen for a while longer, thinking. She finally decided that her younger sister was right: I am always worrying, and Prue is too responsilbe to get pregnant. After coming to that conclusion, she realized she was late for work, and rushed off to Quake.

The day went by, and it was fairly uneventful. Everyone came home, and they ordered some Chinese food. Prue didn't really eat any. She said she fely nauseas again, and she went to bed early. She got up again a couple of hours later, around eight, and got dressed.


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