Me: Welcome, one and all, to the Avatar: Reality TV!!! With host, me. This is something about the Avatar characters in one house and they will fight for 2M gold pieces!!! The one who is left in the house will be rewarded the 2M prize. Let's start off with twleve characters. Introducing... the characters!!!

Contestant no.


-a fun loving airbender


-the Avatar's waterbending master


-Katara's older brother

4. Toph Bei Fong

-the Avatar's earthbending master

5. Iroh

-a tea loving person

6. Zuko

-Iroh's nephew and Ozai's son

7. Azula

-Zuko's sister

8. Mai

-an arrow throwing person

9. Ty Lee

-a chi blocking person

10. Jet

-the leader of the Freedom Fighters

11. Cabbage Man

-the cabbage man!

12. Foaming mouth guy

-the little fanboy of the Avatar!

These twleve contenders will fight for the 2M gold piece prize.

Katara: Sokka, if you win, will we share the two million gold piece prize?

Sokka: Sure, I'll get the one million nine hundred ninety nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine gold pieces.

Katara: And I'll get the one gold piece?!! But If I win, it'll be vise versa.

Azula: Mai, how did we get here?

Mai: Dunno.

Ty Lee: Well, I kinda signed the invitations for you guys...

Azula and Mai: WHAT?!!!!!

Cabbage Man: (Ty Lee crashes into the cart of cabbages) MY CABBAGES!!!!!

Iroh: Nephew, want some of my jasmine tea?

Zuko: Uncle, this is no time for tea!!

Foaming Mouth Guy: (sees Aang and mouth starts foaming then faints)

Toph: (kicks the body) Get up, dude!

Aang: JET?!!!! (points accusing finger at Jet) I thought you died!!!!

Jet: I died? This must be heaven!!! (stars pops out of his eyes and looks at Katara)

Me: Welcome, housemates. First of all, let's lay down some rules...

Toph: Let the boredom begin...

Me: These are the rules:

1. Bending and weapons are not for fighting purposes.

2. Daily, you will have a task.

Sokka: DAILY???!!!!!!

3. The plasma TV screen is for my purposes only.

4. Pool and jacuzzi is always open for anybody but it will not be used for waterbending.

5. If anyone hurts anybody physically, will be voted for eviction.

6. Every week, there will be a person who will be evicted. Evicted means one will be kicked out of the house.

7. You will follow my orders. OBEDIENTLY!!!!!

Now, let's have some fun!!!

Everybody: (sarcastically) Woohoo.

Me: Day One begins in the next chapter. We are looking for the thirteenth housemate, do you have the guts to be with the Avatar cast in the house. Then, sign up in your reviews. I will let you know if I have chosen and you will follow what I say when I pick you! So, R&R. No flames, anyone who flames me will be directly cancelled from the try-outs.