Short Summary: AU. Brooke and Peyton have been best friends for ever. When Brooke moved away they vowed to keep their friendship strong. Now in their senior year in high school Brooke returns changing both their lives for ever. Eventually BL, and NH & PJ.

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Chapter 1

My Bestest Friend

Peyton Sawyer was anxiously waiting at the airport for the flight from LA to arrive. It was already half an hour delayed and the announcement board declared another 15 minutes before landing. She had arrived almost an hour earlier and now she was stuck in the airport pacing up and down trying to control her excitement. If one of her friends saw her they wouldn't believe it was her. It was so not like her to be this… giddy…yes Peyton Sawyer the brooding artist was giddy. But that was not a surprise for her. The person she was waiting for always had that effect on her. It was a shame she did not see her more often but that was about to change, Brooke Davis, her best friend ever was moving back to Tree Hill, and nothing could make Peyton happier.

Peyton and Brooke had been best friends since preschool. They were inseparable back then when Brooke still lived in Tree Hill. Brooke practically lived in Peyton's home and her parents treated her like their own child. When Peyton's mother died Brooke was the one that helped Peyton through all her pain. She was sure that she wouldn't have been able to handle that without her best friend there. Nobody really understood their friendship since the two of them were complete opposites. Brooke was just so…uh frustratingly happy! She got excited by the simplest of things. She was outspoken, never fearing to speak her mind and had an ability to talk non-stop…rumble on and on for anything making everybody around her groan. She was a flirt, she was confident and she always got what she wanted. Everybody knew her and either admired or hated her…but she always landed on top, making anybody that crossed her regret dearly. Peyton had to admit, Brooke Davis could be a real bitch when she wanted to. However, she could also be the most compassionate and loyal friend anyone can ever dream of, and that was why Peyton loved her that much. The two of them had made plans for when they would go to high school; they would rule the place together! Actually, Brooke made the plans and Peyton just nodded along.

However, all the well laid plans were destroyed when Brooke's father decided to transfer to California. His business was not doing well, and he decided that a move would be the best for their interests. The news had left the two girls devastated. Brooke's parents well always away on business. She considered Peyton's family as her own. But of course leaving her behind was not an option. So after a lot of tears and screaming, Brooke had to give up. It was a heart-wrenching goodbye, the two girls however vowed that they would still best friends for ever. It was difficult for both of them but their bond was too strong for the miles between them to break. The outrageous phone bills and the internet chats all through the night were the evidence that their friendship was as strong as ever. They talked almost every night and they knew everything about each other lives. They also visited each other at summers, and spend their vacations together. They planned to go to college together when they finished high school and never be apart again. It was one more reason for both of them to want to finish school as soon as possible.

However, their reunion was brought sooner than both of them expected due to something really unexpected for both of them. In the summer just before their senior year, Brooke's parents decided to get a divorce. Peyton was at the time on a road trip with her boyfriend and some friends from school. The news made her want to cut her trip short and immediately fly to California to be there for her friend, but Brooke insisted that she was perfectly fine. The first weeks had been difficult, though Brooke was never close to her parents they were still their parents and she loved them. She knew they didn't get along with each other. Whenever they came home even for that short amount of time they stayed they always fought. But their social status prevented them from ending their marriage, and Brooke believed that this would be always the case. That changed when her mother apparently fell in love with another man. She never told Peyton anything about that man. She referred to him as "Him" and never gave any information about him but always talked with extreme disgust about him and her mother. When her father learned about their affair he decided to end the marriage since the scandal could no longer be avoided. Her mother decided to go and live with her new love, totally abandoning her only daughter without a second thought and Brooke was stuck with her father. Of course, since this scandal made big news in LA because the Davis's and apparently the notorious "him" were well known and established in the city's social circles, her father decided that it would be best to just move back to Tree Hill. Not that it mattered to him anyway, he would still be away on business all the time leaving Brooke behind.

Peyton was very concerned about how Brooke was handling the divorce. Since she refused to let Peyton fly there, she also cancelled her plans on visiting Tree Hill like they had planned. There were things to take care of as she cryptically told Peyton, and after all she would be back for good in no time. So they spent the whole summer apart. The first week after she broke the news to Peyton, she used to cut their phone calls short and was somewhat less cheerful than usual. But still, she bounced back to her old self in surprisingly short time. Peyton still doubted that Brooke had completely recovered, but one thing she knew was that if Brooke didn't want to open up, no one could make her. She just hoped that with time, and since now she was coming back home, she would open up to her. Peyton had to admit that though Brooke's moving back home was the result of an unfortunate event, she was still absolutely thrilled to have her best friend back. Of course Brooke was not quite that excited to leave her school in California, the one she swore she ruled, to move to a new school in her senior year. However, in true Brooke Davis fashion she deemed that this little detail was not going to ruin her senior year. She was going to own this school in no time! Truth be told, Peyton had no doubt that she would actually do, after all she was Brooke Davis. Her thoughts were interrupted by her phone ringing. The screen flashed "Lucas" and Peyton immediately answered the phone with a wide grin.

"Hey, Luke"

"Hey, babe, where are you?"

"Still at the airport, her flight was delayed"

"Oh, that sucks"

"Tell me about it…I'm going crazy here!"

"Well, maybe you shouldn't have gone to the airport an hour earlier than the arrival time…" Lucas chuckled.

"Luke! You know I would be going as crazy if I stayed home waiting for the time to pass"

"Don't I know it, you were driving me and Nathan crazy as well…so good thing you went"

"Uh… I'm just too hype to argue with you right now"

Lucas just laughed again.

"Ok, so what time is the flight supposed to arrive now?"

"In about ten minutes… unless there is another delay…"

"Ok, well, what are you gonna do after she arrives?"

"I already told you, we will go at her house and probably spend the day unpacking and talking, we have so much to talk about"

"Babe, you two talk every day!"

"It's not the same!"

"Ok, ok… so I guess I won't see you today?"

"No, I don't think so… although with Brooke you never know, she's been driving me crazy with her questions about you and she might drag me out just so she can meet you"

"Well, good, cause I'm actually curious about finally meeting the infamous Brooke Davis"

"You'll love her! "

"I'm sure I will babe. Anyway, me and Nate are gonna hang at the café with Hales and Jake. If your friend feels like it you can stop by. Otherwise, I'll call you tonight."

"Ok, great! I'll probably crash at Brooke's anyway"

"Sure, no problem. So, have a great day baby, love you"

"Love you too"

Peyton shut her cell and smiled. Just like Lucas always taking care of her. He was such a considerate boyfriend and she was so lucky! They started dating sometime after the winter break, and they were so good together. She couldn't wait for Brooke to meet him. When she told her about him Brooke was almost ready to hop on the first plane and come to Tree Hill to meet the boy that made her friend decide to date and leave her depressing sketches for five minutes. That was just Brooke… always super-excited. But Peyton had to admit she was excited as well. Sure she had dated other boys but no one had ever made her feel like Lucas had. And Brooke being the perceptive friend she was, figured that one out in no time and was very happy for her friend.

Lucas had moved to Tree Hill after junior high along with his brother and their parents. Actually, half-brother, father and step-mom, but that was a long story Peyton was going to have to explain to Brooke when she arrived. So far she really didn't like to talk too much about her relationship, always being the quiet one. This of course made Brooke question her all the time but the only information she got was how nice and caring Lucas was. As Brooke had concluded that that piece of information was completely boring, she was determined to get the juicy parts as soon as she got to Tree Hill. And Lucas's family history surely had some juicy parts. Since Brooke had left just before the Scotts had moved to Tree Hill she had no idea about the complicated history that was by now well-known among the people of the small town.

Peyton herself didn't really meet the Scott brothers until last year, when the two of them became the star basketball players in Tree Hill Ravens. Of course she had seen them and even shared a few classes with them but they were never part of the popular crowds. That changed when Coach Durham decided to give them a chance at the varsity basketball team. Apparently both brothers had inherited their father's talent in the game, who used to be one of the best players in Tree Hill Ravens back in the days. The younger of the two Nathan Scott jumped at the opportunity and in no time he became the king of Tree Hill High. Of course dating Rachel Gatina, the captain of the cheerleaders also helped in his rapid escalation in the popularity contest. For Lucas it took some more time, but as his brother became more popular by the day and him being the great basketball player he was, he became part of the "it" crowd as well. Now they would begin the year as co-captains of the team. As soon as she met Lucas, at an after-game party where he stood aside the partying people, Peyton discovered that they had a lot in common. They liked the same music, they were both not quite so talkative and kind of closed of… and soon they became friends and even sooner after that they became a couple. Now, almost six months after they were still together and happy.

After getting involved with Lucas she started hanging out with him, his brother and his best friend, a quiet girl named Haley. Haley was cute and smart. Surely not part of the popular crowd, but Lucas didn't give up their friendship after he became popular. Along with them there was also Jake Jaglieski, another basketball player, one of the few that actually welcomed the two brothers when they joined the team. Peyton had known Jake since elementary school but they never really hang out together. Though popular, he was never one to partying and drinking keeping his distance from these things. After a while, Jake and Haley also started dating, after they discovered that they both shared the same love for music. Nathan had long ago broken up with Rachel, and the five of them became close friends always hanging out together.

Nathan and Rachel's relationship if anyone would call it that was actually Nathan's way to become popular by landing the hottest girl in school, and Rachel's way of re-enforcing her position by landing the new basketball star. They still hang out from time to time but mostly at parties and gatherings were they forced to be as the most popular people in school. Peyton was relieved Rachel had chosen that Scott brother to ensure her rule… that thankfully left Lucas to her. Of course, Lucas would never fall for a girl like Rachel, one that screamed sluttish brainless cheerleader…Lucas loathed her. And that was what worried Peyton the most.

She had to admit she really wanted for Brooke and Lucas to get along. Sometimes she feared that the chances weren't that good on that. Lucas was just like her, and Brooke was the complete opposite. Though she and her were so close friends, nothing guaranteed that the two of them would get along. Brooke… well Brooke just gave out the wrong impression. Lucas really hated her type… aka Rachel. And Brooke, well, Brooke really preferred the outgoing fun guys to hang out with. It was different with Peyton, when they were little Peyton was always the one to hold Brooke down from her crazy ways. However, she had to admit that being with Brooke made her a little crazy herself. Anyway, they just clicked together. And as they've grown up though Brooke became even crazier and Peyton even quieter or constantly depressed as Brooke always said, none of them ever thought of ending their friendship. As Brooke herself said she only hung out with Peyton because her mother used to bribe her with the most delicious cookies and after a while she was kind of addicted. Peyton smiled to herself thinking of her best friend and her boyfriend. The both of them had assured her they would love each other instantly since she loved them both also, but still she had her doubts. The fact that she didn't go into detail when describing the one to the other did little to assure her fears.

The announcement of the arrival of the long awaited LA flight made Peyton jump from her chair. The passengers had still had to go through baggage claim but Peyton was so excited she actually ran to the exit to wait for Brooke. After a good fifteen minutes of Peyton stretching to make out Brooke through the dozens of people that came through the exit she spotted the small brunette dragging her carry-on behind her almost at the same time she was spotted by her.

"P. Sawyer" Brooke's shriek rang through the crowded airport.

"B. Davis" Came Peyton's scream equally excited.

The two girls ran to each other and hugged tightly.

"Pey, I've missed you so so much!" Brooke squealed almost in tears.

"Me too girlie, you have no idea" Peyton replied trying to control her own tears.

They stayed in their embrace for a little longer and then Brooke pulled apart and gave her friend an examining look.

"Well, look at you… I would swear you are even taller than last summer! No more walking next to you… I seem so short!" Brooke whined.

"Shut up, Brooke! And look at you, all tanned and gorgeous, the boys of Tree Hill have no idea what they have coming"

"Of course they don't" Brooke winked at Peyton. "And that's how I like it! Oh, we are going to have so much fun, this year! It is going to be the best year ever! Me and my bestest friend ever!" Brooke squealed and clapped her hands jumping up and down.

Peyton just laughed at her friend's antics.

Yeap, Peyton was happy, she had a great boyfriend and good friends, she was just starting her senior year at high school and to top it all, her bestest friend ever had just moved back home with her. Nothing could possibly spoil her year.